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Stopped Clocks is a public collaborative project which exists to first document all the stopped clocks in the UK, with the aim being to restore those we can to working order.

Anyone can help, so please send us any information on stopped clocks in your area and by all means post here at the blog.

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Way way back in 2004 I became fascinated with stopped clocks. I was heading back to my place and I didn’t have my phone on me, and didn’t know what the time was.

There was a church, this church, just to my left and I looked up at the clock. It was, of course, stopped. My brain took a sort of step back when I saw the clock was stopped and, ahem, gears started turning.

Clocks are the unavoidable marker for our passage through time. They are practical devices which serve our need to plan where we need to be, and are cornerstones of our lives. When a clock is stopped, one which we might pass every day, it is a reminder of time past, of the disconnect we have with our recent past, a visceral reminder that we are firmly in a digital age.

There are so many themes that intersect with the *idea* of a stopped clock, and I am interested in exploring what those themes are - culturally and technologically.

This site exists so that I can try and map these ideas out, but also as a practical space to collate information on stopped clocks around the UK, and ask for your help in doing this.

Fixing a stopped clock, even a truly grand one, is actually rather inexpensive - I think that together we might be able to achieve something, for the public good, and connect ourselves again to the recent past, our heritage, and the space around us.

The image below is of the clock that Please do join this group and send in your images or videos of stopped clocks in your area, with as much information about it as you can; the street name and location so It can be mapped in the stopped clocks map on your left.

posted by misteralfie

Michael(mva2-at-aichberger-dot-de) says:

so where is "your" stopped clock? Thanks

29th Jan 2012, 13:58