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Album Art (Round 2)

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Better version of the Album art from Amazon. More colour. Less
"relentlessly" (geddit? - sorry, I'll get my coat) brown/grey.


9th Jun 2008, 17:30  

jen says:

...I like both
but I thought the other one matched the feel of the album a bit more as the songs are mainly quite dark and threatening...

9th Jun 2008, 18:39

Helen says:

He's looking luvly as ever. anyone know where the pic was taken?

9th Jun 2008, 20:20

jen says:

*adopts smug expression*
YES!!!! It was taken at Tintagel!
*takes off smug expression*
lol! :D

9th Jun 2008, 21:39

sophie says:

Jen knows cos she followed him :D

9th Jun 2008, 21:48

sophie says:

ps. says "final artwork" for this on myspace

9th Jun 2008, 23:02

jen says:

I did not follow him!
*moves eyes from side to side in suspicious manner*
I've just been there alot of times...
oooo, final artwork....
glad they finally made a descion! Boy, i was getting confused.

10th Jun 2008, 23:07

babs says:

it's clever the way the clouds look like giant waves.

i like that.

a lot


11th Jun 2008, 12:40

sophie says:

You're right, they do look like giant rolls of surf.

I still want to give someone a boring lecture about the typography but will stand up and say I now love the photo.

ps babs, have you seen Mima's desktop artwork? V v v WOW!!! Tho' a bit scary on my humungous 22" widescreen.

11th Jun 2008, 17:47

babs says:

........and I like the way it contrasts with the flat calm below.

It's bloody clever actually .
, I like the typography, it's perfect.
understated, needs to be with such a graphic image. .

I loves it I do. It's fab.

*goes to look at

11th Jun 2008, 17:55

babs says:

........nice to see him all snuggly wrapped up against the cold sea air.

He'd just caught sight of jen struggling up the steep path on her bike.

11th Jun 2008, 22:08

sophie says:

...and is hoping that, in addition to a bike pump, she's carrying a flask of tea.

(my pedantic thing on the typog is that they should have used a contrasting font for the title 'Poor Man's Heaven' to the new logo type - which is fab as logo type and I love v. much as new logo - and that the title should be the same width as "Lakeman" so we get some nice alignment going on. I was going to say like they have it on the banners on MySpace, but now they've changed them too and it's not good. They're now using three different fonts in various places, all of which are almost the same, and yet not quite, which is just WRONG and it's setting my teeth on edge)

(Oh shit, now I've gone and given the boring typography lecture after all. And I'm clearly turning into a type nerd. I can even name one of the fonts without looking it up. Nuts. Must remember to add "get life" to To Do list)

11th Jun 2008, 23:43

babs says:

*for first time EVER on blog suddenly feels normal !!

I'm so glad I know very little about such things.

I just know what I like when I see it .
I see it , and I like it.

*gets cold compress for sophie's brow.


12th Jun 2008, 07:44

babs says:

fears jen mayhave toppled over edge of cliff with bicycle.

*gets rope ready just incase.

*leans over gingerly

*peers down.

12th Jun 2008, 19:02

sophie says:

Oh good heavens that girl is accident prone. Fear you may be right babs. Always a danger with these coastal locations. She probably got distracted by the new video...

* Readies more rope

* Looks round for big rock to tie Babs to so she doesn't tumble after

12th Jun 2008, 20:30

babs says:

worry not sophie , I shall remain a good 2 metres back from the edge due to w l a g h.
also known as wobbly legs at great heights syndrome.

the new video is rather distracting for the unwary on steep coastal paths.

they should put signs up.

12th Jun 2008, 20:58

sophie says:

OK. Plan B. I'm OK with heights so you tie me to that rock over there and I'll suffle down this cliff a bit and see if I can see Jen.

Then we'll see about those signs.

Honestly, that Lakeman. Luring young women to cliff tops then distracting them so they take a tumble. And not even putting up signs. Tsk tsk.

12th Jun 2008, 21:38

babs says:

..if we're lucky jen may have had her fall broken by landing in a kittiwake's nest.
She's been on the cliff face (shudders at thought of being on sir cliff's face ) for a couple of nights now. If she remembered to jump up and down a bit and flap her arms and squawk she should be sustained by bits and bobs brought in by the parent birds.

Actually, I could've done with the new album for next week, yr 1 and 2 trip to Flamborough, home of the oldest beacon tower lighthouse in England
( we always discuss this and the old lifeboat house and visit the coastguard station.)
I could have got the bus driver to play it on the journey to get us in the right mood.

13th Jun 2008, 08:16

jen says:

*curses stupid fallen tree that suddenly appeared in front of her*
*Wonders whether the tea is still warm*
*looks at kittiwake perched on head*
*got in crick in neck for trying to look at kittiwake*
damnation, the pains I go through! :D
Is that rope coming down anytime soon, the bird is starting to realise that I'm not a freakishly overgorwn chick!" And i'm worried the tea is cold!
*tries to start fire to warm flask of tea*
*hums the hurlers to cheer self up*

now on a sensible note (dumdudumdaaaa) I had not noticed anything wrong at all with the typography but now that sophie points that out I can....
*wonders wehther two years of media studies has sunk in at all*

13th Jun 2008, 11:31

babs says:

* bravely looks over edge of cliff using a long stick with a mirror attached and realises that the rope is woefully short.
*starts to plait together strands from "beginners guide to rope plaiting " kit ,which always has handily in pocket .
*hums ropemaking song as in the days of yore.

*shouts using hand cup mouth method as sea breeze will surely carry words away.

*worries jen will run out of tree for fire before rescue is implemented.

*hopes Seth isn't pissed off having put on his best coat and posed beguilingly on a drafty clifftop, only to find the most interesting thing about his new sparkly album cover is how big and what shape the letters are.

13th Jun 2008, 12:37

sophie says:

* starts hair-plaiting in case rope still too short
* hopes Jen gets that tea warmed up. This rescuing business is chilly work
* feels pang of guilt at having got Jen twitching about the fonts now too, but at least should distract her from kittiwakes for a bit

Seth will just have to get used to the fact that he's getting old and the gym bunny body no longer has the effect on women it used to. I did my best with the new video to whip up a bit of lustful drooling for him, but _nothing_. If we're more interested in the whether the video location's right and what shape his letters are than the size of his biceps, well he'll have to learn to live with the disappointment.

I don't know, we'll be discussing the music next and everything :0)

13th Jun 2008, 13:17

jen says:

*cups hands to mouth*
If I only cared about the music and font and location etc... WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE FOR???
*realises what just said*
*continues to heat tea*
*feels the kittiwake stir*
*sits very still*
*watches rope making progress*
*wonders how the bike will be rescued*
*teaches the kittiwake to carry the bike in flight*
Lucky I had this 'how to train kittiwakes to carry bicycles' guide in my pocket.

13th Jun 2008, 15:36

babs says:

tea bags are a hundred years old today,

I think that calls for a hearty huzzah !

*swallows, not the european ones, can carry coconuts so thinks kittiwakes could be trained to carry bicycles.

*lowers mug to jen for a cuppa.

I think the rope should be long enough now.

I only looked at the fonts when you mentioned it, up until that point I was admiring the sea and Seth's sensible coat.

maybe if he hadn't covered up his old gym bunny body with it we wouldn't have even noticed the fonts or the fabulous storm tossed waves/clouds.
mind you, it would be a bit parky on a drafty cliff top stripped to the waist, or wearing a tshirt with a sudden squall coming in off the sea ensuring clingage to every contour.
The damage was done with the l o t s vid and I'm sorry but there it is.

grab the rope jen,

*heaves ho and hums a suitable shanty as in the days of your.

13th Jun 2008, 16:35

babs says:


as in the days of yore....


13th Jun 2008, 16:37

jen says:

*grabs rope*
*cups hand to mouth*
I'm holding on!
*wonders whether babs and sophie will be able to hold weight...*
*watches the kittiwake fly bicycle up to top of the cliff*
It is a very wise choice of coat, Tintagel is generally very windy even in the mid summer.
*is proud of bank of knowledge of tintagel*
Huzzah for teabags!
*hums a random song*

13th Jun 2008, 22:47

anonymous says:

enter me* whistling* clutching a bumper bag of puncture repair kits, smugly.

now all I need is a bike & a plan........hhmmmmmmmmmm , *looks around at old place. runs finger along window sill..........hhmmmmmmm dust.sigh & trudges off to get duste from Lakeman Tower supply cupboard.MY cupboard

14th Jun 2008, 21:47

babs says:

*is slightly distracted as is watching cloverfield and my goodness it's bloody marvellously (0:

how rude. I only dusted in april!!!!.

....hauls on rope and hums a suitable hauling song .

*watches kittiwakes gently lower bike on grassy cliff top also watches herring gulls mend the puncture caused by the fall over the cliff while four puffins fly in carrying a bicyle pump in their beaks.

*has almost forgotten path back to mire and suspects little room in topmost tower will have been let .

*gives blog little hug.

14th Jun 2008, 22:43

babs says:

*remembers visiting tintagel in 1980 . There was a man with a parrot there.

*wonders if he still is.


14th Jun 2008, 22:49

babs says:

*suddenly remembers the 4 new mirelings who have made maymay's cupboard their home, such is the overcrowding in the Towers.
*tries to think of a way to warn them of impending doom when maymay discovers they have breached the inner sanctuary.

*decides can't be arsed.

*types letter to relentlarse to complain of over crowding in the Towers since the blitzkrieg of publicity for new album.

*thinks they should build an extention with leisure facitilities.
and stables.

15th Jun 2008, 08:26

maymay says:

*wonders how became anonymous* oh well. I have penned a stiff missive to The Young Master about opening up the East tower in order to accommodate newcomers, this attitude of 'just stick them in maymay's cupboard is all very well but 'twill end in tears.or worse bloodshed. Osomeone had moved the spare lightbulbs!!!

15th Jun 2008, 12:07

jen says:

*finally reaches top of cliff*
took....3 days!
I knew I had put on weight lately!
*gives some tea to babs and sophie and maymay*
*throws some biscuit crumbs to helpful kittiwakes*
*runs to bicycle and jumps on*
Last time I was at Tintagel there wasn't a man and parrot. were some very friendly seagulls though.

15th Jun 2008, 18:22

babs says:

*coils up rope and leaves just over there incase some other unsuspecting soul takes a tumble after catching sight of Seth fiddling on the cliff .

*enjoys cuppa and biscuit.
*shares with guillimot sitting on shoulder,not a musical one a feathered one.

*fears man with parrot is long gone from Tintagel
*wonders if Lakeman will write a ditty about the legend of the parrot man of cornwall.
*doubts it.

I haven't got a bike and neither has maymay, not sure about sophie, but we could jog along side to wherever jen.
It'll take maymay's mind off the mirelings in her cupboard.

15th Jun 2008, 19:22

helen says:

Apologises for being late (don't get to check this often) but huge thanks to jen for tellin me it was Tintagel.
Am still recovering from watching Hurlers video of Minack. That black and white things really working....
*gone to watch video again*

15th Jun 2008, 20:48

babs says:

*turns round to see where sudden voice came from .........

*wonders if gigs could be done in black and white as he does suit it so well.

*thinks Adam has enough on without painting every bit of gear AND doing stage makeup for every one in the band.

*wonders how dear man at the back is and is mightily pleased with big f**k off drum bit at start of hurlers.
go andy ,
as in well done ,
not clear off.


15th Jun 2008, 21:18

jen says:

*reaches seth*
*thrusts flask of tea, pump and puncture repair kit at him*
*cycles back to rope in case someone does fall over*
*kittiwakes fly down to munch on some biscuits*
*waves to helen*
Hi! The hurlers vid does leave feeling a little...odd afterwards. >:)
*wonders whether black and white thing could be resolved by wearing glasses similar to 3d glasses that has a dark grey lense and a normal one*

15th Jun 2008, 21:47

babs says:

it's a crazy idea jen , but it just might work.
do you think we might frighten Seth standing in front of him looking like a bunch of raggle taggle pirates oh ?

*wonders what jen means by "odd afterwards"
*wonders if it's starting to wear off, the Seth gym bunny body clingage thing.

*blames the big sensible coat.

15th Jun 2008, 22:03

sophie says:

* types out long comment which would surely have won pullitzer prize or at least gold star from Mrs Miggins the first-year English teacher.

* then moblog loses it.

* Goes off to watch LOTS again just to check if Seth gym bunny body clingage thing is really wearing off.

* Answer appears to be "NO"

16th Jun 2008, 17:40

jen says:

*is agast by this idea*
It's just that I couldn't find the write word for it! :D
My mum is trying to convince me to go to the launch in my pirate costume for my friends party... hmmmmm
I think we may have gone past the point of scaring him by now.
*actually likes the big sensible coat*
*wants it*

16th Jun 2008, 18:55

sophie says:

* Wants to rip it off him... *

(When I do, will let you have it Jen ;-) )

16th Jun 2008, 19:06

babs says:

*suddenly realises the reason for the expression on his face.
He's just seen sophie approaching with a steely "I'm going to rip that coat off your back" look in her eye.

Tell you what else happens on blog sophie, it sometimes posts comments before you've had chance to finish them .

*hopes jen goes to launch in pirate costume and there are photo's .

16th Jun 2008, 21:49

babs says:

*wonders where maymay went.

*thinks she may be counting lightbulbs again.

16th Jun 2008, 22:21

sophie says:

Fears you're right about his expression.

It would explain why he's clinging onto it quite so tightly.

Perhaps if I engage him in conversation about the trained kittiwake's first I can fool him into thinking I'm a well-adjusted person and not some crazed stalker who's after his body, and then quickly whip it off him when he least expects it.

* worries about maymay's lightbulb thing. It's not like we can use more than one at once anyway, not with the electrics the way they are.

* remembers to switch off light again when leaving blog just in case

17th Jun 2008, 18:53

babs says:

*walks into wall.
*switches light on.

well as long as he's got a warm cardi on underneath, he doesn't need a chill with all this singing he's going to have to be doing in the coming weeks.

I bought maymay a couple of low wattage halogen bulbs for her collection to calm her down.

17th Jun 2008, 23:54

sophie says:

Let's just hope it's not a string vest underneath. That could really spoil my morning.

18th Jun 2008, 11:14

jen says:

*shivers at thought of string vest*
*wonders whether kittiwakes have been fed in day absence*
*goes to check*

18th Jun 2008, 11:50

helen says:

Certainly hope Seth isn't wearing string vest! hmmm...hope its a nice tight t shirt at launch on Weds'day
*gone away to think about t shirt*

18th Jun 2008, 19:43

babs says:

i saw kittiwakes today,
I really did (0:
I have a pic of them on fb,

non were wearing string vests or carrying bicycles.

18th Jun 2008, 20:59

babs says:

anyway, there's only one man can carry off wearing a vest with the dignity it deserves , be it knitted cotton, string or otherwise, and that man is ......


bless him.

19th Jun 2008, 19:18

jen says:

but really it should be made of gaffer tape.
We should make him a gaffer tape suit one day.
You saw kittiwakes??!! How cool. They wouldn't have a bicycle as they aren't my tintagel kittiwakes.
But i could always train them as well!

OOOOOO, are you going to the launch party then helen! Me too!
*runs round room excitedly*

19th Jun 2008, 22:56

babs says:

*wnaders off to look at something whilstjen and helen discuss the launch party.

don't worry about me , I'llbe fine here.

on my own.

I can watch all the Lakeman youtube videos.
It'll be just like being there.

It really will.

20th Jun 2008, 07:49

jen says:

*pities babs*
The offer to be kidnapped and held hostage at the launch party by a crazy ginger girl still stands babs!
or I could train my kittiwakes to carry you there and drop you at the beach.

20th Jun 2008, 11:30

babs says:

Oooooo like in james and the giant peach.

*likes the idea.

20th Jun 2008, 14:17

jen says:

YES! Like that!
I have to say, I got scared by James and the giant peach!
I would prefer a giant apple.
or plum.

20th Jun 2008, 16:27

babs says:

*prepares a harness ready for wednesday's airlift to Perranporth.

I could strap a surf board on my feet and glide gracefully onto the beach if they release their grip over the sea.

*in reality would crawl onto beach ,coughing up seawater covered in seaweed and limpets.

20th Jun 2008, 16:57

jen says:

Not if you also had a parachute!
I could make a design for a surf board that had a parachute attached with some sort of propeller in the back so you can glide on the water better ...
*goes to put pen to paper*

20th Jun 2008, 21:32

babs says:


*wonders what to wear.


21st Jun 2008, 19:09

jen says:

*chews pen thoughtfully*
*looks at the mass of scribbles that is design so far*
*realises hasn't got a scanner so when design is made will not be able to scan onto computer*
*will take a photo of it*
*continues chewing pen*

21st Jun 2008, 21:41

babs says:

*bides time waiting for parasurfglideboard thing.

*doesn't fancy wetsuit as worries about chaffing.

*considers nice evening dress with wellies incase has to paddle on shore .

21st Jun 2008, 22:10

babs says:

*hopes jen incorporates navigational aid as fears could be blown off course by off shore winds in which case would miss beach and launch doo dah by miles.
Which seems highly likely


22nd Jun 2008, 10:09

jen says:

knew I'd forgotten to do something...
*goes to fetch camera*
I've made a sketch but haven't put he picture on the computor!
*slaps forehead for forgetting*

24th Jun 2008, 22:24