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street art.
6th Feb 2005, 10:18  

jiva says:

I love them, always have always will. The more imaginative the better. Just tagging is a bit off, and boring but good art should be seen, it can even add to the character of a building. Although if the building is protected for some reason fair enough no paint. But these, made a jurney more interesting

7th Feb 2005, 15:24

Joe says:

I'm with you Jiva...but then as an ex "painter" I'm a little biased!

7th Feb 2005, 15:27

Rich says:

Yeah, whoever's doing these is really good - Can't agree with the comment about vandalism, these make the city a far more interesting place. I know where the first and last are, but where did you find the middle one?

7th Feb 2005, 16:05

lencorby says:

What I wanna know is how do they make such intricate stencils? Is there an easy any-idiot-could-do-it way, or is this proper bloody art?

7th Feb 2005, 16:14

Joe says:

Len..try really is an art in itself....

7th Feb 2005, 16:19

Rich says:

Proper bloody art, is my thinking. Probably traced out from photos originally - As long as you've got a steady hand and an appreciation of chiascuro (oooooh so wrong the spelling) then it should be possible to replicate it. Though Mr Pip really does have an eye for this stuff.

7th Feb 2005, 16:20

lencorby says:

My ex used to make some crackin' stencils, and I got a fair whack of great t-shirt designs out of it.

Shame I never asked her for the tricks of the trade before we parted ways. Doh!

7th Feb 2005, 16:23

jiva says:

Rich, the burn the suit one is at the end of our road behind the new mini tescos. thats southwell road and grove road junction. There was a mahoosive one on top of tescos but they whited it out before I could take a photo. I only saw it once going past in the car.

7th Feb 2005, 17:15

mat says:

Photoshop. Acetate. Printer. Scalpel. Stencil.

It's not hard, just time consuming. Pip is very good though..

7th Feb 2005, 18:33

goosewing says:

Urban interventions are a big interest of mine, its very important not to encourage this sort of thing, as it can lead to them loosing the "specialness" for want of a better word, imagine if the streets were covered in stencils...
bah i'm crap at trying to explain what i'm trying to say...

12th Feb 2005, 13:19

DarkCryst says:

Well its already covered in crappy "tags" those just make me want to beat ppl.

Tags are for signing proper street art, not just spraying crap on a wall >_<

Is Norwich covered in this then? everyone there seems to post up loads of stencils....

15th Feb 2005, 20:30