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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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Today, I shall be mainly having my hair cut.
30th Jun 2005, 08:21   | tags:,,

alexis says:

g'morning : ) sounds like a decently relaxing day. so long as nothing insane happens with the hair cut.... "What do you mean you've replaced my hair with wet noodles and sauce?!"

30th Jun 2005, 08:26

Joe says:

Duuuuuuuuuuude! look knackered.

30th Jun 2005, 08:29

preaching tree says:

The world salutes you with great joy, be dizzy and laugh

30th Jun 2005, 08:32

alfie says:

:) I am knackered - yesterday I woke up at 4am to go and film a cambridge MIT conference in cambridge, and only got back at 10 last night - couple that with insomnia, voila, a morning bedraggled alfie.

As to haircut? I want it all off apart from a gayer fringe :)

30th Jun 2005, 08:48

preaching tree says:

the power is in your hair, cut it and risk losing

30th Jun 2005, 08:51

kostika says:

Poor worn out Alfie.

And your hair looks fine as it is.

30th Jun 2005, 09:12

alfie says:

bah, but thanks, besides, its summer, time to have it shorn. How goes K?

30th Jun 2005, 09:12

kostika says:

I survived a very crowded train this morning and I don't have to work tomorrow. So overall okay.

30th Jun 2005, 09:16

alfie says:

sweeeet - I have teh morning off, which is enough for me to be happy with the world at large :)

30th Jun 2005, 09:18

seaneeboy says:

'Ning gorgerous!

I had the chop yesterday - it feels SOOOOOOOOO much better. I think it's a summer thing.

30th Jun 2005, 09:20

kostika says:

I get to count the minutes til the end of the day now. And annoyingly enough I'm the only one in the office today too.

30th Jun 2005, 09:20

alfie says:

Ning Sean!! Im looking forward to it actually :) Not as much as Im looking forward to the MBUK party though :D

30th Jun 2005, 09:22

seaneeboy says:

*Weeps again at missing it*

*Thinks of barrels of cheap wine*

Aaaah, gotta love holidays.

30th Jun 2005, 09:23

kostika says:

I guess it is a summer thing. I had mine cute all off about a month ago now. It does feel nice to have a fresh haircut.

30th Jun 2005, 09:24

pushka says:

yeah shave it, get it all off. I just had mine cut a few weeks ago, but I got it cut for winter. oops.

30th Jun 2005, 12:06

Rich says:

It's gotta be Geek Pie all the way, old boy.

30th Jun 2005, 14:38

VenusInFurs says:

i do hope your 'after' shot is less backlit!

your public is demanding alfie... demanding.

30th Jun 2005, 15:44

Euphro says:

It seems like no time since you had it cut last :)

30th Jun 2005, 15:47

kostika says:

Check your gmail. I've sent you something for the site.

1st Jul 2005, 10:23

kostika says:

More things coming your way. Check your gmail again :o)

1st Jul 2005, 12:53

Helmholtz says:

haircuts are for pussies. one shave, once a year. that's how men do it. and for a reference of real men click here

2nd Jul 2005, 04:39