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Hello World!

Originally from the UK, I now live in the north of Sweden with Crickson

We are scientists :)

I also knit, bake and play the recorder, but not all at once.

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Science resources:

Want to find out about proteins? Try this for starters - RCSB Protein data bank: Molecule of the Month in alphabetical order

Want to find out what is known about any particular gene? Here's a good place to start. - Entrez Gene This is probably my favourite starting point for finding out about a new gene of interest and has handy links to most of the references and sequence information.

Want to find a piece of peer-reviewed scientific research? Want to check the references from an article, or look up the publication record of an expert quoted in a newspaper or blog piece? Try this database. It will give you the abstract (outline) of every paper and will link to the full thing and tell you which articles are free and open-access. - NCBI's PubMed All newly published research is quickly added to this site.

Want to be able to decode DNA? This is how DNA codes for protein, and is, to my eyes, a thing of beauty. - The Genetic Code (presented here as RNA. For DNA, simply replace the U's with T's (Uracil with Thymine)).

And for geeks who need to get out more :) - The PCR Song and another PCR song

Good for your brain: - Ben Goldacre's Bad Science blog

It's the little things that keep you going...

At last! Welcome home Lucia :)
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New back yard

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Our new back yard in Houghton, Michigan.

beth says:

lovely :)

9th Jun 2008, 22:24

JokerXL says:

Great stuff!
You're really getting into this US-speak thang, "back yard",
in the UK you would've had a "garden", however small.

9th Jun 2008, 23:06

JokerXL says:

Great stuff!
You're really getting into this US-speak thang, "back yard",
in the UK you would've had a "garden", however small.

9th Jun 2008, 23:06

swamprose says:

you've moved north so it's spring again. how clever.

JXL-that's what it is, a back yard. I have one too.

9th Jun 2008, 23:41

Spiderbaby says:

Eek! The change must be happening! I've been doing my best to resist it but it's hard :)

10th Jun 2008, 00:18

Viv says:


10th Jun 2008, 01:41

crickson says:

Love the bottom shot : )

10th Jun 2008, 01:52

Spiderbaby says:

Is that because it proves I don't just sit at home knitting all day? ;)

11th Jun 2008, 01:48

Dhamaka says:

now that is nice

11th Jun 2008, 16:57

mara says:

I love the bottom one!

12th Jun 2008, 20:38

Spiderbaby says:

Thanks :)

12th Jun 2008, 23:02

JokerXL says:

A back garden is a back garden Swamprose, even if it's a six by six foot paved over bit of ground with nothing but a dustbin in the corner (though, admittedly, it might then be a "patio")

13th Jun 2008, 08:03

Spiderbaby says:

It's a patio if it's got patio chairs on it :)

13th Jun 2008, 19:27

FilbertFox says:

yup ground of any description at the back of a property is a garden, if some of it is paved or decked over that is a patio within the garden.

Spiderbaby - my definition of a patio is it has slightly less soil than the rest of the garden. And you must resist this language change damn you

14th Jun 2008, 11:13

Spiderbaby says:

By 'language change' you mean defining things slightly differently to wot you do?
I've always done that!

16th Jun 2008, 22:36