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Jerry Springer The Opera

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Y'know, I'm not sure that I'd have made such an effort to actually
watch it if it hadn't been quite so controversial. I enjoyed it,
though :)

In this scene, the Devil is singing "Fuck You" to Jesus, who's replying with "Talk to the hand.."

Steve's in the middle trying to separate them.

neel says:

Almost my feelings exactly: why all the fucking fuss? It was good, not brilliant, and it certainly wasn't as blasphemous as was being made out. Why not call the BBC duty log to register your support on 08700 100 222?

9th Jan 2005, 00:28

teflon says:

I'm quite tempted to phone up and complain about some of the other rubbish that's on the telly - like the darts..

9th Jan 2005, 00:34

Helen says:

Missed it. No electricity : (

Buit it's just come back!

9th Jan 2005, 00:45

Rich says:

Huzzah! I like the new way the darts geezer says "180!".
Jerry Springer... It was good, some nice moments, probably far better live, but a good show. The reason it got so much heat? Because the kind of christians who take offence to this kind of thing are pomopous, humourless bastards. Fuck 'em, all they did was draw more attention towards it plus make themselves look stupid.

9th Jan 2005, 00:56

neel says:

Strange - the duty log number seems to have been busy for some time...

9th Jan 2005, 01:01

jaggysnake says:

I might complain to the BBC about the linesman that gave Sheff Utd. the 2nd goal against Villa today, thus causing us to exit the F.A. cup - it was live on BBC1 and therefore the BBC's fault!

THAT was way more controvertial than Springer!!!

9th Jan 2005, 01:06

Helen says:

That sounds terrible about Villa. I might complain too. I didn't watch it and I have no idea what it was all about, but I figure that gives me even more right to complain.

9th Jan 2005, 01:41

alexis says:

I went and saw it last time i was in town. (someone else footed the bill)
i thought it was, okay.
do they actually broadcast the jerry springer show there, on television? I wasn't sure if it retained any comedic value for someone who hadn't seen the actual show..

12th Jan 2005, 02:11

Rich says:

They used to. Haven't seen it in a while though. Don't really need to, either.

12th Jan 2005, 09:17