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Puppy Russo

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This is Russo, and she is mine to train for a year. She will grow up to be a guide dog. In the bottom photo, five new pups and their new families. Guide dogs not only work with blind people, but with all sorts of special needs. Her training has some different kinds of things, but first she needs to just get used to being a dog with humans. I wasn't sure I could give her up after a year, but I think I can. Still looking for a dog with irony, and perky ears.

I have a crate, food, and a manual. The manual doesn't cover not sleeping because you've been up all night with a really sad lonely little thing.
4th Jul 2008, 12:46  

factotum says:

OMG!!! Congratulations! Do you get to keep the little boy too? Russo looks beautiful!

4th Jul 2008, 12:56

swamprose says:

for all the kids there, it was their first dog. I imagine those pups are exhausted by now.

I met Russo's parents, and the entire "R" litter of ten pups.

it still could be Rousseau, if she shows any philosophical or artistic aptitudes.

4th Jul 2008, 13:02

nigξ says:

how sweet!

4th Jul 2008, 13:22

Geodyne says:

What a sleepy little sweety!

Well done, you - I'm sure you'll be able to let her go after a year, knowing what good she's going to do. Meanwhile, I'm envious - this is something I've often thought of volunteering to do, but for which I have the wrong lifestyle.

4th Jul 2008, 13:27

paintist says:

lucky /welldone you! a fantastic idea ....I look forward to seeing both of your progress in the coming year.....
* edit you are are looking good in this photo swamprose :-)

4th Jul 2008, 13:40

silar31 says:

Brilliant SR, I'm sure she's in really good hands!

4th Jul 2008, 13:47

minkey says:

What a lovely little miss. Quite impressed by what you're doing as even if you know it's not yours and it'll be able to help someone, attachement and love built up. Friends doing that in the states and been doing so for over 15 years also mainly labradors and been managing well. A new challenge and new personalities to meet. Very interesting to see what her character will develop into

4th Jul 2008, 13:48

swamprose says:

thanks all. so far she is nothing like a responsible dog. puppy from hell. cuteness is not enough.
we're off to do an exhausting walk. I need sleep.

4th Jul 2008, 15:31

paintist says:

for newly homed puppies ,a clock ( the one that you have by the bed) as the ticking soothes them, and a hot water bottle for comfort....well thats what I have been told.....sleep well :)

4th Jul 2008, 16:33

anonymous says:

Oh ye gods & little fishes, how cute is that?!
I could so not be trusted with her - would be galloping into the hills with cackles of, "Mine, all mine!" before you could say "smitten". Charming group family portrait too.

I vote Rousseau but you knew I would. ;)

4th Jul 2008, 16:33

hildegard says:

That was me. Too carried away with vicarious puppy lurve to log in...

4th Jul 2008, 16:34

beth says:

aww. you can do it i'm sure.

hair's getting long!!

4th Jul 2008, 17:16

silar31 says:

Exhausting walk is a very good plan. A tired puppy is a good puppy. ;)

4th Jul 2008, 17:19

harimanjaro says:

I don't think I'd be able to give her back after a year. If you try Paintist's clock idea make sure the alarm isn't set ;-)

4th Jul 2008, 17:50

Dhamaka says:

she has the best trainer she could wish for... good luck with the sleep

4th Jul 2008, 18:30

Viv says:

ooh aaah - so lovable

4th Jul 2008, 20:08

mat says:

Oh, that's just awesomely cool. What an extra-ordinary thing to do, nice one. I look forward to seeing how it goes - I bet she'll be learning about having a camera pointed at her pretty quick..

I want another puppy, not just 'cos they are ace, but I want to try out my still-new training skills on an unformed mind! :)

5th Jul 2008, 14:49

hildegard says:

Offer to help your local dog shelter/ breeed rescue or of choice? They always need people to work with puppies or older dogs with lost training. Most common reason for dogs bouncing back to shelters is behaviour picked up in the kennel environment like abandoning housetraining or barking a lot. Good fosterers & volunteer trainers are a godsend to them...

5th Jul 2008, 14:53

mat says:

btw, 'nother vote for Rousseau here. Was big on him at school - my class at university even got a dedication in our professor's book

h - good idea. might look into that.

5th Jul 2008, 14:57

Viv says:

benji slept curled around my head the first night - but after that he was fine in his bed

5th Jul 2008, 16:34

swamprose says:

thank you all. I guess it's Rousseau, which is what I think she should be. Mat, this dog comes with a training manual that is one hell of a challenge. Not the usual stuff--like teaching her to go to the bathroom on command--which makes sense when you think of a blind person trying to deal with that.

beth, your hair is shorter than mine. how do you get your hair cut with a puppy?

once again, thank you all. she's exhausting and makes me laugh.

6th Jul 2008, 04:22

factotum says:

I thought that part of her training involved taking her with you on all your ordinary day to day errands, so that she'll get used to going to all the places she'll have to go as a working dog. Couldn't she go with you to get a haircut? Or does that start later?

6th Jul 2008, 17:19

FilbertFox says:

"how do you get your hair cut with a puppy?" that would take some serious training

6th Jul 2008, 20:27

Tori says:

If you visit the San Diego Zoo, they have drinking fountains for Russo. My daughter spotted it and took the shot while we were there.

7th Jul 2008, 08:08

540air says:

Puppies take ages to cut your hair, it's far simpler to just use a pair of scissors ;)

7th Jul 2008, 09:47

Spiderbaby says:

Oh my goodness! How desperately cute! And what a great thing to do. Cute overload :)

7th Jul 2008, 23:48

factotum says:

So, I hear she's starting her own blog!

9th Jul 2008, 01:51

hildegard says:

That's probably wise...

9th Jul 2008, 02:17

MaggieD says:

Just catching up ..... am looking forward to all the news :)

15th Jul 2008, 22:25

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