a monkey made me do it

by teflon

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photos from the martin-o-phone.

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They're cutting up millie!

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teflon says:

my camera batteries died, and I can't find the spares. Dammit.

21st May 2005, 07:41

Rich says:


21st May 2005, 11:15

alexis says:

what's the story behind this dino?
(what was it made of that they had to cut it up to move it?)

21st May 2005, 11:20

teflon says:

Fibreglass around a metal frame, it seems. They needed a low-loader and a crane to get her in place (see here) - I guess that seven men, a circular saw, and some sledgehammers was a considerably cheaper way to get rid of her.

21st May 2005, 11:41

alexis says:

what a shame........ : \\

21st May 2005, 11:50

teflon says:

the really sad thing is that the people who made her in the first place offered to fix her up for free, and just charge for materials - but it seems the uni just didn't want a dinosaur anymore.

21st May 2005, 11:52

Len Corby says:

So cruel ...

21st May 2005, 14:26

ladislav says:

The absolute cnuts! Sneaky buggers, doing it on a Saturday too. And I was told that they were going to find her a new home - I guess the sledgehammers have put paid to that idea. Twats.

Alexis: it's based on a dinosaur skeleton found outside Glasgow, Alabama, and was put up in 2001 to form part of a big exhibition on dinosaurs at one of the Glasgow (Scotland) university museums. Unfortunately someone or other couldn't leave her alone, and she got damaged repeatedly - see my moblog for some pictures. I suspect the real cost was the extra attention security had to pay her - repairing her would have cost about £2500, which you could easily get by getting every student to chip in 20p :-(

21st May 2005, 23:51

alexis says:

yeah, a new home. in the rubbish heap.
what cr*p. i'm sorry to hear all that. : (

21st May 2005, 23:55

ladislav says:

Come to think of it... how much would it cost to get seven workmen out on a Saturday morning for an hour? I'm thinking time-and-a-half at least, but I don't know what normal pay would be.

22nd May 2005, 11:13