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It's me scar.
6th Dec 2004, 14:36  


Joe says:

I take it there is a suitably hardcore story to go with that?
I.E a bullet graze from your time in the special forces?
or a laser scar from when you where fighting the evil forces of the dark superheroes?

6th Dec 2004, 14:41

dutchbird says:

it was in my days as a highwayman. I had to disguise myself as a man and rob the irch or else be a cheap whore at the Pieshop,

6th Dec 2004, 14:59

Joe says:

wow!, there are whores at the pie shop!?!?
mmmm whore pie.

6th Dec 2004, 15:01

540air says:

robbing irch people is obviously even more dangerous than robbing rich people!!

Now who's gonna sing "whore ate all the pies"........ ;P

6th Dec 2004, 15:06

dutchbird says:

sorry about my spacky typing. Now, stand and deliver!

6th Dec 2004, 15:09

540air says:

please don't shoot me i spent all my money at the pie shop!!!!

6th Dec 2004, 15:10

Joe says:

*delivers pies

6th Dec 2004, 15:11

540air says:

thanks joe!
will you spare me if i give you one of joe's pies dutch?

You can see how my adam & the ants "prince charming" routine has really wowed the ladies down the years can't you!!

6th Dec 2004, 15:15

dutchbird says:

they'd better be tasty pies. Or I'll be back for your eye-makeup!

6th Dec 2004, 15:19

Joe says:

as long as you don't take my lacy cuffs and winkle pickers, I'll he happy

6th Dec 2004, 15:24

540air says:

best check with joe but i think they're all chicken n mushroom, if thats ok with you your dutchiness!

bows graciously so as not to offend the highwayman/bird

6th Dec 2004, 15:26

dutchbird says:

you cads. I hate chicken and mushroom!

6th Dec 2004, 15:40

Joe says:

there might be one or two steak and kideleye ones in there

6th Dec 2004, 15:43

540air says:

DOH, joe, you were supposed to get a selection to save us from being robbed by the highwaybird!!

6th Dec 2004, 15:56

dutchbird says:

I'm fussy about pies... in fact I don't really like them.

*rapes and pillages*

7th Dec 2004, 08:14

Joe says:

you don't like pies!?? what are you, some kind of....girl!? oh are.
*ponders how anyone can not like pies

7th Dec 2004, 08:56

Joe says:

Heh...I just downloaded your CSS books :)

7th Dec 2004, 09:05

540air says:

joe take her out ot dinner quick before she pillages me again!!
my eyes are still watering from las time!!!!!!!!

7th Dec 2004, 10:19

dutchbird says:

did you indeed? I hope you find them useful!

7th Dec 2004, 15:32

Joe says:

I already have :) thankee!

7th Dec 2004, 15:33

540air says:

bows politely before asking the question.... what are CSS books?

7th Dec 2004, 15:36

Joe says:

Cascading Style Sheet - it's a web design thing....

7th Dec 2004, 15:37

540air says:

oh right.... way over my head then!!
I knew I should have gotten into computers as a youngun, I could be loaded by now!!
Oh well never mind, I hope dutch enjoyed the dinner! :)

7th Dec 2004, 15:48

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