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Making Scoobies (again)

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Just seeing if lightning will strike twice 8-)
23rd Jun 2005, 18:55  


Rachel says:

That's me in the photo (aged 5), I was following da instructions in da book!

23rd Jun 2005, 19:03

Joe says:

here we go again! :)

23rd Jun 2005, 19:04

Rich says:

Hey, maybe you can be Moblog's official Scoobie agony aunt for all the countless kids that are going to hit this page looking for help? Any skoobie quesitons, ask for Rachel...

23rd Jun 2005, 19:07

alfie says:

@hotdog "can u tell me ow you make da skoobie?"

I had to say that out loud in a little and yet highly amused voice. At which point I just giggled.

23rd Jun 2005, 19:09

Rich says:

Like a little child.

23rd Jun 2005, 19:14

Russ says:

when you get bored can i have your book so i can learn ow to make da scoubie too?

26th Jun 2005, 18:14

Euphro says:

You're just a glutton for punishment :D

27th Jun 2005, 10:05

becky(scooby) says:

i have made 33 square 1's and 1 circle and 2 spirals and i wanan learn how to do loads more

29th Jun 2005, 21:47

Euphro says:

I think you need to spel it with a K if you really want to be blitzed =)

4th Jul 2005, 11:31

holz says:

i like makin skoobyz but ill admit they are stupid i meen who came up with plastic string !!!!!!! ANYONE AGREE

4th Jul 2005, 19:38

henners says:

Dus this website actually tell u how to make skoobies

24th Jul 2005, 16:00

John says:

How can you make skoobies?

26th Jul 2005, 16:24

Madame Lebrun says:

How do you make a skoobie chik, darling I need help, my daughter is going mad and i seriously need therapy- she wants to skoobie but i dont understand- HELP!

26th Jul 2005, 16:26

In agreement says:

Henners i agree

26th Jul 2005, 16:27

Rich says:

*bangs head repeatedly against table*

26th Jul 2005, 16:54

Rich says:

I want a noose made of skoobies.

make it stop, sweet jesus

26th Jul 2005, 17:01

mat says:

Sounds like a good idea to me.

*bangs Rich's head repeatedly against table*

26th Jul 2005, 17:02

mat says:

*bangs Dude's head repeatedly against table*

Hey, this is almost as much fun as making skoobies!

26th Jul 2005, 18:03

Helen says:

I've already made a scooooobie noose, Alifie rejected it.

26th Jul 2005, 18:06

Helen says:

26th Jul 2005, 18:10

Helen says:

It's probably in a waste tip, in Norfolk.

26th Jul 2005, 18:37

Rich says:

Heck no, I saved all the skoobies. I even bust them out occasionally and wear them!

26th Jul 2005, 22:25

Helen says:

Really? Aww you treasure them (or are hoping to use them against us one day)?

26th Jul 2005, 22:40

Rich says:

Mmm... Treasurvenge...

26th Jul 2005, 22:47

Leanne says:

This thing doesnt actualy tell you how to make skoobies...I dont like it...GOOLE LIED TO ME!!! IT LIED!!!

15th Aug 2005, 11:20

Leanne says:

That was meant to be Google

15th Aug 2005, 11:22

spongevid says:

i know how to make them now. it's fun when you can't do them properly, but about 10 seconds later when you cn, it gets boring.

15th Aug 2005, 11:42

ellen_scoobie_queen says:

hey if you is so good wat hings can you make

19th Aug 2005, 11:50

elle says:

how are you miss "scoobie queen" if YOU r so good tell us how to make stuff ps dis site bugs me a mean y hae a website bout sKoobies (will peeps please spell it wi a k as it is stupid if u dont )

19th Aug 2005, 11:59

Joe says:

if you bother looking, you'll find this website isn't about Skoobies, there are about 2 images out of 100,000 even relating to skoobies...we just happen to have a team who are fucking fantastic at getting us listed on google.

19th Aug 2005, 12:02

spongevid says:

i want to know how to make a scooby do and scrappy do shaped skoobie. for a laugh.

19th Aug 2005, 12:05

Euphro says:

And a scuba-shaped one :D

19th Aug 2005, 12:06

Michelle(michellenimmo-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

how do u make square scoobies plz help me?!

23rd Aug 2005, 14:19

ailsa(ailsajane-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

well i can make a chinese stair case and this other cool thing but now i want 2 no how to make that square thingie !

24th Aug 2005, 16:32

ailsa says:

will u tll me how to make a square hingy
tah !

24th Aug 2005, 16:34

anonymous says:

How do you make the square skoobies?! I MUST KNOW!

3rd Sep 2005, 16:04

rich b**** rachael(blaa bla blaaa) says:

i jus wanna know how 2 make skoobies 4 gods sake! not da history of da piece 'o' plastic string...

21st Sep 2005, 20:29

rich b**** rachael(blaa bla blaaa) says:

i jus wanna know how 2 make skoobies 4 gods sake! not da history of da piece 'o' plastic string...

21st Sep 2005, 20:29

rich b**** rachael(not really!) says:

has any1 cn da 40 yer ol' virgin at da pics! its da shitest movie eva!... talk 2 me people!!!!

21st Sep 2005, 20:33

FUCK U(jolly_dude-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

fuck u you all suck

25th Sep 2005, 07:44

Ignoramus says:

What's a scoobie? Can anybody tell me and make it sound interesting?

Or is just something hormonal young people do as an alternative to counting their spots?

25th Sep 2005, 09:07

raakhee(raakhee-at-moolchand-dot-com) says:

how do u make skoobies??
where do u get dose colord stringz frm????

25th Sep 2005, 12:12

Gemma says:

i dont under stand the instructions of the first book of my skoobies

4th Oct 2005, 19:30

JPS says:

Oh dear! Try Paths to Freedom it's a much better read anyway.

4th Oct 2005, 20:17

BOOBIE says:


21st Oct 2005, 01:53

BOBBIE says:


21st Oct 2005, 01:54

scrat says:

cheese is nice

23rd Oct 2005, 16:43

darlene 4 tommy says:

im 12 and i made them they r hell easy its just stitchng

5th Nov 2005, 06:17

darlene 4 tommy says:

im 12 and i made them they r hell easy its just stitchng

5th Nov 2005, 06:17

Mizlolli(bubblezrok-at-yahoo-dot-com-dot-au) says:

Hi i know how to do 4 colour square thing n circle

18th Nov 2005, 08:47

meeee says:

this plase is shit!

21st Nov 2005, 21:44

Rich says:

I *heart* the skoobie threads

21st Nov 2005, 21:52

Lauren says:

This website kind of sucks cause you wont show us how 2 make the dam scoubies

24th Nov 2005, 06:13

daz says:

Because this is kind of not the purpose of this website, airhead. :)

24th Nov 2005, 07:55

anonymous says:

damn scoobies

24th Nov 2005, 09:19

nijaen(samaori_pimpcess-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

skoobies are easy there are 2 types of skoobies circle and skuarw

27th Nov 2005, 07:05

Harrison says:

hi to u all

28th Nov 2005, 04:02

jessica says:

how do u make love heart scoobies

14th Dec 2005, 05:37

anonymous(rockstar-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

dey r soooooooooooooo easy its just like weaving, but its easier especially if you put wire in the middle of it it bends
i have made over 100 scoobies and i know how 2 make every single type of scoobies dey r sooooooooooooooooooooo cool and fun 2 make

19th Jan 2006, 02:42

anonymous says:

heart scoobz r da easiest
i mean dey r simple once tou know how 2 make the square scoob

19th Jan 2006, 02:45

anonymous says:

dis website sux im neva cmn back again

19th Jan 2006, 02:46

Kate says:

does anyone have any scooby sites

25th Jan 2006, 23:14

Kate says:


25th Jan 2006, 23:16

Kate says:

This place is shit

25th Jan 2006, 23:17

Kate rulz says:

What is the point in this place

25th Jan 2006, 23:25

mat says:

It's for posting pictures from your mobile phone to your own moblog. A moblog is like a weblog, but more "mo"bile orientated.

Why, what did you think it was?

25th Jan 2006, 23:27

rockstar says:

i have a great scoubidou site, it is or
by the way im the one who said that lovehearts scoobz r eezy

26th Jan 2006, 23:18

anonymous says:

im back

[lots of space]


[more pointless space]


26th Jan 2006, 23:19

anonymous says:

[Oh look, let's make people scroll down the page loads, hilarious. I'm not wasting my life editing two posts like that. KTHXBYE Rich]

26th Jan 2006, 23:22

anonymous says:

if i were sensible like yuo *you* i would b jumpin off the walls

26th Jan 2006, 23:25

anonymous says:

is the uk alphabet like australias



26th Jan 2006, 23:28

anonymous says:


26th Jan 2006, 23:37

anonymous says:


26th Jan 2006, 23:38

anonymous says:


26th Jan 2006, 23:39

Rich says:

(well done for not telling him about the 14 secret letters of the English Alphabet, Esheep.)

Oh shit! I've said too much already

26th Jan 2006, 23:49

Emma says:

If any1 is looking 4 a skoobie site go 2

It's a really good site 4 scoobies!

28th Jan 2006, 05:24

Bstar says:

I want to know where a good page on how to make scoobies is

11th Feb 2006, 05:49

bstar says:

to that dood telling u to F off i believe you are an idiot mate

11th Feb 2006, 05:50

i am the coolest yea!!! says:


14th Feb 2006, 09:20

oh my god!! this is fantastic 4001 veiws.

but some of these people make me want to eat broken glass

14th Feb 2006, 09:39

RoYaLy(x_giddyemz_x-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

u all shag sheep so shhhh

18th Feb 2006, 14:59

Total Girl says:

Skoobies rock. I wish i knew how to make them

19th Feb 2006, 07:06

luv me lotz says:

scoobies rok da blok

25th Feb 2006, 10:24

Kitty-cat(njdbbrown-at-dodo) says:

What i thought this was bout skoobis

2nd Mar 2006, 07:55


I live in a card boad box

2nd Mar 2006, 07:58

chik* says:

I started the scoobie fab*

11th Mar 2006, 00:32

Brian(brian-dot-home1-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I bought a great e-book on scobies from
My 5 year old son really loves playing with them.

11th Mar 2006, 10:33

Kitty-Cat says:

Eveyone says this site i crap but i like it

16th Mar 2006, 01:10

cool(cant tell) says:

this site shows nothing about how to make scoobies.(this site is rubbish)

18th Mar 2006, 08:01

anonymous says:

everry one nos that but thats not the point of ths site

19th Mar 2006, 06:00

yonk says:

this is rubbish

22nd Mar 2006, 06:46

anonymous says:

shut up hotdog

23rd Mar 2006, 07:34

anonymous says:


25th Mar 2006, 04:15

LuCy says:

go on google then go to how 2 make scoobies its as easy as that as of this mornen i couldnt do them now ive mastered the shit

25th Mar 2006, 10:26

SAMMY!!!(hammer-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:


the zigzag scoobie and the round scoobie r the same

i think?

25th Apr 2006, 10:30

anonymous says:


4th May 2006, 10:15

nikki(pretty_nikki05-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

i wana no how ta make em properly lmao hehe

8th May 2006, 12:44

sslovetub says:

wHERE dem skooby snax at mofos? lmao. fo real. dis. etc..

8th May 2006, 13:28

sslovetub says:

wHERE dem skooby snax at mofos? lmao. fo real. dis. etc..

8th May 2006, 13:28

scoobies(i'm not telling) says:

i'm up on the photo and i'm the scoobies book

13th Jun 2006, 03:14

Lidool angel says:

hi my name is angel i luv Scoobies coz i'm the best maker out of my whole school !! =]

7th Jul 2006, 10:55

anonymous says:

this site is crap

8th Oct 2006, 14:42

kiki says:

hey guys m from cyprus and scoobies r really fantastic, teach me how to do a haert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10th Oct 2006, 18:30

Petch says:

Umm. Weird conversation, peace please.

14th Oct 2006, 11:53

optional, says:

i vizit this site evry copple of days to see wats going on

17th Jan 2007, 03:10

Lil' Zo says:

For everyone who wants to make a square skoobie (or whatever you want to call them)...

First you need either2 or 4 strings. If you use 2 strings the skoobie will be smaller as you will have to fold it in half and it you use 4 it will be longer. You then need to tie a knot in one end of the strings to hold them together in place.

The starting bit is the hard bit you have to loop two of the strings, of opostit sides, over to the other side of the knot making what looks like two bunny ears. Then you out the other two strings through the ears/ loops. After the first time you do this you can then undo the knot holding them in place.

You keep going but when you do the loops you have to remeber that you are putting the string into the loop so it covers the open end of the looped string. Its kind of the same thing as a round one and once you have mastered both you can do them alternate!

I hope this helps, it makes sence to me but might not to you guys. And I have just relized that these posts were like posted months ago but oh well! ^_^b

12th Apr 2007, 11:53

blimey aint seen much from skoobie posts for a while.

12th Apr 2007, 12:11

molly says:

skoobie ar cool

30th Jun 2007, 08:09

asshole says:

it a life

13th Jul 2007, 06:14

batifati Man(spambot-at-gmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Does Any One Know A range Of Good Websites And Please Dont Write back Any Thing Rude or Swearing My Son Goes On This webSite


23rd Jul 2007, 19:28

nikita(nikitah-at-waimeaint-dot-co-dot-school) says:

could u please send me a insrction book on how to make scoobies?

23rd Aug 2007, 03:52

Demi(Tigerdemi-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Can yho tell me how to make the scoobie

23rd Sep 2007, 13:18

littleweiner says:

how da hell das dis page tell us how 2 make scoobies, 4 god sake i just wanna knw howu make scoobies dat spels leters out!!!!!!!!!!!!

12th Apr 2008, 23:34

smithy(love_ya_long_time1693-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

how r we suppose to make a scoobie when i asked intrutions for the circle scoobie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13th Aug 2008, 09:19

ridah says:

i am very intersted in this
not boring at all

26th Jan 2009, 17:29

ridah says:

scoobies are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26th Jan 2009, 17:30

ya mum(nfbkvdjcbdsbv) says:

ndkfnfnvfbvdnfvbfrbf ya mum ya mum ya mum

22nd Feb 2009, 05:32

izzy says:

can somebody please tell me atleast one website because i have got no idea how to make scoobies at all please tell me thankyou

p.s.i have had scoobies since i was like what 5 and i'm nine now and i still don't know how to do it please someone help me thankyou very much!!!!!!

9th Apr 2009, 22:48

psshh. says:

Scoobies rockk. ! [= theres like tisted square circle stair case dna ones & lykee yaeh. Lolzz =P

9th May 2009, 07:10

kathryn(kathryn_ere"hotmail-dot-com) says:

how do you make them becuase i have been trying for the last 3 days and i cant get thanks and you really good and i want too make them so much

22nd May 2009, 11:08

tayla says:

how do make a scoobie i have been trying but i cant work it out been on the websites but stil cant work it out

14th Jun 2009, 00:44

Emily rocks yo she's the best ever in the world kdood yosnvghid(emilyprovost-dot-provost5-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

i just wanna lerrrn howdo do daim scoobaiys 4 guds sake yo.
c'mon yo.

2nd Jul 2009, 22:53

Rich says:

Less than a year til the fifth anniversary of the Skoobie threads.

3rd Jul 2009, 00:13

Peggy says:

:) :P :D

29th Nov 2009, 16:40

Kyasarin(hearts_anime-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Can you send me a link of a guide or something to make turtles out of scoobies?
Thank You.

15th Jan 2010, 14:07

Lau says:

Look I just wanna know how to start skoobies off, and Google always lies Leanne, it does.
I said 'where is india' it said 'did you mean: where is indianna jones'!

30th Mar 2010, 17:29

Lau says:

Whoever made this page I will stalk you (if I knew where you are) and I am an 10 year old kid! I WANNA FIND OUT INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30th Mar 2010, 17:31

hhr says:

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi ihi ihi ihi ihihi ihih ihi ihi ihi ihiihi ii iiiihiihi hi hi ih i i ih hi h i

5th Jun 2010, 07:37

burnsey says:

tell me how to make a circle scoobie

30th Jun 2010, 08:28

Hannah(hellokitty1853-at-live-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

hi hows u plz can u sow me how to do a circle scoobie plz plz

1st Jul 2010, 18:10

Rich says:

I can't believe I forgot the fifth anniversary of the skoobies thread. I weep for the children of today.

1st Jul 2010, 18:24

leah (leah-heidi-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

hi im leah i lve skoobies but how do u make a turtle !

that is my thing!!!

31st Jul 2010, 09:43

leah (leah-heidi-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

hi its me i have no ider how to get in... to make a turtle!!!!!

31st Jul 2010, 09:49

leah (leah-heidi-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

hello im new here is there someyhing wrong with me ?????

31st Jul 2010, 09:55

leah(leah-heidi-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

well i ges u dont like me bye

31st Jul 2010, 09:59

Dannydans says:

OMG this is sooo crap all I wanted to know was how to make a turtle out of scoobies and nobody knows!!!! And everybody get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6th Aug 2010, 13:35