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July 1st

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5th Jul 2008, 23:00   | tags:,,

crickson says:

Yes, but is it art?

5th Jul 2008, 23:00

Spiderbaby says:

Has someone tidied up?

5th Jul 2008, 23:05

beth says:

It is pretty disgusting on moving day, bad students! bad!

Still, you'd think the council would have sorted a few more skips to cater for the extra rubbish.

5th Jul 2008, 23:23

Spiderbaby says:

Is July the 1st always moving day then? There's no excuse for this. It's not as if there aren't recycling centres (I know the Meanwood Road one pretty well by now...).

5th Jul 2008, 23:26

nigξ says:

so much for getting an education.

5th Jul 2008, 23:38

Spiderbaby says:

Maybe there really is a need for a 'how to take responsibility for your own mess' degree. Sad indeed.

6th Jul 2008, 00:13

Helen says:

The council came and scraped up all the mess on Friday. The trolleys are still there, but they were pretty thorough.

6th Jul 2008, 01:09

Viv says:

glad it's gone now

6th Jul 2008, 01:25

hildegard says:

Spiderbaby - a mandatory 20-credit option on all undergraduate courses, yes.

6th Jul 2008, 01:26

goode says:


6th Jul 2008, 03:27

Steve says:

Do you mind tagging the bottom one with Trolly?

I love seeing trollies in the wild!

6th Jul 2008, 04:14

Helen says:

Done. Although these trollies are not free. They are fully shackled.

6th Jul 2008, 11:53

Steve says:


6th Jul 2008, 13:33

Jane Doe says:

Sad.Our place was very sorted, but that's the benefit of campus unis...
(One of the benefits of campus unis. I think I could deliver my Open Day spiel in my sleep by now)

6th Jul 2008, 18:06

Helen says:

The biggest problem is he bin raiders. Most of this stuff will have been bagged, but those soon get ripped apart and the bins are emptied in search of anything 'good'.

6th Jul 2008, 18:08

Jane Doe says:

BTW I got my post, thank you : ) Email on its way

6th Jul 2008, 18:09

Helen says:

I loved my campus uni : )


6th Jul 2008, 18:12

Jane Doe says:

I adore pimping the Uni.
If I don't ultimately persue academia I would love to get more involved with the marketing of HE in general

6th Jul 2008, 18:16

FilbertFox says:

i thought that was the aftermath of a party of yours

7th Jul 2008, 18:55