Wanderings of the Despised

by anathemad

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Much shorter than i wanted . trying not to cry.
16th Jul 2005, 18:20  

Helen says:

Don't cry! It's a great style.

And it'll grow.

16th Jul 2005, 18:28

katyater says:

I think you look beautiful =)

16th Jul 2005, 18:34

ookiine says:

I like it...

16th Jul 2005, 18:38

ookiine says:


16th Jul 2005, 19:05

anathemad says:

Thanks everyone. My hair was down to my waist two hours ago so its a bit of a shock.

What's an uNF?

16th Jul 2005, 19:07

ookiine says:

16th Jul 2005, 19:55

Befny says:

You look FABULOUS. FABULOUS. No worries. Really. I am, once again, jealous!

16th Jul 2005, 20:04

anathemad says:

Oh! *blush* Thanks :)

16th Jul 2005, 22:58

anathemad says:

Befny, thank you sweety - you've seen my hair before, it's a big shock. And frankly about 5 inches shorter than I was expecting.

And don't be jealous. I would just about kill for your body baby :)

16th Jul 2005, 23:02

Ladye says:

You're the second person I know who donated their hair to Locks of Love. I think it's a lovely sincere thing to do.

You're new hair look lovely, absolutely lovely.


16th Jul 2005, 23:39

wombat527 says:

I like it! Cute!

17th Jul 2005, 00:10

Geodyne, not logged in says:

It's a sudden change and you're not used to it, but it truly is a lovely cut. It frames your face beautifully.

17th Jul 2005, 06:30

bronxelf says:

It looks nice and in 3 months it will be more of what youre used to. :) I love you just the same and so does the silly drow who gets no biscuits.

18th Jul 2005, 00:48



18th Jul 2005, 01:57

thelessa says:

I think you stunning.

2nd Aug 2005, 03:53