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yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. enjoy the pics :)

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Driving home

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So it's like 8am, no shower, no makeup, and no sleep last night. It looks like i'm sleeping in this picture, but I'm not...cause I'm like...driving :)

i took another look at this and realized i'm starting to look like my grandmother. scary, very scary.
9th Jan 2005, 17:41  


Jonathan says:

Remind me never to get in a car with you at the wheel ...

9th Jan 2005, 18:04

vallie says:

ha! :) i got home just fine, thank you :P or do i just look that scary?

9th Jan 2005, 18:51

Jonathan says:

Let's just say I'm not surprised you spin out if you drive whilst simultaneously taking a photo of yourself with your eyes closed!

10th Jan 2005, 11:01

vallie says:

my eyes are open! you just can't tell from that picture :P :) You're the one who's always wanting different angles of quit complaining :)

10th Jan 2005, 13:59

dexter(plastic-at-plasticuser-dot-com) says:

Your gran must have been really hot :)

10th Jan 2005, 18:20

vallie says:

ack!'s the world's most evil woman :P :)

10th Jan 2005, 18:35