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2nd Aug 2005, 05:24   | tags:,,

alexis says:

bahaha.... ( wait. this is funny to me because it has the word pie in it? )

2nd Aug 2005, 06:33

Steve says:

Is there going to be a new line of kids pies released?

2nd Aug 2005, 06:36

kostika says:

What anime is that? I can only think of one who would use that font, but I've never seen it with subtitles.

2nd Aug 2005, 09:17

mat says:

Hellsing. Episode nine, I think. Just before Victoria and Harry go to visit Helena.

It's a fansub job. It's not so bad on my PC screen, when I'm sitting close, but last time I watched this on a TV, it was near illegible.

2nd Aug 2005, 09:23

kostika says:

Thought it was Hellsing. I have it on English DVD, so no subtitles.

And yea that wouldn't be a good font to use to subtitles. Too fancy. Especially with that drop shadow.

2nd Aug 2005, 09:27

mat says:

The drop shadow is really useful with subtitles. Before I bought my mega-Ghibli box set, I had Kiki's Delivery Service on DivX, with software subtitles. Messing about with the settings proved that a nice, clean, sans-serif, font in white, centre justified with a drop shadow, was the easiest to read. By a very large margin.

You need something to define the letter edges when the movie is light underneath them, and the drop shadow does just that. I also found out that subtitles ranged left look really cool, but are really tricky to read.

Hellsing is jolly good though. I've just finished watching Elfen Lied, which is the best anime I've seen since Serial Experiments: Lain. I'm *ahem* "acquiring" a copy of HACK//sign at the moment, which I'm quite looking forward to as well.

2nd Aug 2005, 09:34

mat says:

also, I can't stand dubbing. Very very rarely have I seen it done well. (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ghost In The Shell 1&2, er, that's it). Although the subtitled versions of those are all better, with the possible exception of Mononoke Hime.

Subtitles rule! :)

2nd Aug 2005, 09:40

kostika says:

The english dubbing on Hellsing isn't all that bad actually. hellsing's voice is perfect.

I'll agree though, most dubbing is bad. Although I can't watch the Ranma 1/2 episodesin their original japanese. It jsut sounds oh so wrong cause I'm so used to the english voices, which are also very good.

The drop shadow would normally be a good thing, agreed. But that isn't a simple font, like is usually used on subtitles.

2nd Aug 2005, 09:45

mat says:


You ain't seen me, roight?

Cowboy BeBop is OK.. suffers a bit from style over substance. Excellent music though. (although Najica Blitz Tactics has slightly better music imho)

2nd Aug 2005, 13:58

kostika says:

Love Cowboy Beebop, but I prefer the manga. Much more to them.

I love Najica. I don't think I've seen so many panty shots in one episode of anime before in mylife.

2nd Aug 2005, 14:18

alexis says:

mononoke is not only the best voice acted, but, best translated, as far as i've seen. nice budgets make things like that happen.

i thought the cowboy bebop movie was nice. same series style plus a time limit that doesn't allow stuff to ramble too much more than needed.

2nd Aug 2005, 14:26

alexis says:

Kostika, have you seen Chobits? It's not a complete fan-service anime, but, it comes close. not too many episodes, either, i don't think.

2nd Aug 2005, 14:28

mat says:

Mononoke is so good because it's The Mighty Gaimen who wrote the english script..

2nd Aug 2005, 14:40

kostika says:

Alexis, never heard of Chobits. Got a link?

Dude, You need to see Najica. The music in it is very kick ass.

2nd Aug 2005, 14:53

alexis says:

(mat, I know. he translated/ was in charge of . it's the only reason i gave the dub a chance. (by paying to see it in theater.) heh. )

I can't find any great links about the series / and am not sure about torrent/ fansubs, since i took the easy way out and borrowed it from someone. : \
i'd recommend it, though. cute, and, the idea of having a personal robot, well, i'll watch just about anything with the word robot in it...

2nd Aug 2005, 15:06

kostika says:

Will have a look for it. Although my manga and anime addictions are both way out of control and I can't afford either.

2nd Aug 2005, 15:43

Rich says:

...which is where the Internet comes in...

2nd Aug 2005, 16:00

kostika says:

Yes, but its jsut not the same.

2nd Aug 2005, 16:02

Rich says:

As spending £20 on a DvD with two 30 minute episodes? No, it's infinitely better.

Hang on, I've just remembered the fit of morality I threw over H2G2 film...


2nd Aug 2005, 16:10

kostika says:

hehe..I had actually forgotten about that Rich :oP

I buy anime when I can. But thre is much I would have never seen if it wasn't for the internet downloads.

2nd Aug 2005, 16:22