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Oh just look at that, it's Stefan Dennis.
10th Mar 2005, 18:04   | tags:

spongevid says:

tomorrows episode will be another gripping one, i hope!
poor lou and harold :-(

and max has rubbish kids, they never went in the amublance with him, they just buggered off completely!!

10th Mar 2005, 18:06

Helen says:

Everyone in Ramsay Street has rubbish kids. It's tradition. Charlene didn't even turn up when her mum was dying of cancer... and was she at the funeral? No!

10th Mar 2005, 18:10

spongevid says:

but charlene become kylie, boyd and summer just need a slap! grrr!

10th Mar 2005, 18:11

Helen says:

Being Kylie is no excuse for being such a bad daughter.

10th Mar 2005, 18:14

Len Corby says:

So the oft rumoured terrorist attack on Lassiters was an urban myth then?

10th Mar 2005, 18:46

neel says:

Doesn't that place get burnt down every five years?

I've done some more work!

10th Mar 2005, 19:04

Helen says:

Terrorists don't exist in Neighbours world – they've only just discovered sex and lesbians.

They do have to torch the set every now and again – they get bored.

neel. Hurrah for 'more work'. You are good.

I've been considering the position of Editorial Assistant for European Respiratory Society Journals Limited. But it won't do, they want someone with a Biological Science degree 'or related'. I suppose it is fully possible for me to take on the task of relating English Literature to Biology, but something tells me I'm not cut out for the European Respiratory Society Journal. And they're in Sheffield. I'm wasting my time.

10th Mar 2005, 19:12

spongevid says:

they had an indian family in it once, owning a corner-type shop. YEARS AGO! they had the bird that susan now has.

10th Mar 2005, 20:01

Helen says:

I thought Dahl belonged to Brett.

10th Mar 2005, 20:08

spongevid says:

brett has a fling with the indian girl i believe. and something to do with that.

10th Mar 2005, 20:09

Helen says:

Oh this article has all the answers (even possibly about the bird)...

Racism in Ramsay Street?

10th Mar 2005, 20:12

Helen says:

So the bird was given to Brett who gave it to Libby who left it conveniently with mum and dad. Poor Dahl.

10th Mar 2005, 20:13

Len Corby says:

I never did see that episode where Jim Robinson fell off the cliff ...

10th Mar 2005, 20:22

spongevid says:

dahl is also named after indian lentil soup!

10th Mar 2005, 20:50

Helen says:

I don't remember Jim falling off a cliff. I remember that nasty woman giving him a heartattack.

I like dahl.

10th Mar 2005, 21:03

spongevid says:

all i remember was poor old jimbo went purple. then turned up years later on the OC. bizarre!

10th Mar 2005, 21:08