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peanut butter and fudge cheesecake

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Award winning.
9th Jun 2005, 02:19   | tags:,,

mat says:

Sounds weird. Sounds very nice, but still weird. :)

We don't really do the peanut butter thing in the UK, at least not as enthusiatically as you guys do.. I've only really had peanut butter in sandwiches (with cheese or marmite, not jam!) or in jacket potatoes.

9th Jun 2005, 02:28

lizziepants says:

peanut butter and CHEESE? goddamn dude. although -- quite honestly, I have a rather spooky aunt who puts velveeta processed cheese food into her fudge..

mine has a cookie crust made from sandies w/cinnamon, and then there's the fudge layer, and I have a flourless pb/cream cheese mousse that makes the filling. tonight I'm the "princess that spent 3 hours making his favorite dessert" and tomorrow I'll be the "demon who destroyed his small intestine." see, husbands don't understand the concept of eating a SLIVER of cheesecake. 1/4 of the cake is currently missing and it's only just now cooled. he'll make himself sick, he always does -- but I only make one every 100 invoices, so.


and -- pb in potatoes is .. nasty. but then -- Xolf would say I'm not allowed an opinion, afterall, I put ice, sugar and lemon in my tea.

9th Jun 2005, 02:33

alexis says:

wow, interesting. your creation? (hard to tell, as, those are VERY clean counter-tops.)

I've had home-made cheesecake a few times, and, while I was in VA recently, some from NY.. (ohmyg-dwasitgood)

ahem... the peanut-butter and jelly sandwich doesn't exist in the UK?
excuse me..I'll just be sitting in shock for about an hour.

9th Jun 2005, 02:34

lizziepants says:

oh, hahha.. yeah, it bakes for nearly 2 hours, so I cleaned the kitchen in between. it's still sitting on the springform pan, actually. and this time, I made a HUGE mess. the water bath it bakes in, was spilling out into the oven, trickling from a hole in the big foil pan that I normall use because of the high edges, had to swap it out 20 mins in when the steamy popping sounds from the oven caught my attention.

also -- i dunno wtf is up with the lil bubbley looking bubbles. those're normally not there. perhaps it wasn't beaten long enough.. or, I don't know. something caused them. they annoy me. :)

you'd think those people woulda figured out the undeniable goodness of pb and jam sammiches by now ;)

9th Jun 2005, 02:38

mat says:

OK, pb and cheese sandwiches are a peculiarity of mine. Everyone I know except my dad (it was his idea!) thinks eeeeuw at that. It stops people stealing bites of my lunch though.

Your cheesecake sounds even more delicious with more detail. I doubt I'd be able to restrain myself to a sliver either, or even a slice. I may want a chunk. Or two.... :)

9th Jun 2005, 02:38

mat says:

pb + jam/jelly does happen, but only becuase we hear/read about it happening in the US*. (you won't catch Harry Potter eating them. he'll be eating marmite..) Everyone I knew as a child got excited about the idea of them, but then disappointed (even repulsed) by the reality. I can't stand the combination, myself.

* At least, that's how it was where I grew up.

9th Jun 2005, 02:41

bronxelf says:

For the record, I find pb&j; repulsive also. I don't much care for peanut butter except as an ingredient in Thai food.

We ate cream cheese and preserves when I was a kid (I wasnt allowed to have jelly.)

9th Jun 2005, 02:42

lizziepants says:

mmm. thai. i make a mean thai peanut sauce too.

9th Jun 2005, 02:44

bronxelf says:

Ok. THAT I can go for. With Shrimp chips...

MMMMM.... shrimp chips....

*wants Thai food now.*

9th Jun 2005, 02:45

lizziepants says:

shrimp chips! i haven't had that in ages. man that sounds good.

9th Jun 2005, 02:47

mmm. peanut butter!

9th Jun 2005, 04:27

Groovicron says:

A mate at uni introduced me to the peanut butter and cheese combination with PB and cheese toasties. Very nice. Odd, but nice.

9th Jun 2005, 08:31

beth says:

hmmm jacket potatoes.. never tried that.. it could work i tried peanute butter on crumpets the other day.. which was a bit of a shame actually , just tasted bland

9th Jun 2005, 09:33