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edit: I tried to go without sleeping so i'd be able to pass out as soon as i got to london thereby imediatly adjusting to the time change(s).
so i read. and reading can't keep me up when I haven't slept in +24 hours. I think I just stared at the book with my eyes unfocused, most of the time.

so. i watched some (mildly depressing but nice) movie. possibly called A Love Song for Bobby Long. it wasn't listed on the page, but it was on. and it was better than Beauty Shop. (I was watching stuff to stay awake, yes,it thuroughly rotted my brian. I'm sorry too.)

and, now I'm in London. I have more pictures to update/ my UK adapter for phone charger/ UK sim are in York.
I'm angry something awful about listening to someone who told me "No, the weather is perfect, you don't need anything other than a sweatshirt".
I'm uncomfortable/ a bit upset about leaving my ear-cuff at home. (it's just a tiny bit of metal that looks like one of those animal tagging ear things. but i like it. more importanly, i'm so used to wearing it that i now feel odd.)
I spaced off bringing/ ripping an anime dvd.
I went to trouble to find my beanie (sock hat, here?), but then forgot to pack it.
I decided not to pack my sewing stuff because i thought i'd be busy/ didn't want to take the packing space for it. I am already sorry about that.

Oscar played some of his newer stuff (that he'll record this summer, I hope) , and we stayed up talking 'till 3am or so. I slept 'till about er... can't remember, but, sometime before 8am, I woke up/ didn't sleep well because it was raining quite hard.

I feel a little bad admitting this, but, I'm incredibley uncomfortable with bus to tube to train. Why? because, I have three bags. the third has no shoulder strap, is awkward, and so heavy, that, I have a lot of trouble holding it for very long (this is the bag with papers/ electronics that aren't mine.) I kicked /nudged it with my feet through the line at the airport, and through immigration.
so, I'm really worried that i'll set it down for a second, and have someone think i'm abandoning it.
this is highly unlikely. however.
I'm absolutely more afraid of being shot by police than blown up : D

also: i was making smalltalk with some ladies in line, at wash/dulles. when i replied about my destination, one said "you brave soul". or something very close to that.
it made me , first, blink, and pause in confusion. then annoyed/ mildly disgusted at use of word "brave" and then sad for her, and her sheltered life. a bit, anyway.

I'm really, really tired.
27th Jul 2005, 14:24  

Steve says:


27th Jul 2005, 14:46

alexis says:

was that a "you have to suffer and that is funny" ha?
: P

28th Jul 2005, 13:56

bit harsh!! just get yourself into a mad fit of laughter somehow and youll be awake for hours!!

28th Jul 2005, 14:10

neel says:

When I hauled everything up to Edinburrow at the start of summer, I think I brought ever-so-slightly-more than it was possible for me to carry: wandering up and down the stupidly long platform 12 at Leeds station was not a pleasant experience. You have my sympathy with baggage woes.

28th Jul 2005, 23:03

Joe says:

I'm glad that you're here :)
what sewing stuff did you leave behind? I'm sure we can sort you out on that score...and I know it won't be the same but there are some great jewely/ear cuff stalls in the corn exchange in Leeds on Saturdays :)

28th Jul 2005, 23:09