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The Lost Dancers

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Picture taken by Jane Doe. All credit to Jane Doe (do you remember sending this to me years ago and challenging me to write something? Well... I've found this... in an old back-up... it was, presumably, a work still in progress... but here it is...)


Side by side, we have lived, you and I.

Orbiting endlessly, like the Earth and the moon.

Trapped in a dance, a dance that twists and turns and spins us, as we revolve around one another, never touching.

Parallel lives, living along parallel lines.

I reach out to grab you, you pull away.

You learn towards me, I fall backwards.

What is it that we have lost?

Why are we trapped in this never-ending cycle?

What is it that repels us, that keeps us apart?

What fills this space that surrounds and cushions us?

Is it the space where once there was love?

Posted by Helen

21st Jul 2008, 13:20  


Dhamaka says:

what a stunning shot and accompanying tale
great combo, ladies!

21st Jul 2008, 15:18

The debris around them, where they've been knocking one another's branches off, really sets the tone for the picture.

The last two lines deliver a tremendous impact!


21st Jul 2008, 16:28

Helen says:


I wrote this too, but it never got any further. Would quite like to know where it goes...


Every tree has a story (you’ve probably heard that before).

And we all have our own way of finding out that story, if we want to. That is.

Scientists, well they’ll drill a hole into it and tell you its age. They’ll examine its leaves, classify and catalogue it. They can tell you all sorts of things just by running a tape measure around its trunk.

Artists and poets might touch the tree, get a feel for its texture. They might try to listen in on it for secrets, or they may try to translate the whispering rustle of its leaves. They’ll stand back, take in its height, its swoop and its branching embrace of the world. They’ll use their hands, nose, eyes and ears to try to sense out the story.

Me. I’ll just sit back. Here on the grass. Take a good look at the tree and make the story up. I can’t say whether the story will be true or not, but bearing in mind what I’ve just said to you I think you can come quite safely to your own conclusion about that.

Anyway, this story isn’t just about one tree, it’s about two trees: two trees that have lived side by side for a very long time. They have lived together for such a long, long time that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

But it wasn’t always like that, oh no. Once upon a time things were quite, quite different…

22nd Jul 2008, 00:19

See, both of those are great. The "sit back, 'cuz I'm gonna tell you a story" tone of the second one is spot on.

And not only because the best I could do after staring at it for half an hour was a kind of Gary Larson captioning:

"EWWWWW! Dude! You've got squirrels!"

"EWWWWW! No way!"

"You totally do! EWWWWW!"

"Hey! You've got squirrels too! EWWWWW!"



... which is obviously why Jane trusts you with these things.


22nd Jul 2008, 15:49

Helen says:

See, I think that story rules. I can definitely hear those trees arguing about squirrels.

22nd Jul 2008, 17:01

I have this thing about squirrels. It's probably best not to encourage it. ;)


23rd Jul 2008, 01:28

Jane Doe says:

Well that was a shock. Browsing and saw a pic that looked awfully familiar. Never realised you'd risen to the challenge, H. Well done!

26th Apr 2009, 17:36

Viv says:

You should find the muse again when all this dry lawyer exam stuff is finished with - you do have a gift
I know I'm your Mum but.... x

27th Apr 2009, 01:49