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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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Moblog on Gadget Show last night

Moblog on Gadget Show last night
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Jon Bentley "I decided to delight viewers of the ever popular MOblog with my report." Awww.

one TV presenter using Moblog and an N95 to cover an event, whilst another uses professional equipment. Result? Moblog WIN!

Just the Moblog bit of the clip attached, I edited the full 12 minute segment out of the episode and stuck it on Vimeo if anyone fancies a Look:

Journalism 'face-off'

chris says:

Hurrah! Quite impressed with the quality og Jon's video too.

17th Jun 2008, 23:35

Alfie says:

The thing about TV (imo) is that for web stuff unless there's an actual call to action is totally ineffective.

17th Jun 2008, 23:42

Helen says:

Hah, he says Mo-blog, like me!

17th Jun 2008, 23:53

nige says:

but admittedly he sounds a bit dappy saying it like that. haha.

17th Jun 2008, 23:59

Helen says:

Dappy? As in wears Daps? Like Dr Who? And now me?

18th Jun 2008, 00:00

nige says:

as in the dap greeting. you aren't dappy helen. we've met and i can confirm this for fact.

18th Jun 2008, 00:02

nige says:

i keep listening to this. MOE-BLOG! his accent is so great.

18th Jun 2008, 00:10

Dhamaka says:

saw that when it was broadcast

18th Jun 2008, 07:32

taniwha says:

Isn't it Moe-blog?

18th Jun 2008, 07:46

Surely it's mob-log? As in the Italian Mafia type?

18th Jun 2008, 09:16

taniwha says:

I know some cows that pronounce it Mooo-blog

18th Jun 2008, 09:18

Alfie says:

See, it's our diversity that makes it fun ;)

I do love his accent and kind of hammy stage delivery.

18th Jun 2008, 09:42

Rich says:


dear lordy. So, thing is, where is this amazing piece of citizen journalism? I done missed that. Hopefully it might reset my brain after the mindblowing news that a professional videocamera takes better pictures than whatever they shoehorn into a phone. I mean who knew?

18th Jun 2008, 12:45

Alfie says:

They really didnt get the whole moblog thing in that sense, as soon as they'd posted it and everything they deleted it. The Gadget Show moblog is basically emptied after each time they use it...

18th Jun 2008, 13:58

hildegard says:

Eh? What do they think it is, a wax tablet?

18th Jun 2008, 14:07

tullis says:

I don't really like the word "blog" one bit, but I don't think my opinion will get very far.

18th Jun 2008, 15:14

Er Alfie, it's still there:

18th Jun 2008, 16:41

kel says:

Love the delivery. MOE BLOG!

(whispers: coverage nothing to do with the fact I know at least two mobloggers who work on that show, hmm?)

18th Jun 2008, 16:53

Alfie says:

Aaaah Kel - There *was* a hookup in the distant past I believe yes :D

18th Jun 2008, 17:10

540air says:

The mob log/mo blog debate rumbles on in the way that adidas/a dee das, nike/nikee, porsche/porscher, or tesco/tes.. no, wait, ah never mind :)

18th Jun 2008, 17:46

jc1000000 says:

just to add to that list... tomarto/tomayto, oregarno/orregano, pasta/parsta or my personal poncey favourite parmesan/parmashaarn

18th Jun 2008, 18:20

Rich says:


18th Jun 2008, 19:05

Helen says:


18th Jun 2008, 19:08

kel says:

ay key ah!

19th Jun 2008, 11:29

Joe says:

I'm in charge of English pronunciation and it is mob-log. End of discussion.

19th Jun 2008, 12:15