a monkey made me do it

by teflon

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Alfie on telly

kostika says:

W00T!! Go Alfie!!

11th Jul 2005, 10:47

afternoon says:

Nice work, dood.

11th Jul 2005, 10:48

daz says:

w000! :D

11th Jul 2005, 10:48

Joe says:

woo!...teh famous!

11th Jul 2005, 10:49

Groovicron says:


11th Jul 2005, 10:50

sallypnut says:


11th Jul 2005, 10:53

Helen says:


11th Jul 2005, 10:55

bronxelf says:

Wait to go, raccoon boy. Way to go.


11th Jul 2005, 11:01

Way to Go Alfie dude!!

11th Jul 2005, 11:29

kyoob says:

:) *thumbs up*

11th Jul 2005, 11:30

ookiine says:

You're famous now!

11th Jul 2005, 11:31

540air says:

Top Job Alf!!

11th Jul 2005, 11:34

jc1000000 says:

Well said on channel five, alfie!

11th Jul 2005, 11:42

=^.^= says:

I even saw you on Italian telly!

Way to go folks!

11th Jul 2005, 12:17

Stini says:

AWWWW i'm so proud...
AND He's on CNN this afternoon, BBC, and believe it or not RICHARD & JUDY!!! I'm at work so if anyone can video him on telly on their mobile and post it I would be very grateful...

11th Jul 2005, 13:21

Joe says:

:D the site is down and I can't get Alfies hosts to talk to me about it, aparently we've put some serious load on their server today....like off the scale...
can't wait to see him on R&J; :D

11th Jul 2005, 13:24

daz says:

tieespie has kindly offered to host the videofiles... Anyone who wants to upload some, please contact me!

11th Jul 2005, 13:26

well on richard anyway. i swear judy's a fembot just there to agree!!

11th Jul 2005, 13:26

Stini says:

YEA!!! THank you!!! Daz... how do I contact you?...

11th Jul 2005, 13:29

daz says:

Stini: sonja (at) trotzdem (dot) net

11th Jul 2005, 13:39

Busty_Blonde says:

Nice one, Alfie!

When is the R&J; interview, anyone? Tell me I haven't missed it!

11th Jul 2005, 13:49

Euphro says:

4.30 p.m. this afternoon UK time :)

11th Jul 2005, 13:52

kostika says:

Joe I think Alfie's host is completely broken. I can't get into his or my site on his host. Fall over go boom.

11th Jul 2005, 13:53

Joe says:

Yeh they all run off the same database server and it's maxed out connection wise at the moment...

11th Jul 2005, 14:05

caffeine says:

Cripes, nice work, alfie!

11th Jul 2005, 14:56

caffeine says:

I'm getting "CGI-limits reached, please try again later!"

11th Jul 2005, 15:03

kostika says:

Yea I know Joe. We broked it good :o)

11th Jul 2005, 15:11

McN says:

well done Alfie
*pats on back*

11th Jul 2005, 17:01

McN says:

Alfie's on NOW!!!!!!

11th Jul 2005, 17:12

neel says:

I have been at work, so I've only just caught the tail-end of Alf's assault on the media on the ITV news: Creative-Commie'd up, un'all.

11th Jul 2005, 18:52

I caught him on the ITN News Channel although they cut it short because of the Sion Jenkins murder trial jury unable to reach a verdict.

11th Jul 2005, 19:42

misternavid says:

he looks terrified!

11th Jul 2005, 19:45

Laser Dog says:

Marvellous, mate, just marvellous! Just watched the vid on bbc.co.uk - pah, it's like you've done this a million times before ...

Well done! Told u it was a class idea!

11th Jul 2005, 23:44

akp says:

Alfie was quite well spoken, wasn't he? Nicely done.

12th Jul 2005, 00:43