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"Experience, a comb life gives you after you lose your hair" Judith Stern

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540air says:

Another amazing picture. Where was it taken?

4th Apr 2005, 11:30

Euphro says:

Southeastern Antarctic Peninsula. We were the first people back in there since the late seventies.

4th Apr 2005, 11:32

mat says:

Do you work for the BAS, or some other organisation? Just wondering, 'cos my mate Robin Goodhand used to work on one of their stations, I thought you might know him...

Cracking photo, as ever :)

4th Apr 2005, 11:36

Joe says:


4th Apr 2005, 11:39

Helen says:

Ah, beautiful.

4th Apr 2005, 11:42

Euphro says:

Thank you all very much. I don't think I met a Robin Goodhand :)

4th Apr 2005, 12:04

anonymous says:

Ach, it was worth asking.. I kinda wish I'd done a more sciency degree now, 'cos I'd love to work for the BAS or someone like that - sadly, I don't have the bits of paper they want..

4th Apr 2005, 12:09

mat says:

Doh. Changed machines, forgot to log in on this one.... ^^ that was me.

4th Apr 2005, 12:13

Euphro says:

I don't know what your background is Mat, but there are lots of Antarctic IT openings and growing...

4th Apr 2005, 12:24

crickson says:

Don't suppose they need a plant scientist...

4th Apr 2005, 12:39

Euphro says:

If you are a physiologist, or know about lichens and mosses then yes...

4th Apr 2005, 12:40

mysocalledmoblog says:

what about a psychology graduate??!

4th Apr 2005, 12:46

mysocalledmoblog says:

oh and of course, that photo is just stunning.

4th Apr 2005, 12:47

Euphro says:

Yes, they are occasionally needed :) and thanks

4th Apr 2005, 12:47

mat says:

My background is mostly web stuff, professionally, with a slightly above-average amount of unix systems admin on top. Dropped out of uni like all good comp sci students, but I went back and did a few years philosophy and enlgish, some linguistics, but never actually graduated from any of my seven assorted degree courses I was on.. I can learn anything though :)

4th Apr 2005, 13:31

Euphro says:

Unix is good. All our serious stuff is on Unix :)

4th Apr 2005, 13:37

540air says:

I could learn if jobs are being offered? ;D

You must spend most of your time away from home Euphro. Is that easy or do you find it tough?

4th Apr 2005, 14:41

Euphro says:

Hard to be away from family, but especially hard with having small children who grow and change rapidly. Still, satphones have made a big difference. E-mail is possible too in the field, although v slow (9.5 kbits per second). I did get a picture of my daughter by e-mail on Christmas Day last year, which was lovely...

4th Apr 2005, 14:45

bronxelf says:

It's a beautiful photo.

Good morning. (I realize it's afternoon there but morning here.)

4th Apr 2005, 15:02

Euphro says:

Good morning/afternoon to you too. I love this global stuff :) oh yes, and thanks :)

4th Apr 2005, 15:03

540air says:

Not sure I could hack being away from home all the time. My kids got upset when I went to Dubai, and that was only for 4 days!!!!
How much of the year do you spend away from home?

4th Apr 2005, 15:32

Euphro says:

The longest trip was five months (which changed me). I try and keep it down now to 4-6 weeks.

4th Apr 2005, 15:34

540air says:

I take my hat off to you. I'd struggle after about a week. :)

4th Apr 2005, 15:57

Shoes says:

Amazing pic ...and amazing job :)

4th Apr 2005, 17:36

540air says:

Shoes, what sort of nurse are you, if you don't mind my asking?

4th Apr 2005, 17:38

Shoes says:

Staffnurse 0r 'Registered General Nurse' i.e, in adult opposed to childrens or mental health.

I currently work in a breast care unit.

4th Apr 2005, 18:15

alfie says:

mmmmn, breast care. =)

4th Apr 2005, 18:33

540air says:

Just wondered as i sell endoscopy trolleys

4th Apr 2005, 19:14

Euphro says:

Stream-of-consciousness-R-us :)

6th Apr 2005, 12:25

seaneeboy says:

540 - how much does an endoscopy trolly go for these days?

6th Apr 2005, 12:42

Robin Goodhand(shadow5-at-nb-dot-sympatico-dot-ca) says:

I put my name into my search engine and came up with your site. I guess there are a few guys called Robin Goodhand on this Earth. I work for Air Canada, and live in New Brunswick Canada. I enjoyed your photos.

10th Feb 2006, 12:02

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