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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Didn't We Have A Lovely Time

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...the day we went to Whitby.

Lookin' oot ower t'arber.
Dracula's Cathedral.
The strangest building, like, ever.
Dracula's graveyard.
Lovely stone typography.
Just Christmas, closing down.
Shandy + sun.

alexis says:

some of these are just wonderful. I've got to go pick my jaw up off the floor now...
(fourth down is probably my favorite..)

are there just loads of those crumbling abbeys ? or I've just been lucky enough to see photos of a lot of different ones.
I got to visit one in, wales, maybe? I don't remember . it was my first trip to the UK and I can't say I've ever seen/felt anything like visiting something so old.

12th Jun 2005, 01:25

neel says:

Thanks! We had a lovely day, apart from the midges.

Abbey's in Britain have had quite a bad time of it in general: when Henry VIII started up the Church of England a lot of the old churches, monasteries, etc got roughed up a bit by over-eager reformationists.

Plus they're mostly hugely old, and the weather's not too kind, especially by the sea.

12th Jun 2005, 01:39

mat says:

Whitby is a particularly good one though. I stayed in the youth hostel in it's shadow on a school trip many many years ago. I mostly remember finding kick-ass fossils on the beach, coming quite close to drowning and a LOT of steps, going up to somewhere that escapes me now.

12th Jun 2005, 01:41

neel says:

I couldn't believe they'd put a YHA right - as you say - in the shadow of Dracula's Cathedral! They seem to have a knack of putting hostels in spooky places, and it couldn't be too much fun to get back up the 199 steps after a night on the tiles (or, in Whitby's case, cobbles).

12th Jun 2005, 01:46

mat says:

At 8 years old, boozing it up on school trips wasn't really on the agenda. I do recall lying in bed and looking out the window to see the abbey sillohetted against a moonlit, starry sky. Not really scary though, having spent most of the afternoon clambering dangerously over the whole place. I have a photo of tiny-me lying in one of the sarcophagi somewhere.

12th Jun 2005, 01:56

Steve says:


12th Jun 2005, 01:57

neel says:

Mat - how do you know you're not still there?


[ neel plays the theme tune to The Twilight Zone on a small cassette player ]

12th Jun 2005, 02:00

alexis says:

midges? little tiny flying things like gnats?

the hugely old factor gets me every time. i've looked into how-to-get-a-work-permit in the UK, just to be around the old stuff. (even though it'd mean giving up good my favorite foods)... I've since deemed it absolutely impossible, but, i certainly would have done it.

even not-so-old-old.... I wanted to take home my school's old cart catalogue when they replaced it with computers.. (they were going to let me, too... just didn't have anyplace to put them... one of these days, card catalogues will be gone, and no one will know what they were, and it'll be entirely my fault.)

12th Jun 2005, 02:01

Steve says:

what food can't you get here that you would want?

12th Jun 2005, 02:03

neel says:

We all have our own share of guilt to shoulder.

And no doubt there's probably an eccentric old bloke somewhere with the world's largest card catalogue collection. Indexed, of course, in a card catalogue card catalgue.

12th Jun 2005, 02:06

alexis says:

most youth hostels in the states are near major bus/train lines...or , in the case of one in LA, , right off the freeway (yuck). conveniant, though.

mat. I think you should find the photo : D

steve... I think this is a list that would take a very long time to make...
it's mostly the american-prefix...
like, american-chinese food (entirely different from english-chinese, where they serve your choice of rice, or chips, but no ketchup for the chips...) ... mexican. tex-mex. japanese food, sushi (here they have more than two kinds of fish!)... barbeque... *face contorts painfully* ouggh... I need to stop there before I get hungrier.

I'm sure most of the food issue could be fixed by taking about ten years of cullinary school and travel ; ) if I could make it all, I could probably get most ingredients there... don't see that being an option, though.

12th Jun 2005, 02:10