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The Story of Bottled Water

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Lights on the lake

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11th Jun 2008, 11:58   | tags:,,,


minkey says:

Really nice. Looking peaceful as well :-)

11th Jun 2008, 12:08

Geodyne says:

Wow, this is truly stunning.

11th Jun 2008, 12:16

hildegard says:

It was very lovely. Heaven knows what prompted the youth of Brinnington to make giant illuminated cupcakes but I'm very glad they did. Also very grateful to the people in waders & lifejackets who affixed the cupcakes to the rowing boats each evening & walked them out into position.

11th Jun 2008, 14:12

Jane Doe says:

Lovely, a touch of the orient. Also made me think of Rorschach. Analyse that!

11th Jun 2008, 17:27

hildegard says:

You're quite right - take away the colour, rotate it into portrait & there it is; a classic test blot from the Cabinet of Quackery. :)

11th Jun 2008, 18:48

JokerXL says:


13th Jun 2008, 21:59

sputnik says:

Beautiful and eerie! Leg's better by the way, should update the moblog from time to time, although the very definition of a moblog is "mobile blog", and not yet that mobile... (-:

16th Jun 2008, 18:48

hildegard says:

Heh, glad to hear you're healing up - you could just blog your kiné sessions. ;)

Did the bike survive, or is that too painful a subject?

17th Jun 2008, 17:39

crickson says:

That's a lovely shot. Beautiful.

17th Jun 2008, 18:21

sputnik says:

The bike actually survived far better than me, front plastic mudguard broken, hardly a scratch. Must do a complete check-up, once I'm fit to ride again. Thanks a lot for all your support during the whole thing, by the way!

17th Jun 2008, 18:21

hildegard says:

I seem to have spent a lot of my life providing cheerful comments to broken bikers - one more was no burden. ;)

17th Jun 2008, 18:44

Caine says:


17th Jun 2008, 22:41