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Making Skoobies

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OK, so my daughter has educated me and I now know what a Skoobie is. At least this new craze is fairly constructive!

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7th May 2005, 13:12  


bronxelf says:

Okay, what's a Skoobie?

7th May 2005, 13:14

ladislav says:

Here in Glasgow, a Scoobie is a Lorne sausage, a fried egg, a burger, a slice of cheese, fried onions, brown sauce, and probably a slice or two of bacon. In a bun. Very nice, particularly after a heavy night in the pub, and compared to some other Glasgow delicacies it's practically low-fat :-)

I suspect slitchfield may be thinking of something else, though.

7th May 2005, 13:54

bronxelf says:

Ladislav: reading that just made my arteries seize up. Does anyone *finish* one of those?

7th May 2005, 13:56

ladislav says:

Yeah, I've finished a couple, though I've usually had my senses dulled with a couple of pints first. The really greasy late-night option around here is deep-fried haggis and chips, which makes me feel very very ill whenever I'm stupid enough to try it (Haggis is very tasty, but has suet as one of its main ingredients - not too much of a problem when you boil it, but deep-frying it is just silly). Glasgow is also apparently the birthplace of the deep-fried Mars Bar, but I've only ever seen those on sale elsewhere.

Still, it could be worse - there's apparently a hotel in Edinburgh that serves deep-fried chocolate sandwiches...

[You'll be unsurprised to learn that Scotland has one of the highest rates of heart disease in Europe.]

7th May 2005, 14:12

bronxelf says:

My brain hung up on deep fried haggis.

And yeah, rumors of the cuisine in Scotland have ported themselves across the pond long ago. We know. *L* Deep fried suet is just redundant. I've seen deep fried twinkies and deep fried oreos here, but I've never had either.

7th May 2005, 14:22

Steve Litchfield says:

A Skoobie, these days, is a homemade piece of jewelery, made from flexible strands of plastic, beads and keyrings.

I think. I'm still not sure!!!


7th May 2005, 14:33

bronxelf says:

Thank you! :)

7th May 2005, 14:34

jay says:

could you tell me how to make them im finding it really difficult

9th May 2005, 19:01

Steve Litchfield says:

All we've done is make skoobie plaits, using three strands and weaving them like hair. Add a few jewels and you're away. The packets did show some advanced knots though 8-)

9th May 2005, 19:54

elmo says:

i am a skoobie fan and at the moment i've made 27! they are the latest in my skool even my big sis does them

11th May 2005, 09:47

jess says:

I think there gr8 an cool jess x x

11th May 2005, 09:48

elmo says:

litchfeild, don't dis da skoobies or i'll blaps u up and wip u round da face with my 27 of dem!

11th May 2005, 09:50

elmo says:

just jokin but don't dis

11th May 2005, 09:52

dani says:

ive made a 12 skoobies, but they r all the same shape, has any1 got an websites that tell u how 2 make them with more than 2-3 strands??? please help me!!!

skoobies r evrywhere around where i live they r gr8, me an my m8s all luv thm an could spend hours on them at a time!

11th May 2005, 10:40

T4RT says:



11th May 2005, 10:44

dani says:

thanx T4RT i would appreciate tht loads cheers!
any1 else no of any websites, i wanna make loads, all different!?????

11th May 2005, 10:45

greebo says:

okies here in crewe skoobies are the toys we all wana make..... me and jessypoo dont know how to start them we fort this was gunna show us we are fools" FANKS FOR NUTHIN LOL

11th May 2005, 20:37

Nici says:

to start it you do da same as normal. the 1 on top is da 1 to loop them

12th May 2005, 18:56

aimee says:

i have just got sum skoobies but i am finding them hard 2 make at the mo but i am learning they look so cool when they r done!

12th May 2005, 21:36

ladislav says:

Yikes. People actually write like this? I'd always assumed it was a joke, a bit like l33tsp34k... As for multi-string braids, I could point you at some of the literature on braid groups if you're interested in the maths behind it, but that's probably not much use to you :-(

13th May 2005, 13:16

da best says:

i fink these fings r realy cool and i sold 1 at skool 4 a pound not med xxxxxxxxxxx

13th May 2005, 19:43

manu fan says:

i fink these r and da chunky 1s r da best.

13th May 2005, 19:47

daz says:

These people are making my non-native-english-speaking brain hurt.

13th May 2005, 19:48

me me me says:

does any 1 wont sum patterns or addvice 2 start them off. xxx

13th May 2005, 19:49

Jessica and Keri ann says:

I need some serios skoobie help!

14th May 2005, 13:06

stacy (stacylovesbridgey-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

i need sum advice on how to start making a scooby help ?

14th May 2005, 13:43

rachy says:

how do you start them off!!!!!!

14th May 2005, 13:44

hey says:

sum1 tell me how 2 make skoobies

14th May 2005, 13:50

kate says:

i need to no how 2 start dem off plz help me

14th May 2005, 13:51

kirsty says:

how do you start them off

14th May 2005, 13:56

kirsty says:

have you got any instructions?

14th May 2005, 13:57

anonymous says:

any 1plz help me ive just bought a load of them

14th May 2005, 14:01

nicole says:

how do you start them please tell

14th May 2005, 14:03

Rich says:

I'm guessing there isn't too much information on them on teh intarweb and this page is showing up high in google searches for Skoobies, Skoobies, making skoobies, They're very Skoobies. That'll help things enormously.

14th May 2005, 14:21

Rich says:

In fact we're the top result. Rulin'! Anyway, to any youngsters out there who've come here looking for skooby-making hints, I would reccomend the next couple of results down on the google page you clicked here from!

14th May 2005, 14:24

daz says:

I'm still amazed that people actually write like that... O_o

14th May 2005, 14:31

daz says:

.... Or should I say, "rite lyk dis!!1"?

14th May 2005, 14:32

Rich says:

we is just old fartz, innit?

14th May 2005, 14:46

daz says:

Well, you might be. I'm only 20. ;D

(just kidding!)

14th May 2005, 14:48

Elmo Rocks says:

yer some of us is still having problems with skoobies. If u find out how to make them, plz put it in this forum so other people know. This sucks major!

14th May 2005, 16:34

daz says:

Since when has this been a forum for Skoobie making? :o

Well, none of my business, but I'm amused anyway. :)

14th May 2005, 16:37

Euphro says:

I feel so _old_ :O

14th May 2005, 16:54

daz says:

DON'T!! :O

14th May 2005, 16:57

mat says:

I've even had some people contact me via the site 'contact' button asking how to make Skoobies.

Go here to find out more.

It appears that "Skoobies" is a contraction of "Scoubidou", which is a dutch brand name by the people who make the long coloured plastic strings. I think. There's a book on how to make them available via the webpage linked above..

14th May 2005, 16:59

Euphro says:

What I love is the "text-speak" even though it's all being typed from a proper keyboard. Laziness, have I ever offended thee (assuming people have learned how to spell) :D

14th May 2005, 17:01

Euphro says:

Well done mat! :D

14th May 2005, 17:01

daz says:

Wow, that's crazy.

My cousin likes to make them, it's a huge fad at her elementary school.

14th May 2005, 17:01

daz says:

Euphro: I think it's funny, too, considering that it must be much more time consuming to purposely misspell words than to just type them out. ;)

14th May 2005, 17:03

Euphro says:

mat, it seems that MoblogUK gets indexed on Google really quickly. Have you done anything special for this?

14th May 2005, 17:06

mat says:

Nope, but the site is optimised for getting high google rankings. Which is does spectacularly well. Google used to crawl monthly, then fortnightly, now it crawls constantly. From this month's stats:
Googlebot: 59342 hits, 667.76MB transfer (last hit: 14 May 2005 - 00:01)

Search engine optimisation, like accessibility, is just part of me doing my job properly - you guys should never notice, except moblog should (a) rank highly and (b) deliver relatively meaningful results.

14th May 2005, 17:12

Steve says:

Hopefully, my linking directly to me moblog from my Page Rank 7 page ( ) should help.



14th May 2005, 17:14

Euphro says:

It's a job well done! Thanks mat :)

14th May 2005, 17:14

mat says:

You have PR7? Grrrrr! I've only managed 6 so far. (last I checked) :D

14th May 2005, 17:17

alfie says:

page rank is best accrued on pages that are both well updated and referenced, as well as have been around for a looong time, I have a feeling Steve's been doing that site for a good while now,.

14th May 2005, 17:23

danni(melhavinfun-at-hotmail-dot-net) says:

how do start them off plz

14th May 2005, 17:37

Euphro says:

The viewing numbers for this post are really soaring :)

14th May 2005, 17:38

mat says:

Steve - I've edited your post to help out the hundreds of people coming in off google looking for help, hope you don't mind :)

14th May 2005, 17:45

Steve says:

Sure, no problem.

And yes, my 3-Lib site has been alive for almost 10 years and is linked to by hundreds of other sites in the same field (Psion/Symbian handhelds), PR7 earned the hard way 8-)

14th May 2005, 18:22

Euphro says:

Sorry, but this is rivetting: over 80 views in the last half hour! Amazing :)

14th May 2005, 18:24

ash(ashleyfoley-at-msn-dot-com) says:

hi i made 3 skoobies not many there realy hard and the latest craz i hate crazes wer u cant join in lol there realy cheap to 1 pound for a pack i can think of more expensive ones

14th May 2005, 19:41

ash(ashleyfoley-at-msn-dot-com) says:

dose any1 know were i can get a skoobie manual

14th May 2005, 19:45

ash(ashleyfoley-at-msn-dot-com) says:

dose any1 know were i can get a skoobie manual

14th May 2005, 19:45

slitchfield says:

dunno. But I suspect skoobie automatics are even harder to find.


15th May 2005, 08:30

aimi(tina-dot-eagle-at-btinternet-dot-com) says:

plse plse help how do you make them, got the string just finding it difficult to get started.

15th May 2005, 09:18

Rich says:

Do you have access to an arc welder and a pot of marmalade?

15th May 2005, 12:54

Euphro says:

Still racking up the views :)

15th May 2005, 12:56

Generaljim(ja-dot-farrow-at-tiscali-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

How do you end and tie off a scoobie!

16th May 2005, 19:26

God says:

skoobies r all da rage here in heaven. i think they r the best things ever invented. They were first created in the 60's and me and my son Jebus remember making them when he was inn is 1050's. PRAY OFTEN AND I WILL MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN 2 U!!!

16th May 2005, 20:22

Abnormal Sheep says:

Hello.. I have recently become Skoobie addicted.. there IS a website you can visit that shows you three kinds of Skoobies, and examples that you might be able to figger out for yourself, it's At the mo I'm trying to find more complicated ones to do, so if anyone has any tips.... ^.^

17th May 2005, 19:24

greeebo(hanibel-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i make all different tipes if u got hotmail add me aand ast me all different questions i know 5 types u can make THEY RULE

17th May 2005, 20:29

greeebo says:

my hotmail is

17th May 2005, 20:31

anonymous says:

my name is sam

18th May 2005, 19:37

anonymous says:

who am i speaking to

18th May 2005, 19:38

gangster(ryanduffy1-at-aol-dot-com) says:

plz how do u start them

18th May 2005, 21:07

gangster says:

im stuck and i cant do the first 1 arg

18th May 2005, 21:09

rob(robertskinner2004-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

19th May 2005, 00:08

Sonic says:

Look, you sort of loop the loop over some string... argh, it is hard to say! I can't make them yet but I will learn! By the way, I am totally a girl, even though that is a boy name. I just like the game Sonic the Hedgehog! :)

19th May 2005, 15:42

teflon says:

[mod edit: some childish comments removed]

19th May 2005, 17:56

Disneygirl says:

Hia i have loads of skoobies and theyre really cool and i made a load of money from selling them to my friends. IM RICH

19th May 2005, 18:37

claire says:

ok got my daughter skoobies today and tried to do them, but i got cheesed off, its blooming hard but i will keep trying lol.

21st May 2005, 15:23

charmedfan says:

i cant figure out how to do skoobies ahhhhhhh

22nd May 2005, 14:28

Chaos Scoubi says:


22nd May 2005, 18:35

teflon says:

ladislav: fancy posting some of those links about braid groups? :)

22nd May 2005, 18:47

540air says:

Damn, and there I was thinking "Making Sccobies" was about modifying Imprezas!!!! ;)

Never realise bits of plastic string coud cause such a reaction.

22nd May 2005, 19:45

540air, still not logged in says:

ugh. Stupid keys, that should be realised and could.

22nd May 2005, 19:47

cazza says:

its easy as pie,,, sll you need are basic skillz. u dont really need to tie off the end if u dont know how too, just make the skoobie tight and burn the ends of each thread

24th May 2005, 19:48

Tess(lil_miss_stoner969-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Hiya Every1

25th May 2005, 14:12

Rich says:

What up Tess! Big up yr bad skooby making self.

In other skooby news there was a report on the local news a couple of days ago about how a school in suffolk is banning them, as they could be used as weapons. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know about Suffolk.

25th May 2005, 15:59

Joe says:

god damn Rich, I just spat coffee all over my monitor.

25th May 2005, 16:07

Rich says:

And that's my fault how????

25th May 2005, 16:17

jade(jadehead-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i think scoubees are great i can make all sort with them if u get stuck email me on this addy ok hope u havin fun weith thm bi bi


25th May 2005, 16:28

lollypop(jadehead-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i guys i hope u r fine on them i read all ur commentsa and ur findin them hard some of u welll ill tell u

luv ya all...... jade

25th May 2005, 16:31

Tess(lil_miss_stoner969-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

hey y'all, i love makcing scoobies! Ive made 5 in he last hour. lol :)

25th May 2005, 17:24

nic_noc1 says:

see this vid for a simple one. If I can manage it, anyone can!

25th May 2005, 19:07

Helen says:

Sheesh. My eyes have been opened.

25th May 2005, 19:30

daz says:

And doesn't it want to make you shut them again right away?

25th May 2005, 20:24

Rich says:

holy crap, no wonder they have so much trouble doing them. Hey, kids of the United Kingdom, wouldn't you all prefer to be taking drugs and mugging old ladies, you know, fun wholesome stuff like I used to do when I was your age?

25th May 2005, 20:39

seaneeboy says:

I was at a marketing meeting today in Barnardo's head office, we might start selling the kits in our shops :)

25th May 2005, 20:40

daz says:


I wonder if this thread will ever die.

25th May 2005, 20:41

seaneeboy says:

Die? Not on *MY* watch!

25th May 2005, 20:41

daz says:


25th May 2005, 20:41

Jimmy says:

How to start, how to finish, and how to make Scoubidous can all be found at I came across this website by chance and it has excellent info.

Good Luck all.........

26th May 2005, 14:18

lisa says:

hey heres the site i learnt how 2 begin one on, its really easy 2 follow and shows u in easy steps
i dont think it tells u how 2 carry on, i didnt check cus i aldready know, if ne1 wants ne help feel free 2 add me on msn messenger

27th May 2005, 11:12

X-X-X-XSiLly LiL SlUtX-X-X-X says:

OMG this skoobi thing is well messin mi ed up!!! Ppl everywer r totally bummin off em!!! I fink der gr8 4 lil kidz but all u teens out der....... grow the fuk up!!!!!

28th May 2005, 16:05

mat says:

Indeed. I was just pondering this morning the recent phenomenon of people everywhere totally bumming off them. I too reached the inescapable conclusion that they are great for little children, but that adolescents really should be trying to behave more like the burgeoning adults they are rapidly becoming.

Oh, society today. When will they learn, X-X-X-XSiLly Lil SIUtX-X-X-X, that such a knotting habit is not only immature, but it is causing the rest of us interminable mental upset and strife.

28th May 2005, 16:47

pandairo says:

what Rich said! the youth of day, i don't know... *shakes head*

28th May 2005, 16:52

Helen says:

Why should us growed ups miss out, huh?

28th May 2005, 17:19

rach says:

help wat do u do loop thye loop then wat som1 plz help som1 e - mail me wat 2 do

28th May 2005, 19:59

helpmeplease says:

can any1 tell me how to start @ the very beginnin n make a loop for the square knotted scooby, its impossible. pls help! :)

29th May 2005, 09:15

Rich says:

You have got the live rat in a bucket, yes?

29th May 2005, 13:45

Kathw says: this site give loadza great techniques. . hope it helps - has 4 me!!

29th May 2005, 16:29

pandairo says:

a LIVE rat you say... aha
*goes back to scoobydooing*

29th May 2005, 17:45

sxc gal(brommersinc-at-aol-dot-com) says:

hi peeps, i kno how 2 make loads of skoobies keep chekkin here and i will be posted methods 8)

29th May 2005, 19:05

mat says:


29th May 2005, 19:14

Lon says:

Guys guys!! Be calm! Scoobies are suddenly are mad craze at my school (I'm from England) and everyone seems to be doing them!
To start them off, all you have to do is take two strings, and hold them together so that they are the same length. Then, fold them in half, and tie a knot in them so that that one knot holds all four ends. Then just start braiding!
Just for your interest, Scoobies first originated in France, and Americans actually then copied this as did England in the 1960's. Americans called them bondoogles!
Also, my friend's cousin knows how to make flat scoobies, does anyone else? If so, please may someone tell me how to make them? And also how to make bracelets? I know how to make circular and cubed Scoobies but not how to join them to make bracelets!
Thanks, Lon

29th May 2005, 19:27

mat says:

Hey Lon - look at the big link above your post. This isn't a discussion forum, this is someone's blog. The link above goes to a forum, where your helpful descriptions and interesting histories will be most welcome :)

29th May 2005, 19:31

rikaitch says:

ladislav: I know of Italian chippies in the West end of Glasgow that do deep fried battered Pizza. I have also eaten (more then once) a burger in batter with onions in a bun. I call it a cholestorel burger.

Scoubies (or however it's spelt this week) have been around for ages. I was making them in school back in the early 80's and I remember taking one home, and my mum commenting on the fact she used to make them as well. That takes us back to at least the mid 50s!

29th May 2005, 19:43

rikaitch says:

BTW, does Slitchfield get a prize for so many replies?

29th May 2005, 19:44

alexis says:

prize...I'm thinking maybe a good option would be something like "disallow comments" ? for certain posts.. (*cough*thisone*cough*)

though I've got to say I feel guilty about being amused by it all..
I think what you call skoobies are just "lanyards" here. and people aren't nearly as nuts about them. also, the popular childrens cartoon "scooby doo" is all I can think about at the name.

29th May 2005, 22:53

Euphro says:

The view count on this just goes steadily up and up (~8400 now). It could ultimately top the Coffin cake, or even Domopod :)

29th May 2005, 23:00

Geodyne says:

My brain hurts from teh stupid, and my belly hurts from the laughing. :-)

29th May 2005, 23:08

Jess says:

I love making these! Hard to explain how to make them can get books and stuff that explain it to you.

30th May 2005, 16:24

mat says:

There's also this page, which will hopefully become full of useful tips, should anyone actually bother clicking the link

30th May 2005, 16:27

scoubidou-er says:

go see this:
i can't believe how easy it is...

1st Jun 2005, 11:47

andy pandy says:

its not bloody easy LOL...i have tried to do it and it bugs me to hell, and it doesnt help the fact that teh instructions of teh packets make NO sense LOL....

help me out here drop me sum email tips

thanks xxxx

9th Jun 2005, 23:15

lozzy says:

plz can sumone tell me how to star a skoobie

15th Jun 2005, 16:52

sallypnut says:

Wow, this is comedy gold. :D

15th Jun 2005, 17:00

Euphro says:

This could top Domo-pod for views :)

15th Jun 2005, 17:18

daz says:

I can't believe this thread is still going! ;D

15th Jun 2005, 17:59

neel says:

How. Did. I. Miss. This. Thread?

But seriously - what [adopts raised eyebrow] has been going on? This is sheer madness.

Madness, I tells thee!

16th Jun 2005, 00:30

Helen says:

Pop culture, huh?

16th Jun 2005, 00:41

beth says:

it's simple.. change the mod edit at the top to godawful abbreviated speak and i doubt you'll have any more comments.. they've all got their correct english grammar filter-outers on.

-cancels the pgce, there is no hope-

16th Jun 2005, 03:40

linz(lgoodsall-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

help i have no idea on how to make these the square bracelets please help

16th Jun 2005, 09:56

teflon says:

You'll need an angle grinder, three fresh chickens, and a specialist in spot welding.

16th Jun 2005, 10:01

Joe says:

a lathe is a big help as well

16th Jun 2005, 10:15

Steve says:

As the owner of this blog entry, I'm REALLY starting to wish I hadn't chosen the option of an email everytime someone posts a comment 8-))

16th Jun 2005, 12:17

Joe says:

I'm surprised you've put up with it for this long, I'd have deleted it ages ago :D

16th Jun 2005, 12:19

Euphro says:


16th Jun 2005, 12:20

shona says:

Skoobies hav jus bcum the fashon where a live in Glasgow n a can make twirly 1z, sqaure and circle.. they pure cool

16th Jun 2005, 16:42

Damm_usernames(dmeakin-at-blueyonder-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Hi i have just found a ebook that contains all the scoubie stiches and a step by step guide how to do them so if anyone wants a copy just email me and i will send it to you. if anyone has some free web space to upload it to this would be great. the file is 3.6 mb my email is its is also the same email for msn so message me there if you want.

16th Jun 2005, 17:43

ginga_ninga says: do u make square 1z ???? HELP PLZ MA M8S BEIN EVIL N NOT SHOWIN ME

17th Jun 2005, 22:23

carole(cparke1-at-aol-dot-com) says:

to make a square one change direction after each stitch. first clockwise then anti-clock wise and so on. it should be sqaure after the 3 stitch or so

21st Jun 2005, 13:24

Russ(russ-dot-dixon-at-blueyonder-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

If anyone is looking for ideas for scoubies here is one i have learned by watching my daughter and her insessant ranting about them.

1-take a bundle of strands (as many as you can)
2-hold them in your right hand
3-using your left hand tie the entire bundle into the smallest knot you can manage
4- with your right foot stand on the pedal of the kitchen wastebin
5- drop the entire scoubie into the bin
6-go off and find something worthwhile and interesting to do

26th Jun 2005, 12:25

daz says:

Best comment on this thread so far! :D

26th Jun 2005, 13:28

Roxy Hart says:

Man alive!

26th Jun 2005, 17:30

Al says:

eek! lolers A/S/L?

26th Jun 2005, 17:48

alfie says:


dear god.

26th Jun 2005, 17:52

Euphro says:


26th Jun 2005, 17:54

munkt0n says:

so, what do you lot think about horses?

26th Jun 2005, 17:54

alfie says:

well, I love them, of course.

26th Jun 2005, 18:02

alfie says:

although having just watched Batman begins I don't think there are enough fire breathing ones around.

26th Jun 2005, 18:03

Joe says:

they're my friends.

26th Jun 2005, 18:03

russ(russ-dot-dixon-at-blueyonder-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Can you tie horses to make jewelry too??

26th Jun 2005, 18:16

pandairo says:

i don't like horses

26th Jun 2005, 18:45

alfie says:

but...but... they're the best of all the animals!!!

or even better...


26th Jun 2005, 18:57

teflon says:

Sky News are doing a report about skoobies today, spoke to the importer (who's raking it in), and are asking for people to send in their creations. One of them was from a 27 year old. *snigger*

27th Jun 2005, 09:47

Rich says:

I'm going to buy some of these buggers and see what the kerfuffle is about. And then ask how to make them here.

L1ke TH||ZZ!¬¬!!!

27th Jun 2005, 10:20

anonymous says:

uhoh - they just talked about skoobies on the breakfast show, and are deoing a piece on it in a bit, we better be prepared for another skoobie tidal wave.

28th Jun 2005, 07:42

Jodie says:

I no how to make skoobies i have 100 skoobies that i have made and they are all different because have the skoobie books volum 1 and 2 and i am gettin 3 and 4 you can get them from wollworths and claris and the market

28th Jun 2005, 17:00

lewis(weelew1994-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

can some1 plz tell me how to make a scoobie with 2 strands im having difficulty

28th Jun 2005, 20:28

kristi says:
here you will find out how to do them

2nd Jul 2005, 13:02

kristi(kristi93-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

2nd Jul 2005, 13:04

legato says:

This is one of the nicest sites I've seen with scoubidou and skoobie info:

4th Jul 2005, 11:26

rene says:

i wish someone would just give me a couple of steps instead of thirteen i cant do square scoobies someone help me i have been trying to do them for months and i dont know how to plz somebody show me a simple and easy way to do square scoobies

7th Jul 2005, 15:25

rene says:

plz somebody help how do you do square scoobies ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

7th Jul 2005, 15:28

Joelle says:

skoobies do start to take over your life. i've got so many that i cant find my keys through them. there is a book out that shows you how to make lots of different ones, even animals, i belive you can get this at woolworths. just thought it might help!

21st Jul 2005, 13:02

adey says:

just came across this blog,my daughter has just got into the skoobie craze.I found a site that gives instructions for making them.It is go into the childrens design section it gives all sorts of info on making them.Hope this helps you all.

22nd Jul 2005, 19:12

anonymous says:

Kids if u r feeling really daring use your dads garden hose n make a giant skoobie (don't blame me if he grounds u though)

22nd Jul 2005, 19:25

anonymous says:

Alternatively Mums washing line makes an excellent extra long skoobie.

22nd Jul 2005, 19:34

anonymous says:

how do u make a square scoobie sum1 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz explain!!!!!!!!!

27th Jul 2005, 17:19

Nicole says:

if you r stuck at making skoobies go to thats where i got all my designsfrom.there r new ones coming out like glasses and everything

18th Aug 2005, 17:57

Nicole says:

oh and by the way it tells u how 2 make square skoobies 2

18th Aug 2005, 17:59

Nicole says:

can u talk 3 anyone on this site?

18th Aug 2005, 18:00

Rich says:

only 4 short periods of time

18th Aug 2005, 18:10

Nicole says:

anyone know a realy good skoobie site please im desperate

20th Aug 2005, 20:34

Rich says:


20th Aug 2005, 20:36

Stephanie says:

is there a site some 1 can tell me how 2 make skoobie animals

20th Aug 2005, 20:37

Rich says:


20th Aug 2005, 20:38

Stephanie says:

the letters on the middle of the page or right at the top

20th Aug 2005, 20:42

Stephanie says:

or are they both the same

20th Aug 2005, 20:44

Rich says:

Have a look. It won't bite.

20th Aug 2005, 20:47

Stephanie says:

i jus checked them both out ther both RUBBISH

20th Aug 2005, 20:48

Lauren says:

does any1 no how to get into the secret site that tells u all the new skoobies on

20th Aug 2005, 20:52

Rach says:

Lauren ta i now no how 2 make a cute little frog. awwww cute. ta xxx

20th Aug 2005, 22:08

joanne says:

how do you make the frog i have gone quarter way trough making the bloody thing but still i can't figure out how to actually make the body of it, its seems soo difficult please tell me the steps

23rd Aug 2005, 16:59

joanne says:

you need to get the book of skoobies they are normally in craft shops or the new stationary shop in carlisle next to the sports shop nr the market theres skoobies everything you need for skoobies and how to make them

23rd Aug 2005, 17:02

lauren (laurenphillip-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

i think scoubies are poop

27th Aug 2005, 20:45

gillian(lil_g_76-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

to get on the secret sites on ozbozz just use the codes...





i don't actually have the books, i want volume 3 for the frog, but i can't find it anywhere at all :-(

the site ain't all that exciting, altho there is a well smart fish

i wanna know how to make the frog, too!! so if any one knows, let me know, thanks :-D

27th Aug 2005, 23:27

caroline(cazzace19-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

hiya ppl does anyone know any more site to make scoubidous cos im gettin bored with the ones i have and i wud like sum one to do plz email to make more animals thks i hope u can help me thks x x x

30th Aug 2005, 12:55

xxellebellxx says:

i can make a chinese staircase wif skoobies duz any1 want 2 no how???

1st Sep 2005, 16:20

naz says:

i am a prefect now i cannot learn ne new stiches cos i no nearly all of them boondoggle man is good but i hav cuz and stuff tht taught me :P

10th Sep 2005, 13:32

anoymous says:

i no an easy skoobie pattern 2 make.... squares! u need 4 skoobies 4 this ( 2 different colours bein the best ) jus say if u want 2 no how 2 make em'

18th Sep 2005, 20:57

monica (mon7203-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

iwuld like to now how to do letters with scoubidou.,and the45and 90 degree angle tks alot monica

19th Sep 2005, 09:55

Libz says:

I luv makin scooby animals!!

22nd Sep 2005, 13:31

bmal says:

i must of missed that memo i have never heard of a 'skoobie'?

22nd Sep 2005, 13:40

anonymous says:

If u go 2 nd clik on da UK flag on da top rite u can c lots uv tekniques

23rd Sep 2005, 18:03

anonymous says:

+ how 2 make mice an snakes an helicopters an stuff.

23rd Sep 2005, 18:08

JimBobJoe says:

Wow.Yoarra r da best evr!

23rd Sep 2005, 18:20

kikuchan says:


23rd Sep 2005, 18:22

kikuchan says:

This thread is hilarious. I seem to recall us making some rather rubbish scoobiethingies at the Norwich Moblog meet. I was...underwhelmed.

Why does it also seem to attract primarily the grammar deficient?

23rd Sep 2005, 18:30

mel says:

please stop being so stupid i think scoobies are so easy!

sorry if that came across nasty

24th Sep 2005, 21:42

Euphro says:

Nearly 25000 views :O Boy does this thing have legs!

24th Sep 2005, 21:59

cheryl says:

wot da hell?

25th Sep 2005, 15:32

gemma colees(coles-dot-laverton-at-virgin-dot-net) says:

how do you start off a square!

4th Oct 2005, 19:20

ellen shannon says:

i love scoubie doo strings i am struggling to do da eight and i need help for the swirl and spiral and circle (i am not sure if they all mean the same

11th Oct 2005, 22:30

gem(gemmalou37-at-aol-dot-com) says:

I was woundering if any one knows how to make a horse of unicorn skoobie

15th Oct 2005, 11:56

Rich says:

No. Nobody knows how to make it, because it's impossible.

15th Oct 2005, 12:06

Spotty says:

I made a working model of the London eye with scoobies. Horses are easy! I've just finished making a life size model of the starting line of the Grand there!

15th Oct 2005, 12:17

hi says:

you r all gay

24th Oct 2005, 11:51

Rich says:

takes one to know one.

24th Oct 2005, 12:03

hi says:

why do you no one

24th Oct 2005, 12:15

Rich says:

Plenty. You, for one. Thicko.

24th Oct 2005, 12:17

bell =) says:

does anyone know a good site for scoubi instructions

29th Oct 2005, 07:46

Rich says:

Top of the PAGE????

29th Oct 2005, 09:56

bell =) says:


29th Oct 2005, 11:56

rebecca says:

how do you make them

1st Nov 2005, 18:55

Joe says:

with hard work and practice and TEH L33TN355!!!one11

1st Nov 2005, 18:56

Megs rox(giggle-girl03-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:


11th Nov 2005, 06:59

anonymous says:

i reakon scoobies are sooo kewl!!

17th Nov 2005, 06:37

anonymous(princess_nury-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

the scoobies are sooo kewl!! they are an awesome trend in my skool!! every1 loves em!! i obviously love em 2!!
if u like scoobies then add my email address.

17th Nov 2005, 06:38

Angela and Brooke(green_pebble-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

We live in Australia and we are two keen scoubie makers. We know most of the stichtes but some of these larger ones are very complicated and chunky. We prefer the thin elegant stitches.
If you have any new or interesting stitches can you send them to

22nd Nov 2005, 06:49

Brooke(green_pebble-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I'm Brooke
I live in Australia!
Bye scoubie fans!

22nd Nov 2005, 06:55

Kristy says:

hi is there anyone who knows how to make an owl out of skoobies?

9th Dec 2005, 02:57

anonymous says:

Skoobies r so awesome I have made millions Please answer the question above ani1 who is out there!!!

9th Dec 2005, 02:58

lakeyn says:

how do you make scoobies

12th Dec 2005, 04:39

Euphro says:

This just runs and runs :D

14th Dec 2005, 07:43

beci says:

skoobies r gr8 but ow u mke animals

17th Dec 2005, 10:32

Anisha(hunni_angel-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

can sum1 help me......i wanna learn how 2 mke scoobies but dunno how 2......plz help!

20th Dec 2005, 10:02

Joe says:


try actually reading the top of this post.

20th Dec 2005, 10:02

people dont read the top they look straight at the comments and themn make one them slfes i love this thread espesially the first comment on trhe tread in the forum, then the second just sums this hole thing up

20th Dec 2005, 10:09

lizziepants says:

what. the. hell.

21st Dec 2005, 05:49

nhtjhtjhtjghjgj(ghjghjghghjghj) says:

you dont even know how yto nshsbdhdbsajhvcvugafcewfewrf

21st Dec 2005, 21:42


22nd Dec 2005, 09:15

KEWLAZ says:


26th Dec 2005, 05:00

aimee fookes says:

im 11. they r so kewl ae. Gess wot im goin owt with ryan t!

26th Dec 2005, 22:48

boodles says:

omg aimee im going wot wit clint FINALLY!

27th Dec 2005, 04:45

anonymous says:

how do u make a skoobie?

28th Dec 2005, 01:59

katie says:

skoobie is really fun hey?? I am making sum right now!:P

29th Dec 2005, 07:31

Flora(lalathegoldfish-at-yahoo-dot-com-dot-au) says:

PLZZZZZ tell me how to scoobidou animals plzzzzzzz my mum wants to know to

31st Dec 2005, 08:26

DDD says:

Scoobies are so fun to make I have about 100 of them!

4th Jan 2006, 06:54

bjmgjmgjkkjkjkk(gjkgjkgjkjkjkjkjkjk) says:

you are fucking dum the scoobies are easy even a monkey can do them you are a dickhead

8th Jan 2006, 03:56

ghtrhrhrh(hyhythyhyhyh) says:

you are all dickheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14th Jan 2006, 07:00

spoon_lamp says:

Ahhh! The famous 'Skoobies' post!!

skoobies skoobies

14th Jan 2006, 08:12

tara says:

i can do it but it keeps on braking

15th Jan 2006, 02:00

amy(amstar04-at-yahoo-dot-com-dot-au) says:

love ur website now i can make scoobies but not very good can you help me please

18th Jan 2006, 07:04

Euphro says:

Nearly 33,000 views now :D

18th Jan 2006, 10:36

skoobies skoobies skooooooobies, this post wil never stop growing ha!

18th Jan 2006, 10:41

fdgg(gfgfg) says:

i have made 1000000 swear i did and im still makin them then i sell them $3.00 each now i am RICH

25th Jan 2006, 06:52

toytoy(toytoy_rulz-at-hotmail-dot-com-dot-au) says:

whoes got diarea! here

25th Jan 2006, 07:46

britney(batgirl1995-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

how do you start a scoobie?

25th Jan 2006, 08:02

Meg says:

Well, you get to scoobies and you start to tie a knot, butbefore you finish pulling the strings [like to make a knot] you stop and pull only one colour

25th Jan 2006, 12:32

Meg says:

does ANYONE know how to make a horse out of scoobies, or even better a website I can go on

25th Jan 2006, 12:33

mugofdoom says:

mug of doom says read the top of the f*ing page!!!!!

25th Jan 2006, 12:36

Euphro says:

Like an old friend, turning up just when you least expect it... :D

25th Jan 2006, 12:38

mugofdoom says:

mug of doom thinks these people are very silly

25th Jan 2006, 12:42

Rich says:

Rich thinks we should have some kind of party on May 7th to celebrate the first year of the scoobie thread. Possibly even by finding out how to make them! Oh scoobies, you incorrigable wags.

25th Jan 2006, 13:30

mugofdoom says:

mug of doom thinks moblog skoobies would be funnny as fu*k

25th Jan 2006, 13:32

doit doit doit

25th Jan 2006, 13:45

kimmie says:

yay!!! finally got to the bottom of the scoubie page...

26th Jan 2006, 02:28

me says:

scoobies are freaking awsome and realy easy.

26th Jan 2006, 10:14

maddy & jess says:

how the heck do you make a skoobie frog.
someone give us a link. Please!!!

26th Jan 2006, 10:17

jhfgijdyh says:

iufg tre b8gj98 cn ufdskn piufdkfb897vces78ruvbn

26th Jan 2006, 10:21

Maddy says:

that was Jessica Brown.
sorry about that.

26th Jan 2006, 10:22

i'm not telling you what my name is says:

don't hit yourself with a skoobie , it really REALLY hurts. ouch!!!
i reccomend it for little brothers, (or big for that matter.)

26th Jan 2006, 10:28

anonymous says:

is anione online or r u all sleeping

30th Jan 2006, 01:02

millie says:

1-take a bundle of strands (as many as you can)
2-hold them in your right hand
3-using your left hand tie the entire bundle into the smallest knot you can manage
4- with your right foot stand on the pedal of the kitchen wastebin
5- drop the entire scoubie into the bin
6-go off and find something worthwhile and interesting to do

or you can waste your life doing scoobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
world are doing scoobz as we speak waste of percentage signs%%%%%%

30th Jan 2006, 01:19

zoo says:

Im sick of these plastic strings that fill usually budding minds with nothing but! Im only young my self and everyone around me worships hollow plactic tubeing. what the hell is going on, i cant have decent conversations with my friends without the s word in it.Arrg!!! can someone start a new fad, one that dosent involve hyper colour rope!!!...

5th Feb 2006, 11:18

gillian says:

zoo, how about we get spelling lessons for all you young folk instead?

plactic=plastic, my self=myself, dosent=doesn't...

10th Feb 2006, 18:41

gillian says:

i notice many people are asking about the frog... i had to buy book 3 on ebay to figure how to make it, but the book mentions a 'stitch' that i don't know... they do of course tell you to refer to either book 1 or 2 on how to do said stitch... rip off or what?

10th Feb 2006, 18:44

feleina(jmastman-at-bigpond-dot-net-dot-au) says:

i love scoobies they are aswome

11th Feb 2006, 00:30

millie says:

hey pplz this is my friend she says
hi millie says this is a good site

i like it
im 10 years old and me and millie are the best at scoubidouing


[mod edit: what is it with ten year olds and pressing the enter key? Morons]

18th Feb 2006, 05:33

millie says:


18th Feb 2006, 05:34

mumu says:

hi I'm new, I love this website, I'm millies best friend, in the school we are the best at scoubidouing hey you want a good site visit

18th Feb 2006, 05:38

Euphro says:

Here it comes again :)

18th Feb 2006, 09:15

sexy chick(dfdf) says:

man can u plz teach me how to make scooby

21st Feb 2006, 09:28

once a week at least some one doesnt read this thread properly

21st Feb 2006, 09:40

bridget(coddy-at-dodo-dot-com-dot-au) says:

can you please send me free scoobies

26th Feb 2006, 04:21

alexanderhayes says:

Skoobies ? In Australia a 'skoob' is a colloquial term for a joint or reefer. Bears little resemblance to this activity evidently

26th Feb 2006, 07:33

anonymous says:

any1 know a good site?4 SCOOBIES

7th Mar 2006, 05:46

kelly(khashiya_94-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

trop cool

8th Mar 2006, 16:15

Euphro says:

#For ever, and ever, you'll be in my heart...# 35600 views now :D

8th Mar 2006, 16:18

kool girl says:

how do u get dem started some1 help me. whre can i find some instructions?????

11th Mar 2006, 06:24

millie says:

you can find instructions in or www.scoubidou
my friend mmu pressed the enter key 2 much she is really 9 she is the worst at scoobies i an good

15th Mar 2006, 07:05

Jay-dee says:

how much do they cost were you live or in the uk i live in australia n they cost 1pound ($2.50)

16th Mar 2006, 02:22

sam and dahna says:

this site rocks they have lots of instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th Mar 2006, 05:24

nick says:

suck shiz

17th Mar 2006, 07:29

chelsea(cst10523-at-waihicol-dot-nz) says:

theres whiuch tells you how to make them
its got frogs and snails and da basic stuff 2

29th Mar 2006, 23:56

emily says:

they are crazy @my skool for them skoobie things

1st Apr 2006, 07:13

lilly says:

scoobies are hard!!

2nd Apr 2006, 06:12

sarah says:

scoobies rock!!

2nd Apr 2006, 06:13

Bec says:

hi i know how 2 make scoobies if u want 2 know how 2 make em just search on da net and when u buy most packets they cum wif insructions

15th Apr 2006, 12:12

Bec says:

hi i know how 2 make scoobies if u want 2 know how 2 make em just search on da net and when u buy most packets they cum wif insructions

15th Apr 2006, 12:12

Bec says:


15th Apr 2006, 12:14

Bec says:


15th Apr 2006, 12:16

Rich says:


15th Apr 2006, 12:17

Rich says:


15th Apr 2006, 12:18

Bec says:

where r u guys from

16th Apr 2006, 02:10

Bec says:


16th Apr 2006, 02:31

Bec says:

what state r u from electric sheep

16th Apr 2006, 02:34

chik who loves josh says:

scoobies are pretty deadly
everyones maken dem @ mercy college!!!! me??? well i just plat 5 different colours and tie a knot. they came with instructions but i dont frikin understand!!! 8(
could someone plzzzzzzz tell me how to start off the square?!?!??

16th Apr 2006, 22:12

chik who loves josh says:

OI OI OI!!!!
YEAH LAD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

16th Apr 2006, 22:15

Rich says:

cowboys flogging tigers.



18th Apr 2006, 00:03

cool girl says:

Scoobies are jst a bunch of crap. i cant get em right! Im 12, and i no 7 yr olds who can do it!

18th Apr 2006, 11:23

Joe says:

clearly not that cool then.

18th Apr 2006, 12:47

Rich says:

Yeah Cool Girl, you just suck.

18th Apr 2006, 13:31

bec says:


25th Apr 2006, 08:54

Bec says:

its AnZac day yay day off school cyas

25th Apr 2006, 08:55

snoopy says:


29th Apr 2006, 09:49

anonymous says:

tell me a website where they actually teach you to make heart shaped scoobies

23rd May 2006, 09:21

seaneeboy says:

anonymous - look at the top of the page, there's a BIG OLD LINK there.

23rd May 2006, 09:27

milly says:

hey a good site on how ta make scoobies is ive made 20 scoobies and i started 2 weeks ago (or less) i no the sgaure circle triange buttifly...

24th May 2006, 11:27

Steve says:

Hey a good site on how not to make scoobies is

24th May 2006, 11:31

Euphro says:

Heading for the 40k views now, this one :)

24th May 2006, 11:32

Steve says:

That is super double plus good to the max

24th May 2006, 11:33

the power of the scoobie blog knows no bounds!

24th May 2006, 11:34

Euphro says:

Yes it's hard to tie down the reasons for the success of the skoobies post :D

24th May 2006, 11:46

Amanda says:

scoubies are cool i've made millions,cork screw, square, circle ,cobra, chinese staircase,brick,superbrick check out
it's got lots of ideas!

28th May 2006, 09:04

Huimin(flowerbloomly-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I have been into many of this kind of websites. all very complicated leh. Can any1 jus help me? Pls...

12th Jun 2006, 05:18

Huimin says:

I noe how to make the chinese staircase except the starting(the squre thingy) I NEED HELP SERIOUSLY

12th Jun 2006, 05:20

little angel says:

ok you guys ive heard enough scoobies are awsume i love them soooooo much i do them every daay and never through them away thats cruel the awsume fun

19th Jun 2006, 08:02

Spanish Girl(spainrules48-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i so think skoobies r great

21st Jun 2006, 15:25

Spanish Girl(spainrules48-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i so think skoobies r great

21st Jun 2006, 15:25

YASMIN says:


13th Jul 2006, 02:15

YASMIN says:


13th Jul 2006, 02:15

anonymous says:

i dey here my brothersssssssss

mugu mugu mugu

21st Jul 2006, 18:09

No name says:

How do you make scoobie animals?

19th Aug 2006, 01:34

scoobie lover says:

scoobies rock i have 420 strings and i've made like 234(not sure can't remember. it was hard starting but now i do like 25 a day i just finished one then
i rock
U don't
ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

19th Aug 2006, 09:35

having read every post in this thread (i'm at work,) i'd just like to wish boodles and clint the very best of luck in the fledgling relationship, and to say one thing:

*i love horses, best of all the animals, i love horses, they're my friends!*

repeat ad naseum

19th Aug 2006, 13:28

42280 hits BTW

19th Aug 2006, 13:28

mouseninja says:

tee hee... just thought i'd join in too...

to me (and half the population of mansfield) a scoobie is a Subaru car... :)

31st Aug 2006, 20:31

clobloe says:

scoubi-dous r sooooo kool i have made my own flatfish it looks really good

5th Sep 2006, 19:34

anna(evisaranti01-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

ohh hi!

4th Nov 2006, 12:04

sabrina says:

i ty n srt makin a scooby but then i cnt start makkin it!

14th Nov 2006, 16:23

kool-kat(will not tell) says:

scobies r great i have 197

20th Nov 2006, 11:22

kelly says:

i have the most scoobies in the school like 4561

20th Nov 2006, 11:25

Kat says:

Hey if anyone still gets on this thig once in a million years, here's a great website for a square stitch! It has pictures and everything!! Hope it helps anyone looking for info!!

~Kat~ ^_^

15th Jun 2007, 03:41

Juhi(varmajuhi-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i don't know how to learn to start a scooby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th Jul 2007, 18:42

Juhi says:


4th Jul 2007, 18:46

Tracey says:

Check e-books I found a few good ones for different patterns most look well complicated though!

23rd Nov 2007, 14:20

charley(wrightm2-at-pinkhot123-dot-com) says:

hi i realy dont know how to do scoobies please heip

13th Jun 2008, 15:14

??? says:

i say ur all weirdo's

10th Aug 2008, 11:58

tigger(paulcl-at-iprimus-dot-com-dot-au) says:

i forgot how to make the square skoobies

22nd Sep 2008, 09:18

i am god says:

how d hel do u friken start skoobies

3rd Oct 2008, 01:29

Biingerz says:

Anyone know any good sites to get more tricky ones i found one last night carnt find it again

20th Oct 2008, 15:06

zeemath says:

ur web sucks imean it doesn'y even show how to make it

12th Nov 2008, 18:35

katie says:

i need to know how ton start them off

4th Dec 2008, 16:42

hailey says:

its not called skoobie its scoubie, scoubie means those long strings that you make stuff with.

18th Dec 2008, 01:58

amy(amy-at-uyh) says:

i thns scoubis r very fon

10th May 2009, 05:08

amy(amy-at-uyh) says:

i really want to learn how to make a scoubidou heart if u now put it on a web site then add a comment saying the name of the web site.

10th May 2009, 05:12

georgia says:

i can make loads of skoobies i luv em

11th May 2009, 18:21

chick(microscoft-at--dot-com) says:

how do u make scoobs

9th Jun 2009, 16:33

katie says:

scoobies wat are the used for there very stupid

14th Jun 2009, 18:44

Anonymous says:

scoobies wat are the used for there very stupid

14th Jun 2009, 18:44

silvia(silviamanuela_28-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

como se faz skoobies?

2nd Jul 2009, 16:36

silvia(silviamanuela_28-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

como se faz skoobies?

2nd Jul 2009, 16:36

silvia(silviamanuela_28-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

como se faz skoobies?

2nd Jul 2009, 16:36

carly says:

i still dont know how to do all the diff designs and make diff skoobies!! i know how to do the simple design but want to get creative with them now...

26th Dec 2009, 16:16

carly says:

i still dont know how to do all the diff designs and make diff skoobies!! i know how to do the simple design but want to get creative with them now...

26th Dec 2009, 16:16

francesca (francesca-dot-howson-at-live-dot-con) says:

i love skoobies but how do you do them please tellme and send me and em@il telling me how to do them

15th Feb 2010, 11:49

amin(hamadeh9-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

i dont no how to do scoobies but i love the color and everthing about scoobies but i do not no how to make them please help me by emailing me at hamadeh9@hotmail .com

thank you

your sinsilye

6th Mar 2010, 18:54

Anonymous says:

skoobies are very hard to do! not happy!!!

8th Apr 2010, 19:14

Anonymous says:

Help me I can't even do one scoobie :-( not happy but angry

2nd May 2010, 17:20

Aimee$ says:

i have made one before there so cool arn't they?

6th Nov 2010, 03:11

Aimee$ says:

i have made one before there so cool arn't they?

6th Nov 2010, 03:11

aimee$(jmevans-at-netspace-dot-net-dot-au) says:

hi again its aimee i no i dont no any of you but these are some names that you mite be: zoe jade shandelle kiara

6th Nov 2010, 03:16

Halima says:

Skoobies r the best who would resist them@!!!!!!

19th Aug 2011, 11:51

Halima says:

Skoobies r the best who would resist them@!!!!!!

19th Aug 2011, 11:51