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It is getting close to the end of the dailyme project. Less than a
month until I get to quit. It has been interesting, for me at least.
I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about it on the final day, but then
again, maybe I won't. All along, the project for me has been more
about a daily snapshot into my life and moods over the course of the
year. It has been an inner journey and journal, more than a
photography project, and that is why I started it here, rather than
joining one of the flickr 365 groups where I would have felt very
pressured to make it about the photo instead. Plus, nige is good at
peer pressure, of course.

Anyhow, I have a lot of thoughts in my head about the project, and if
I happen to be in a mood where I feel like writing about them on these
final days of the project, then I will. Or perhaps it will just be
dark photos that are difficult to decipher, with no text at all beyond
some project tagging. I do not know what my days will be like in
these final days. I have hopes, but no assurances.

13th Jun 2008, 00:23   | tags:,,


nige says:

i really do hope you feel like writing about it at the end. i really would like to read it, because it's certainly been one hell of a year seeing you every day.

i always thought that quite a few of us would not finish the year, but somehow i knew that you would. you've been very assertive at getting your posts through on time, and i think thats been the key. you've said yourself a few times that it's tempting to leave it, but if you do, it tends to spiral out of control, and once you fall behind there's no motivation to catch up. so very true, i think.

the end is in sight...

edit: just re-read this and i sound like a bit of a preachy idiot. totally unintentional, but then there is also the possibility that i am actually a preachy idiot. i hope not

13th Jun 2008, 00:36

Tori says:

Oh hey, a comment, that means it went through.

While moblog is usually pretty instant gratification, doing this project has made me far more aware of the little email and server blips that occur. There have been very few photos posted late because I actually sent them late (and extremely few days that I actually missed on only submitted a catch-up photo, I think only two, but will have to go back to double check). However there have been many days when my photo did not show up until late, and a few where it multiple posted. When that happens with my regular moblog it is very "ah, computers" but with the dailyme it leaves me feeling a bit anxious.

Anyhow, this shot is actually from yesterday. I haven't taken my shot today yet.

13th Jun 2008, 00:42

nige says:

i know what you mean. the race to get the pic in on-time can sometimes get the heart racing, but we've done pretty well, i think.

sending has been slow today too. i've noticed little delays.

13th Jun 2008, 00:44

JokerXL says:

It's been a chore. But a fun one.
Certainly well worth the effort, looking back is a hoot!
And yes Nige, you are the preachiest preaching preacher I've ever been preached at by from.

13th Jun 2008, 09:26

billion says:

tori, just want to say I really enjoy looking at your pictures on the 365-day project. always fresh and fun and moody and interesting. I mean, in this picture you look like you're planning a murder. what could be better?

13th Jun 2008, 10:21

Tori says:

A photo of the actual murder?

13th Jun 2008, 10:23

billion says:

no, just a pic of the potential murderess. :)

13th Jun 2008, 10:24

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