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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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I'm in the whirl of the worlds, the trust of a child and the serenity of a sullen sea. I'm in the tiniest of brush strokes, the finest detail of an image and the feverish response to the infinitesimally small. Find me in love, friendship and betrayal, in the light and the dark.

I come when unsought, encourage unbidden and arouse serendipitous passion.

Do not call. If named aloud I’ll laugh and leave you lonely.

I am muse, partner, mistress and master.
I am food.
I am drug.

I am inspiration.

Posted by Dhamaka

16th Jul 2008, 23:20  


nige says:

that is awesome.

16th Jul 2008, 23:28

jc1000000 says:


16th Jul 2008, 23:52

jc1000000 says:

LOVE the picture too - somehow melancholy, somehow joyful, simultaneously frivolous & revering

16th Jul 2008, 23:55

Dhamaka says:

thank you - and for the HL (I'm guessing that was you JC)

17th Jul 2008, 08:43

I was waiting for you to jump in. A splendid dive; very smooth execution!


17th Jul 2008, 13:01

Dhamaka says:

thank you!

17th Jul 2008, 13:25

jc1000000 says:

D are you planning to put a title on this one?

17th Jul 2008, 15:16

Dhamaka says:

It was written to have no title. If you must, call it "seekers take note".

17th Jul 2008, 18:24

MaggieD says:

Good capture ....

17th Jul 2008, 19:21

Dhamaka says:

thank you

JCMillion - sorry, Just reread that last post. I didn't mean it to sound so abrupt - I wrote it after trying several titles and none of them worked

17th Jul 2008, 19:35

OCD Sprocket says:

that brought me a much needed smile


(see that, I'm smiling)

17th Jul 2008, 20:41

Dhamaka says:

*smiles too

17th Jul 2008, 21:36

taniwha says:

Moving D. Thank you. Think the picture is a bit 'Wicker Man'.

So can anyone dive in here and post a wee story? Writing stories is all I do these days.

18th Jul 2008, 08:25

Dhamaka NLI says:

absolutely taniwha - just join and do it!
I look forward to reading yours

and thank you :)

18th Jul 2008, 08:29

Caine says:

I am speechless. Typeless. Faved.

19th Jul 2008, 01:29

Dhamaka NLI says:

thank you

19th Jul 2008, 09:12