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Who: DarkCryst... the man, the legend, the hazard.
What: English, 6'3" tall, broad. Needs to lose the belly.
Where: Essex, England. For the most part anyway.

So now you know a tiny ammount about me. Check my profile for more interesting information. Glad to have you around, pull up a chair and stay a while.

All of the photos here (from November 2004 onwards anyhow) are taken with my s700i:
a SonyEricsson s700i
Before that it was from a z600.. but that got stolen.. the bastards.
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Quit Your Whoring!

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Crazy ranting old man on the streets of SF.

Aparently he's a regular feature there, and will start shouting at couples to stop their fornicating when the mood strikes him.

America: Breeding a better brand of crazy since 1776.
24th Dec 2004, 02:20  

/Alfie says:

He's a master font/typesetter if nothing else, I'd love to have that font. the Crazy Font!

24th Dec 2004, 08:17

monkeypunk says:

but what is it about his pose - it somehow speaks another language...

24th Dec 2004, 08:28

/Alfie says:

It looks kind of like he's humping the sign.

24th Dec 2004, 09:35

teflon says:

There's a guy who wanders around Glasgow with a sandwich board that says SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE = HELL AFTER DEATH

He calls himself the Maniac Street Preacher

24th Dec 2004, 09:50

/Alfie says:

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to capture the maniac street preacher.

24th Dec 2004, 09:53

teflon says:

Do you mean just a photo of him? Or getting a big net and taking him to a secret hiding place? Because a photo would be considerably easier.

24th Dec 2004, 12:48

DarkCryst says:

Hahaha.. yes, excellent!

And yeah... he does look like he's humping the sign. Mixed messages much?

24th Dec 2004, 19:49

/Alfie says:

I was hoping when I saw the thumbnail, that that was what it was? you know?like th e worl works to my humour whim?

24th Dec 2004, 22:03

catwoman1980(osmosisland-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

sex is a decision that everyone will decide for themselves. what is moral and what is not moral may have a reasonable view in the Holy Bible, but you and I both know that everyone has their idea of what is right and wrong (by philisophical stance or by feelings) and playing parent on the street to people that don't feel they need a parent doesn't work it.

From my view, if I didn't know that person were real, I would almost think it to be a sculpture that someone made to poke fun at how religion has had it's take on society. Anyway, enough with the rant.


27th Dec 2004, 04:42

spoon_lamp says:

I concur.

27th Dec 2004, 10:40

moblogbrain says:

I was wondering what Antonio Fargas was up to these days.

28th Dec 2004, 18:37

floyd says:

That font looks like some sort of Neo-Communist dream. I would also like it.

1st Jan 2005, 16:14

Jez(jezstephens-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I recognise the pose. I think he's a Cactuar in disguise.

10th Aug 2005, 17:23

trojjer says:

Ah, that's a classic example! :D I also thought that the handcrafted font was quite well-done... Looks labour-intensive; although it's obvious that he doesn't seem to do much beyond yell at people. And sit there, proclaiming that random people are actually prostitutes, which is different from mere fornication anyway. He needs a dictionary, I think.

As for "no sex before marriage", what's wrong with a test-drive before taking the plunge, if it is mutually desired??? And what about fuggin' cohabitation by itself? Alas, though, this is not an RE lesson, ahem...

PS: Oh, and I can empathise with the long-distance relationship thing, btw; although the 413 miles in between Plymouth and Newcastle seems slightly paler in comparison to what you and Miriam face... *sigh* Did you meet online then, 'Random Stranger'?

20th Aug 2005, 04:55

Dude says:

in that case, get a video of him.

8th Jun 2008, 19:16

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