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bug bite from hell.

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i'm so tired of my bug problem. i want to move... yesterday!
2nd Jun 2005, 15:51   | tags:,,


Lyzardly says:


That looks like no fun at all.

2nd Jun 2005, 15:55

VenusInFurs says:

I'm so fed up with this.
I can't wait till October so I can be someplace without these bugs.

2nd Jun 2005, 16:04

Lyzardly says:

When a Quizno's moved in just below my apartment in Brooklyn, resulting in an en masse cockroach and other bug infestation, all I wanted was to get the hell out, quickly.

2nd Jun 2005, 16:10

VenusInFurs says:

oh, i long for the days where skeevy cockroaches were the extent of my problems. they didn't bite, or suck my blood, leave welts, or cause insomnia, nor did they ruin my days following an encounter with one.

bedbugs seem so shameful and nightmare inducing in comparison. you never see them, and are so near impossible to kill. you have no choice but to go to bed at night, and let yourself be a meal for wee vampires.

2nd Jun 2005, 16:13

bronxelf says:

Holy Crap. You and Wombat apparently got all the bedbugs.

I'm almost entirely bug-free here. Other than the occasional spider. (I had a weird buggy period over the winter, but haven't seen one in a couple months now)

2nd Jun 2005, 17:26

VenusInFurs says:

Dude, apparently the bedbug thing is being heralded as an epidemic. I shit you not. Google it.

2nd Jun 2005, 18:56

bronxelf says:

Fuckin a. Im just glad Ive kept allergy-mite-whatthefuckever mattress covers on both beds for years now.

Jebus on toast points. All I get now is the occasional spider or small beetle.

2nd Jun 2005, 18:58

VenusInFurs says:

I've got one of those allergy covers on my mattress and boxsprings. They can live in anything, not just beds. Behind wallpaper, anything hanging on the walls, in electrical sockets, in your BOOKS (this breaks my heart, I may eventually have to destroy/get rid of all of my books). I've gotten rid of furniture, the walls of my bedroom are blank, I'm an inch away from becoming that person who lives with everything covered in plastic. sigh.

2nd Jun 2005, 19:01

bronxelf says:

Im very grateful-- I have no carpeting here, just hardwood floors. No wallpaper, either, just paint. I think we're just lucky up here. I dunno. Suddenly Im way glad Im not in Manhattan.

2nd Jun 2005, 19:03

VenusInFurs says:

BronxElf, be very very happy with your occasional spider and/or beetle.

In my case, hard wood floors and bare walls haven't detered the bastards.

2nd Jun 2005, 19:24

bronxelf says:

Oh I like the spiders. They eat anything else, really. I keep hoping one of them will take on a cat.

2nd Jun 2005, 20:26

bronxelf says:

Phoenix- I am SO GLAD I read your post in the morning and not at night.

3rd Jun 2005, 14:10

anonuk says:

i think i have a bad case of shield bug bites last month or so now, starts of tiny spot after itch within 24 hours big yellow pussy mess and has not got better after a month. can be painful, been to doctors and suggest i have been bitten but no more than that.
However i was cutting a garden tree a month ago and noticed loads of these bugs but never thought more of it.

15th Mar 2008, 18:28