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Minus 100 cool points to anyone who recognises this...
11th Jun 2005, 13:55   | tags:,

Rich says:

OK, no-one's going to know this, it's a replica of the old TARDIS key. Yes, I am very very sad.

11th Jun 2005, 14:45

Helen says:

Um, handy.

11th Jun 2005, 14:48

Rich says:

Well, exactly. Oh yes, and everyone needs to watch the prog tonight. Daleks! Faaaahsends of 'em! Slaughtering the human race! DOESN'T GET BETTER!

11th Jun 2005, 14:50

Helen says:

And the Doctor's going to be on Big Brother!

Now this thread is spoilertastic. It might upset people.

11th Jun 2005, 14:54

Rich says:

nah nah nah, they showed all this on the trailer last week, a spoiler would be me saying that I hear that Norman Lovett is going to be playing Davros next week.

Oh shit!

11th Jun 2005, 14:56

Helen says:

Some people don't watch trailers. It's true.

11th Jun 2005, 15:00

Rich says:


11th Jun 2005, 15:10

Helen says:

It's like living on the edge... with no idea what's about to happen.

Must be exciting.

11th Jun 2005, 15:11

neel says:

I knew what it was.

TV on now time!

11th Jun 2005, 18:51

Helen says:

Ain't Daleks brilliant!?(!!!!!!)

11th Jun 2005, 19:37

Steve says:

Just got in ..... I missed it, gonna have to find some one with BBC3 :(

That is a cool item indeed

isnt it only from the movie though?

11th Jun 2005, 19:53

Rich says:

No, they originally made it for Tom Baker, it was only in a couple of episodes... The Americans slavishly remade all these little incidental details... to no effect.

Man, that was pretty much the best television ever made. And next weeks is going to be even better!

Everyone else on the net seems to think the Big Bad is going to be the Dalek Emperor. Nerds...

11th Jun 2005, 20:04

Helen says:

I am filled with glee.

It does worry me that the possibility of mass human destruction at the, um, noses of Daleks fills me with such glee...

...but corr.

11th Jun 2005, 20:09

Steve says:

stop it stop spoiling it.......... I am so jealous right now :(

11th Jun 2005, 20:16

Helen says:

And I have BBC3 so I can watch it again and again all week long.

Can't you get it off the 'net with the broadband stuff? Or something? Or is that magic?

11th Jun 2005, 20:18

Steve says:

I guess so...... but that would seem wrong....

I heard that the the BBC was looking into opening up its archive as we have all paid for it with our licence.

That might have been a dream though

11th Jun 2005, 20:21

Rich says:

Yes, they're doing that, but in the meantime there's uknova - link in my sidebar. Best torrent site ever.

11th Jun 2005, 21:11

Steve says:

I gave up on the novels around the time that sabbath turned up and stole his heart.... it just wasnt as good as it had been, but this may lure me back I love Lance Parkins writing and it should finish it all off nicely!

have I missed much?

11th Jun 2005, 21:19

Rich says:

Truth be telt, I gave up even further ago than that - Just picked GC up on a whim. It's incrrrredibly confusing. That was it, I gave up soon after The Ancestor Cell, I know nada.

11th Jun 2005, 21:31

ladislav says:

Wasn't Davros killed at the end of Genesis of the Daleks? [/geek]

Opening up archives: the problem, as ever, is law and rights and that. The BBC doesn't own the repeat rights to most of its archive, and is currently trying very hard to cut the necessary deals to release it. Just look at the Dalek copyright minefield for an example of what they're up against (BBC owns the image, Terry Nation's estate owns the character, so if (and only if) they move or speak the Nation estate gets paid)

13th Jun 2005, 22:25

mat says:

so that last shot in saturday's episode probably cost a few quid then? thousands of shouting Daleks....

13th Jun 2005, 22:34

Helen says:

Worth every penny.

13th Jun 2005, 22:35

neel says:

I'm trying hard not to read any spoilers, including any text from above - but, to answer whoever's question that was:

Davros was kind-of killed by his own creations at the end of Genesis Of The Daleks. Boo hoo. But, when the completely logical Daleks found themselves at a stalemate with the completely logical Movellans (who are robots, or something), they both go hunting for Davros' remains, so his not-completely-logicalness can break their perfect stalemate. Or something.

That was Destiny of the Daleks. Davros then pops up in Resurrection of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks and - are we spotting a naming convention, here? - the utterly, utterly wonderful Remembrance of the Daleks.

So Davros is still kicking around, escaping from the Hand of Omega at the end of Remembrance in some kind of capsule. But anything could have happened with this whole 'time war' thing, so who knows if he's still knocking about.

I prefer Cybermen.

13th Jun 2005, 22:47

Helen says:

Cybermen? [Stops dead.]

[Tries to sink herself down into the back of the sofa.]

OK, now I have THE FEAR.

13th Jun 2005, 22:52

neel says:

I met David Banks, once. He signed my copy of The Cybermen. Nice bloke. Tall.

13th Jun 2005, 22:54

Helen says:

Really, I've never been scared of Daleks, well maybe white Daleks, but Cybermen. Sheesh, I have this tight feeling in my chest.

13th Jun 2005, 22:58

neel says:


The Daleks were made in a lab.

The Cybermen are what will happen - quite naturally, over a period of time - to us.

13th Jun 2005, 23:03

Helen says:

...and I'm going to start off with a bionic left ear!

13th Jun 2005, 23:04

Rich says:

Yeah, but only if the planet's knocked off it's axis and plunges into the depths of space for a few millenia. As long as that doesn't happen I reckon we can go without the extensive cybernetic surgery.

And the Daleks were force evolved in a lab, true, but it was following the line of evolution kicked off by the Kaled/Thal war. Call yourself a doctor who fan? pshaw

I just hope they aren't allergic to gold any more, that's just a shit way to get killed if you're a monster. "We can't invade there, they've got an Elizabeth Duke's".

14th Jun 2005, 23:32

Morgan says:

That is a cool replica.

24th Mar 2007, 20:24

steve clark(steve-at-steve-sandra-dot-com) says:

I OWN the image and character of DAVROS, NOT THE NATION ESTATE.
I cannot put a link hre but search for the UK intellectual property office, then search by trtademark no and search for trademark no 2496785
surprise! a well kept secret.

21st May 2009, 09:05

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