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Uh oh, it's Gus

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9th Mar 2005, 21:52   | tags:

rachelswirl says:

Izzy is a bint anyway.. I want her to leave ramsey street but she wont for a long time
see www.erinsborough.com for all the spoilers!

9th Mar 2005, 22:11

Helen says:

Izzy is evil!

I try to resist Erinsborough.com, otherwise it feels like I've watched all the episodes already (especially if I read the write ups on the Aussie episodes).

9th Mar 2005, 22:15

neel says:

Ohhhhhhhh. Neighbours. Right.

9th Mar 2005, 22:37

teflon says:

It looks like tomorrow's going to be an exciting one..
"The End of An Era: Karl must decide whether he can ever forgive Izzy, and Gus is still on the loose. Meanwhile, disaster strikes..."

9th Mar 2005, 22:41

Helen says:

Yeah, big episode tomorrow and Friday, I think. Just so you know, like.

And to think I had plans to venture out of the house sometime in the next two days.

9th Mar 2005, 22:41

Helen says:

Been watching since about '85 – on days off school, holidays and stuff and then later when it was put on at a proper time. Twenty years!

I think BBC3 should show it before or after their repeat of 'stenders.

9th Mar 2005, 22:44

Helen says:

(Who needs to go to the big city to beg for a job, no not me, not me at all. Best stay here. Watch Neighbours. There's going to be a 'blast from the past!')

9th Mar 2005, 22:46

Helen says:

Helen, there are only so many posts you can get away with posting to yourself, you know?

9th Mar 2005, 22:47

Helen says:

There were the twins Christina and Caroline (Paul married Christina)... I think you mean those ones. I can't remember years, but it must be very early 90s.

Danni and Brett were also twins, but they didn't look much alike.

9th Mar 2005, 22:52

Helen says:

I like Susan and Karl, but not Libby.

I think Sky is great and she's related to Harold!

9th Mar 2005, 22:57

Helen says:

Yes she has good fights! She always wins! Go Susan!

Stu's ok. Toadie needs someone to come and stir things up. He has got very dull. Dee was boring though, excessively boring.

9th Mar 2005, 23:05

Helen says:

Yeah, after she managed to float all the way to New Zealand or Tasmania by the power of a wedding dress. No that storyline has never been done. Not at all.

Sleep good!

9th Mar 2005, 23:17

McN says:

Naughty Paul! Being stuck at home waiting for new washing machine has it's advantages after all. (Not enough to turn me into a permanent Desperate Housewife though) Has anyone spotted Paul's dad, Jim, on The OC?

10th Mar 2005, 14:52

Helen says:

I've only seen the OC once and I was shocked. Jim's supposed to be dead!

10th Mar 2005, 14:54

spongevid says:

Aaaaaaah todays episode was edge of teh seating gaspige!

10th Mar 2005, 14:55

RareAquaticBadger says:

I think Jim appeared as the evil vice president of the US trying to oust Palmer in the second season of 24 too. It bugged me for ages before I realised who it was.

10th Mar 2005, 23:57

Helen says:

Jim's a busy man.

11th Mar 2005, 00:09

Shoes says:

Think Jim was on Cell Block H too...as was Harold. Oh yes.

*sings " He used to give me roses, i wish he could again, but that was on the outside, and things were different then..." *

My Neighbours favourite used to be Helen, Jims mum (in law?). But, unfortunately i dont really get to watch many soaps now . Damn shiftwork.

Except the dirty housewives of course, like that alot.....i love all teh chheese :)

11th Mar 2005, 21:52

Helen says:

Lyn's aunt was in Cell Block, I'm sure of it (so that's not conclusive then). And of course Susan was in Cell Block too!

"...on the inside the sun still shines... and the rain falls doooo-ooowwn...but the sun and rain are prisoners too...when morning comes around..."

11th Mar 2005, 22:25

Shoes says:

Hehehehehe love it.

Remember old 'vinegar tits'?.....went on to be Alfs sister, Vera, in Home & Away i think! Aah vinegar tits, those were the days........

11th Mar 2005, 22:33

Helen says:

My memories are so vague. It was on at a ridiculous time when it was last shown.

One of the warders was Mrs Alessi in Neighbours.

There should be an Aus channel on Sky/cable for all of these things.

11th Mar 2005, 22:36

boyd says:

gus is a murderer!

25th Oct 2005, 12:27