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jobs now being applied for!
14th Feb 2005, 00:32   | tags:,


Soreya says:

About flipin time too!!!

14th Feb 2005, 08:50

joie says:

What's wrong with your current job?

(assuming you still have a current job?)

Oh - and there's a blatant spelling mistake on the third line! Tsk!

14th Feb 2005, 14:38

archer says:

I do still have my current job but I don't really enjoy it much and am rather hoping to find something I might actually find interesting instead...

14th Feb 2005, 15:05

joie says:

Some people are just never happy unless they're sitting at home in the traditional Archer attire...

14th Feb 2005, 17:18

archer says:

There's a lot to be said for sitting around in your pants, and if I could find someone to pay me to do it then I would.

Unfortunately as far as money goes, software engineering seems to be more profitable, so I'll probably have to stick to that for the time being!

14th Feb 2005, 17:26

joie says:

Perhaps you could get a job in a pant testing factory?

14th Feb 2005, 18:01

archer says:

Strangely a search on the various recruitment web sites yielded no results for such a position.

It would seem that all pant testing vacancies have already been filled.

14th Feb 2005, 19:04

joie says:

They've filled their pants? Eww.

14th Feb 2005, 23:23

S says:

Which is worse filling their own pants, or paying Archer to fill their pants?

15th Feb 2005, 13:14

archer says:

Ok, this is just getting really gross now...

15th Feb 2005, 13:31

S says:

Gross - yet I feel the point still needed to be clarified?

15th Feb 2005, 15:05