we're not afraid

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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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were not afraid

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we're not afraid

just send your image to: pics@werenotafraid.com

Well said!

7th Jul 2005, 20:42

bronxelf says:

Oh, way to go, Alfie. Nice. :D

*links to this*

7th Jul 2005, 20:49

neel says:

Well, despite only being in slightly-twitchy Edinburgh, I have to say that I am afraid. But I'm not going to let that get in the way. What's the alternative?

7th Jul 2005, 20:57

mat says:

that would be "we're not afraid" :)

7th Jul 2005, 20:58

alfie says:

;) I was waiting for that Mat

7th Jul 2005, 20:58

I'm afraid.

Not of terrorists, but of you Alfie. ;-)

That's a stern face you've got there.

7th Jul 2005, 21:02

mat says:

I don't think you should accept submissions from people who don't have a correct apostrophe.... :)

7th Jul 2005, 21:06

bronxelf says:

Ae you specifically looking for people from Britain? Or are you accepting worldwide submissions as well?

7th Jul 2005, 21:08

alfie says:

its completely open Av.

7th Jul 2005, 21:10

motorbikematt says:

Amen, brother.

7th Jul 2005, 21:13

bronxelf says:

Okay cool, cause I'd like to submit one, if that's all right.

7th Jul 2005, 21:14

antikue says:

nice stuff, a properly constructive way to spend the day.

7th Jul 2005, 21:21

ookiine says:

Glad to see you safe!

7th Jul 2005, 21:26

anathemad says:

This is the high point of my day. Thank you :)

7th Jul 2005, 21:35

Laser Dog says:

That's genius. You're like Moblog's own Bob Geldof. But cleaner.

7th Jul 2005, 22:03

Ruby says:

Glad to see your okay.. Love your attitude! They'll never win, because we're not afraid! Love

7th Jul 2005, 22:07

daz says:

Posted the link in two forums, hope that's ok...

7th Jul 2005, 23:28

Samantha says:

Hopefully you'll accept a submission from Washington State, USA.

My deepest sympathies go out to everybody.

You attack our friends, you attack us.

We're with you.

8th Jul 2005, 00:40

alfie says:

Cheers Sam, no need for all that though, we're not too het up about it, just aggravated that we have to find new routes to work in the morning :D

8th Jul 2005, 00:54

alfie says:

a myspace bulletin? Whats that?

8th Jul 2005, 01:12

alfie says:

ah, I thought it was a myspace admin send out, whew! I dont think I have that much bandwidth!!

8th Jul 2005, 01:27

Jesper Storinggaard says:

A blog chain has started. Go here and be a part of a global chain of blogs against terror!
Alfie, you are nr 1!

8th Jul 2005, 01:35

alfie says:

Ill wait and see if they hammer me too hard :)

8th Jul 2005, 01:43

Judith says:

Found this link on the CNN/Time website under photo essay: (JULY 7, 2005: This cellphone image by Adam Stacey shows passengers being led from a tube train stopped in one of the tunnels) You go dude!

8th Jul 2005, 03:47

jaggysnake says:

The BEEB are now mentioning your blog/idea Alfie:


8th Jul 2005, 11:56

Euphro says:

Yes, just saw it on BBC News but Jaggysnake beat me too it. Way to go!

8th Jul 2005, 12:47

Kendra(kendrajshorten-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Cheers. I'll drink to that.

As a New Yorker, I join you in saying, "Fuck 'em"

8th Jul 2005, 16:56

Vanessa (missjackspades-at-yaho-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Hey alfie ... This is Vanessa, the croupier, remember me ?? So man how u doing .. I'm really sad with what happend, i miss even more u londoners .. i'm glad to see u r ok, got just a few answers about my old friends ... say hello sometimes .. xxx

9th Jul 2005, 17:00

randy says:

just read it in the sunday newspaper and.....didn't james whale mention it on the radio as well? ,anyway ,well done alfie,nice one,tottally agree with you

anonymous says,,WHAT? loser? ILMFAO ,sell your computer and buy a brain cell you pond life

10th Jul 2005, 15:04

neil(steven100s-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:


10th Jul 2005, 21:46

carbonkid says:

not afraid?, if someone was sitting next to me with a bag of explosives, i would shit my pants!

11th Jul 2005, 13:35

JJ says:

Can't get onto the werenotafraid site - looks like it is on meltdown.

can it be sorted by some cool ISP who cares about what just happened and this blokes help in dealing with it ??!

11th Jul 2005, 16:57

rattyrat(andysburke-at-blueyonder-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

were not afraid, only afraid of the education some of these misguided NON religous people are getting

11th Jul 2005, 17:17

becki says:

we're not afraid and we never will be...terrorists can't break our strength, they're far too weak. cowards.

11th Jul 2005, 17:22

oliverlondon says:

travel on the tube or a bus around central london not for any reason just because we can We're not afraid

11th Jul 2005, 19:10

Nimrod(marks-dot-bradshaw-at-ntlworld-dot-com) says:

I think yesterday's celebrations of the ending of the World War II had a double edge:to applaud the victory over Nazism and its allies,and to stick two fingers up to terrorism,telling Bin Laden to shove his bombs where the sun don't shine!

11th Jul 2005, 20:24

Vicki (16)(vingram-at-tiscali-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

As a Londoner, I am so proud to see the world unite against terrorism, fear is what they WANT to inflict upon us, which is why I AM NOT AFRAID.

11th Jul 2005, 20:43

Clark Kent says:

Its good to show true spirit, I just hope the cowards are not tormented by what they read on here, and make the next attempt a little more catastrophic.

11th Jul 2005, 21:04

Anand(anandhakumar-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

There is a famous poem in Tamil which states...

"We have no fear We have no Fear !!!Even if the sky breaks and fall on our head ...Even if the lightning stikes straight on us.. We have no fear We have no fear...Lets face the cowards who do this...Lets face the inhumane who do this..We will Win...Righteousness always Win...

11th Jul 2005, 21:15

Pete (Southampton) says:

The people of this country along with others were not defeated by the Nazis. We withsood terrorism from various Irish factions for over thirty years and beat them, do these cowards really think that the British lay down that easily. Learn something from history, you will never, never put us down or change our chosen path in this life or the next.

11th Jul 2005, 21:37

Patrick (Texas) says:

My prayers go out to everyone in London who lost a loved one at the hands of those crazed terrorists. I think I speak for most Americans when I say we are on your side and we are proud of the way you have not backed down from those common thugs. When you think about how many people died in just a few hours in the December tsunami compared to how many people are killed by terrorists in a whole year I think you will see that a bunch of crazy, whacked-out religious nuts are not that big of a concern. Nature can kill a helluva lot more people than a stupid nut with a bomb around his waist. Some people may be afraid but most people are DAMN sure not afraid. Even after the 9/11 incident I don't know of a single person who gives terrorism a single thought during their day. Let's keep fighting these assholes and all stick together!!!

11th Jul 2005, 22:32

kickingkaz says:

Been here. Done this. We all have the t-shirt. Damn right - we are NOT afraid !!!!!!!

11th Jul 2005, 22:38

joyce says:

A message to terrorists

By blowing up trains –along with a bus
We’ll carry on as normal - it wont stop us
Look at our history and look what Britain’s done

Conquered all our enemies and beaten every one

We will eradicate terrorists - day by day

They will all be caught and punished -its not far away

You may try and frighten us - with all your sins

Just read the history books- Britain always wins

Joyce Brooks

12th Jul 2005, 00:19

Shoes says:

I'm not afraid.

12th Jul 2005, 00:28

Ceebee(ceebeeone-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

No, we're not afraid - we're too damned annoyed to be afraid!

12th Jul 2005, 07:11

anonymous says:


12th Jul 2005, 09:20

Holly says:

We shouldnt be afraid of anytrhing! its the terroists that should...there going to get whats coming to them! My uncle was one of the ones found dead in the underground all thanks to the bloody terroists!! they've destroyed peoples lifes and ruined innocent families! however we have to stay strong as we are NOT afraid!

12th Jul 2005, 10:07

tony(ffoxxy-at-gone2earth-dot-co) says:

To the bombers,whether you are foreign nationals or as seems likely BRITS, SCUM LIKE YOU WILL NEVER WIN !! THIS BRIT AND HIS FAMILY ARE NOT AFRAID !!!!!!

12th Jul 2005, 10:09

James C says:

Terrorists - We are not afriad, as you go about your pitiful existence day by day keep looking over your shoulder.

Everyone be super vigilant and watch each others backs and this won't happen again.

12th Jul 2005, 10:22

Lucy says:

To all the families and friends who have lost someone due to the cruel actions of scum that are terroists, we are deeply sympathetic, and we hope that one day soon they will be caught and brought to justice...R.I.P innocent people who have lost their lives or who have been injured in any way xx

12th Jul 2005, 11:02

Holly says:

yes!! a man from west yorkshire has been arrested for the bombing in london!!

12th Jul 2005, 17:27

cas says:

We value our freedom and democracy above everything and we must never give in to terrorism. God bless us all.

12th Jul 2005, 20:14

Stephan says:

I see a lot of sanctimonous as*h*les on that werenotafraid site. In madrid the bombing were followed by vigils, protest and national grief. Here in London the word is 'it's business as usual'. Platitudes about a blitz we never lived, the carnage was underground, will my train be delayed? - It's not stiff upper lip, it's the cold, anonymous culture of london where no one knows their neighbours - and few care.
Ps: alphie remember me the guy from the docklands, the 'robotic love hotels', etc. Please visit wikipedia.com some people have questions regarding the pix you posted on thursday. Take care.

12th Jul 2005, 21:42

leony says:

Glad to hear that you are not giving in to terrorism. We've spent some wonderful weekends in london and will continue to do so. We are thinking of you all from a quiet corner of wales

12th Jul 2005, 23:04

Gary(garyliving-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Were not afraid (?)

War is wrong because it is war.
Violence is wrong because it is violence.

Iraq: 25,000+ civilian casualties.
I think they are afraid!
The terrible has already happened. R.D. Laing
Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Cain and Abel. When did we go down this inhuman path? Or is violence all too human?
Violence like war must become an idea whose very mention evokes a strong disgust. Like cannibalism. Yet we are so immersed in violent culture at every level of our social being that only a new step in our evolution could transform us.
I do not want to diminish the pain and sorrow of any of the London victims. (Or the Were not afraid campaign). I am only asking myself if there is not a certain hypocrisy in the huge amount of attention- or rather the small amount of attention that the daily bombings in Iraq are not having.
In any situation in which conflict is resolved by resorting to the use of force, or the threat of force, the final resolution will be determined by the means used to arrive at that end. Means determine ends.

Whether it is Black Block, Uncle Sam, Jihad or Big Daddy, the use of power and force is the easy choice. The litmus test of any strategy or policy can always be considered under the light of this simple formula: is it coercive, or is it collaborative? Could we have collaborated with Saddam? (I’m hearing those voices already!) Yes: we can only collaborate if we want to achieve peace. What if we had sent to the mid-east an “army” of tens of thousands of artists, poets, writers, musicians, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, children, elders, scientists, builders, etc., all crashing the borders with magic-ray zappers of love and respect. What if……
Gary Brackett

13th Jul 2005, 07:46