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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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Rural Legend

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In Sri Lanka everyone gets their horoscope charted from the moment of
birth. One great-uncle of mine gravely trusted these oracles; never quite
shaking the curiosity to plot the exact day of his death.

Inevitably he was overcome with consternation. An arid day, Uncle spent it
all indoors believing he might avoid a fateful car crash. No doubt the
pressure of such morbid thoughts drove him to pass the balmy evening
outside, on the balcony, with a gin and tonic.

Certainty is normally bitter sweet. Grandma said a snake fell off the roof
adding, "These things happen in the tropics."

Posted by jc1000000

10th Jul 2008, 18:30   | tags:


Caine says:

Good story. Rural legends do abound. :) Beautiful photo.

10th Jul 2008, 18:50

nige says:

bloody hell. is that true?

11th Jul 2008, 13:29

nige says:


11th Jul 2008, 13:29

Alfie says:

I really like this idea JC :)

11th Jul 2008, 20:32

jc1000000 says:

Thanks guys. This is an open ongoing project. If you want to write or know any budding writers, I am looking for writers (ideally 360 of them) to blog a 100 word story a day with accompanying photo. Got a few people in the pipeline so far, so expect to see contributions from lots of different people, with completely different writing styles over the coming months. If you know anyone that is interested in writing please refer them to the Microhappy FB Fan Page & tell them to join this group!

Then bookmark on your mobile and whenever you are bored on the train, or the busstop you got some brainfood to put a gentle spin on your day!

12th Jul 2008, 00:27

jc1000000 says:

@nige loosely based on FACT :D

14th Jul 2008, 03:29

Dhamaka says:

26th Apr 2009, 17:15