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Pictures of my food. The stuff I eat and the things I make with recipes and tips. Plus maybe some restaurant reviews.

Please leave a comment and let me know how it went if you actually tried any of my recipes. thanks!

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Sausage, tomato & roast pepper pasta

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Oli made sausages on Sunday and I took a couple home with me.

I can't remember the exact ingredients other than one was pork, spicy with breadcrumbs and the other pork and beef, very spicy with yam flour. These tasted really good with top quality ingredients in them, all encased in sheeps intestines. Hmm.

Its good to know whats in your food.

I have two house mates who everyday will eat microwave food. I'd never imagine making something from the raw ingredients, leaving it in the fridge for two weeks, then microwaving it and eating it. But this is exactly what happens with this prepacked food. All those preservatives. My house mates will have the insides of a 14 year old when they are 50.

roasted red pepper
2 of Oli's sausages
1 can chopped tomato
1 can cherry tomatoes
Large tomato
1/2 red onion
handful of basil

serves 4
19th Jul 2005, 21:28