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Wave Rock, Hyden

Right out in WA's Wheat-Belt is Hyden, pop.400, and this geological masterpiece.
It's a bit of a way off the beaten track and there's not much else to do in Hyden but quite spectacular to get up close to the rock.
And there was nobody else there!
22nd Jul 2008, 00:29  


Wow... These are beautiful. The third one down is fab.

22nd Jul 2008, 00:37

Viv says:

oh wow!

22nd Jul 2008, 01:53

Caine says:

Wow. Spectacular shots. 3rd one is my favourite and faved it is.

22nd Jul 2008, 02:32

minkey says:

That's a stunning place. I love number 3 as well even if all of them are beautiful

22nd Jul 2008, 07:40

nige says:


22nd Jul 2008, 09:07

minushabens says:

great! you are visiting another planet, are you?

22nd Jul 2008, 11:20

lisa says:


i think the bottom one is my favourite it's striking!!

but also the 3rd down (the hl pic) is stunning!

nice one

22nd Jul 2008, 14:15

Dhamaka NLI & still procrastinating says:

great shots & well deserved HL
Loving your tour...

22nd Jul 2008, 20:25

mscm NLI says:

oh my, that's some good rock, 3rd and second from bottom are fantastic!

23rd Jul 2008, 10:10

540air says:

Wow!! Awesome dude, what a place :)

23rd Jul 2008, 11:54

JokerXL says:

Tnx all, Quite an amazing place, and virtually devoid of people (this time of year)

23rd Jul 2008, 14:06

FilbertFox says:

it looks quite surreal. bootiful my lovelie

4th Aug 2008, 11:14