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Todays parking blog has been eclipsed by a 'situation' in the car park :)
Two kids climbed the scaffolding of the dance centre behind our car park and proceeded to to untie the pulley and try and undo the walkway planks. The first thing we knew was when one of the workers here looked out of her window and saw them hanging like monkeys. As ever, when anything like this happens at work, all the girls in the building get involved like some tepid version of Charlies Angels, trying to sort out the problem. Anything to ease the boredom of 'The Office' it seems. The kids, charming as ever didn't see the problem with them being 15-20ft off the ground and told us in very colourful language to go away. After threats were made to call the police etc they finally ran away, only to come back 5 minutes later! In the end the police were called and have been patrolling the area since. The little monkeys seem to have finally gone away.As my Baj would say, 'Bring back the stocks'!
3rd Aug 2005, 15:27   | tags:,,


seaneeboy says:

... or if so many playgrounds weren't torn down for development/fear of being sued by parents then they wouldn't have to leap about on building sites?

3rd Aug 2005, 15:34

FakeID says:

There is that, although my stance at the moment is one of 'get off my land' especially after someone dented my car whilst it was sitting quietly in the car park and they didn't leave a note.

*places bee firmly in bonnet*

3rd Aug 2005, 15:38

Baj says:

Little buggers

*Hides fact that I used to regularly risk my life playing on building sites as a child*

3rd Aug 2005, 15:50

spoon_lamp says:

Mm. We used to go 'Scaffolding' after a night out - never destructively though. We'd try to cover as much distance as we could from our start point, sometimes managing to cover entire blocks and come down on the other side of the building (usually in someones garden). Then one of the guys who worked in the same area as me (I didn't actually know him) went missing for nearly two weeks. He'd done the same thing using scaffolding and fallen through a roof, only to be discovered when the workers came back from whatever holiday they were on... : (

3rd Aug 2005, 16:18

FakeID says:

That was our worry too. The girl here who is designated first aider was exclaiming she hadn't been taught to treat skull injuries and was panicking.
To be fair, we have all played on things we shouldn't have as kids , that goes without saying, there just seems to be a very particular breed of viscious little people around these parts that have no respect for anything. (About a month ago whilst we were working, a shower of stones came breaking through our windows. The glass narowly missed us all. It was a bunch of kids in school uniform).

3rd Aug 2005, 16:30

spoon_lamp says:

Unfortunately this can only lead to people either being bullied, physically and psychologically, or to deciding the 'bloody kids need a clip round the ear!' which only ends up working against you-battering a minor etc! Good to hear the police are responsive in your area though, thats a massive plus.

3rd Aug 2005, 16:35

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