Look into my eyes O_O

by vc_chic

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~ Ha
~ 23 year old
~ Vietnamese
~ London
~ RBS - Portfolio Manager
~ London
~ English gradute
~ Creative
~ Ambitious
~ Fun loving
Like most other oriental people I enjoy taking pictures...less of myself now days *rolls eyes*

Anyway, hope you enjoy the world through my eyes...er, I mean my camera phones lens :)



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Went to the gym yesterday with Brian, we haven't been for about a week -_- Felt pretty good after that workout!
We went to the sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool afterwards, and Im sure the fat ugly lobster red guy in there was following us around ¬_¬ We went into the jacuzzi...he followed, I couldnt bare to see his hairy back so we moved to the sauna...he followed us in, knocked his hairy back into Brian's leg *eeew* so we left (I didnt want to share the same air as him!) Hopped into the pool, then back into the jacuzzi, and surprise surprise he hopped in and decided to start cleaning himself as if he were in his own bath *pukes*
16th Apr 2005, 17:33