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Albany Whaling Station

Australia's last functioning whaling station ceased operations in 1978 (about the time I was active demonstrating against whaling).
The Cheynes business was turned into a historic centre of information on how it all worked. Quite a disturbing place in many ways but fantastic that it wasn't lost, left to rust or turned into luxury apartments.
20th Jul 2008, 10:47  


hildegard says:

Like these in an uncomfortable sort of way. Still, after all your demos, that's a perfect Greenpeace shot in #5. :)

20th Jul 2008, 11:34

PR says:

rainbow. ship. clouds. perfect.

.. and now days no one cares about any possible historic meaning of this place.. or may be I'm wrong

20th Jul 2008, 15:52

chris pash(chris-at-thelastwhale-dot-com-dot-au) says:

Great shots of the whaling station. I covered the protests for the local newspaper, the albany advertiser, in 1977, and the closure in 1978. Written a book, The Last Whale, looking inside the heads of the activists and the whalers. it's out in October.

21st Jul 2008, 01:49

Dhamaka says:

what a stunning series!

21st Jul 2008, 09:25

JokerXL says:

Incredible place.
I've found you on the net Chris, very interesting indeed, I'll be in touch soon.

23rd Jul 2008, 14:05