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This site is managed by The Ambler Community Newspaper team. We want to encourage you to post images and thoughts of what it's like living in Amble, Northumberland UK.

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I’m James, I live in Warkworth. I’m quite a creative person, I love art and design and gadgets!

What’s important to me: My family…. and music

Best thing about living round here: the Welfare, skate parks, sports centres

Do I feel safe? Yes Amble is a relatively safe place to live

What I’d change: I’d make more skate parks and facilities such as sports centres and shopping centres so there are more places to go

My ultimate day: It would be lovely and warm, there’d be no school, I’d hang out with my friends and I could drive.


My name’s Kate. I live near Amble. I’m quite sporty and I play the drums. I like music especially Rock. Some of my favourite bands are Aerosmith & Avenged Sevenfold

What’s important to me: friends and family as without them I wouldn’t be who I am

My average day: getting up, going to school then afterwards, out with my mates around Amble

Best thing about living round here: the beaches, we’re lucky to have them right there and it makes it a much better place

Worst thing: the teenagers that drink. You can’t go to some places sometimes because of them

Do I feel safe? Amble in general is safe compared to some other places - apart from some Friday nights at the Paddlers because of people drinking.

What I’d change: I’d get rid of the people drinking and make more facilities for Amble such as different shops, more activities for children and a skate park.

My ultimate day: It would be sunny not raining, hanging round with people I care about and having a good time


I’m Megan. I like rock music. I live in Amble. I’m 14.

My average day: I go to school, afterwards go home + then out with friends, or I listen to music – rock, alt, metal, classic rock.

What’s important to me: Friends + family – cos they’re always there for me

Best thing about living round here: Not many places to go or hang out. I like the beach when it’s nice weather, in summer.

Worst thing: lack of facilities, not really any shops you can go to or anywhere you can just sit. Parks are really more for younger children. There’s spaces for adults but nowhere in between.

Do I feel safe? : yes – it’s not like you’ve got the fear of getting shot like in a big city.

What I’d change: I’d like more places to go – shopping centre, places where you can just sit with your friends and talk and it rains a lot in Amble so it’d be nice to have somewhere indoors to go.

My ultimate day: Go shopping with friends and go to gigs or a festival or something like that.


My name’s Amanda. I’m from Broomhill. I’m into horses and loads of different animals. Most of my family’s from Amble.

My average day: getting up + ready for school. After school I watch tv or go out with friends.

Likes: her animals = dogs, rabbits, pony, guinea pigs, cats
Most Imp: Friends, family and pets

Best thing about living round here: loads of places to go – favourite place is the beach where I go with friends or the dogs

Worst thing: it’s busy, noisy living near the road. There’s too much traffic,
I’ts not safe for kids, there’s loads of little kids and too many cars, buses, lorries + stuff

What I’d change: Where cars go, make it a bit quieter

My ultimate day: It wouldn’t rain! Make new friends. Meet someone new. Feel happy.

Posted by theambler

21st Jul 2008, 14:49   | tags:,,,,


Emer says:

Hello Amble, your pics and comments are cool.

22nd Jul 2008, 12:22

astbok (astbok-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

hope you will like this my painting here:

11th Nov 2008, 22:14

me says:

gobsmacked - not one of you mentions doing any homework

8th Mar 2010, 17:20

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