Wonderful place, full of native wildlife, birds and plants.
We just keep coming back!">

Joker's Bottle of Frogs

by JokerXL

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Caversham Wildlife Park

Just down the road from Maxine's is "Whiteman Park".
Wonderful place, full of native wildlife, birds and plants.
We just keep coming back!
23rd Jul 2008, 02:16  


Caine says:

Fantabulous! The beastie in the top shot is most impressive - what big teeth you have! The roo shots are utterly priceless. What a wondrous place, and your shots are brilliant.

23rd Jul 2008, 02:32

JXL NLI says:

Tnx, quite a photogenic bunch.
pointy-toothed mammal is a Tasmanian Devil Mandy (my favourite marsupial.

23rd Jul 2008, 03:31

IsFor says:

So, is that Tasmanian Devil really yawning? or screaming?

23rd Jul 2008, 04:14

Jesson says:

Brilliant job on these! The Tassie Devil spends most of its time hissing and trying to bite so this is a rather nomal picture of one. I love that you have captured the character of each of the animals so well... the roos look so sleepy, the emu is looking to pick a fight and the peacock is showing off. Perfect! :-)

23rd Jul 2008, 08:01

Alfie says:

What, did you use the "comedic lens" filter on snapping these? Gave me a real laugh to see these first thing in the morning.

23rd Jul 2008, 09:14

Viv says:

priceless - echo all the above sentiments

23rd Jul 2008, 10:21

540air says:

That top guy looks a touch hungry ;)

23rd Jul 2008, 11:51

billion says:

my. god.

that... thing in pic one is like nothing I've seen before. awesome pics.

23rd Jul 2008, 11:54

hildegard says:

Great Taz shot! Also fab Kanga & Roo pics. Also liking the peacock, the emu's a Menacing Presence & as for that koala - WOOT! :)

23rd Jul 2008, 12:34

JokerXL says:

Well tnx all, glad you like them.
The Taz-shot is indeed of him yawning, but they are an extremely aggressive lot, continually circling around each other and growling.
It took ages to find a Koala that wasn't asleep, then four woke up at once.
The Roos were all just so lazy and well fed, very interested in the end of my lens though.
The Emu was threatening to leap over the (low) fence and nut me, I think!

23rd Jul 2008, 13:58

minkey says:

Laughing at some of the portraits of those little guys. Must have been so much fun. And the emu...

23rd Jul 2008, 14:35

MaggieD says:

Brilliant set of pics ...

23rd Jul 2008, 20:47

still life says:

wow im loving all of these!!

23rd Jul 2008, 21:59

Judo-Jule says:

So wonderful!

23rd Jul 2008, 23:40

Dhamaka says:

I'm not surprised and I absolutely love what you've done with the shots

25th Jul 2008, 08:41

IsFor says:

I've added the Tasmanian Devil to my favourites-
Y is for yawn!

26th Jul 2008, 02:34

Caine says:

^That's a Yawn that's going to be very hard to beat!

26th Jul 2008, 06:41

Luiz Lovasz(Lova744-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

We had a terrible experience while visiting Caversham Wildlife Park last week.
We parked our car, a Nissan 4WD Camper rented from Britz at shelter F around 10AM on the paved area last Friday August 22, right in between the park entrance and the administration building and along many other cars, and a burglar broke the windshield and stole all our belongings. A bum bag containing all my documents was taken, including my passport and all my Brazilian documents. There was no money, but the value of the things stolen is incalculable and according to my initial assessment I lost around U$9000. My wife and my two little daughters also had valuable belongings taken which in the hands of the burglar will have no use.
A bag containing our daughter medication was taken and she was very ill requiring medical assistance.
There was no signs alerting us of the danger to visit the park and we felt totally exposed to any kind of aggression. We learned that even our children were in danger of being kidnapped while visiting the park. The initial blame was to the Aborigines living in the surroundings of the park, but I do believe that someone from the park have involvement in this criminal activity.
The trauma of this attack will remain in our minds forever and the general public, the tourists in particular, should be alerted for the dangerous environment they will find at the park.
There was no support at all from the park staff, looks like it is a normal event.
Luiz Lovasz and family

26th Aug 2008, 09:58

JokerXL says:

I'm sorry to hear that Luiz, what a nightmare!
We've been there a few times now and never had any trouble like that. The car park is a little isolated, especially in the winter when it's less busy.
I'd recommend never leaving any valuables behind in your parked and unattended car, wherever you are in the world. Thieves and scumbags are lurking about everywhere.
I hope you got things sorted out ok after such a nasty experience.
All the best.

28th Aug 2008, 10:19

Waterton National Park(nancyt63-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Caversham Wildlife Park is, besides the Zoo, the second option in Perth to see a wide variety of Aussie animals. You can get close to them, enter some enclosures, feed the kangaroos, touch a koala's fur, have your photo taken with an animal. The star of the show is Big Bubs the Wombat - I was even allowed to hold her myself because the park was not very busy that day - usually she stays in the keeper's lap. In addition to the Aussie species the park also has domestic animals. www.wildlifeworld360.com

28th Apr 2010, 14:04

taniwha says:

I do like four and five. Actually five especially for the agro 'what do you you could murder an omlette?' look.

28th Apr 2010, 14:37