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3rd Jul 2008, 14:56   | tags:,,,


hildegard says:

Deedee's a deer, not a cow, the poor misunderstood lass... :)
(Edit) Bovine nose for comparative puropses.

3rd Jul 2008, 17:28

Caine says:

Oh, those sweet, soft noses. :)

4th Jul 2008, 18:04

hildegard says:

One does come away from a visit with the deer feeling very thoroughly sniffed...

5th Jul 2008, 05:37

Caine says:

Oh, of course. They must vacuum you thoroughly. They have the softest noses, and yes they are usually terribly busy! :D

5th Jul 2008, 10:48

hildegard says:

They are owned by the soppiest farmer in the world. One was abandoned by her mum on the track to his farm & he changed all his day's jobs to allow for not being able to drive past the poor baby deer. No sign of mum by late afternoon, so he calls the game warden. GM says, "Righty ho, we'll come & get it." "What will you do with it?" asks the farmer "Oh we'll shoot it." At which point farmer picks up deer & all but runs home with her. Wardens were happy for him to have a go putting her on a bottle and she did so well that when another faun was abandoned the following year, they gave it to him to keep the first one company.

They will touch noses with you. I mean, really, how sweet is that?

6th Jul 2008, 19:06