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A place to come and find out how to make your moblog look pretty.

Post pictures of CSS in progress and completed projects.

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How to make your moblog feel more like yours.

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in two easy steps.....

Step one:

a] Edit your profile and click the "my moblog" tab.

b] click "choose new theme"

c] select the "barcode" theme.

Step two:

a] copy and paste the following CSS code in to your "Add CSS" box

body { background-color: #XXXXXX; }

#masthead {
height: 165px;
background: transparent url('');

This will allow your to change the background colour and the header image. Please replace the relevant parts with the URL of your own header image and choice of colour.

where #XXXXXX = your colour.

The dimensions for your header should be 760px x 165px. If you don't have your own webspace try using for free...

Have fun and be creative, you can alter the height of your header by changing the 165px value in the #masthead part of the code to either a larger or smaller number. Remember to create your header image the same size though.

Good luck.

Posted by goode

23rd Jul 2008, 23:23   | tags:,,,


Alfie says:

Exceedingly useful, thanks Darren. I find myself wondering how you're going to break down some of the more complex stuff later...

24th Jul 2008, 00:11

nige says:

big up to this group.

24th Jul 2008, 00:19

Rich says:

Good shit, pimp my moblog stylee

24th Jul 2008, 01:18

goode says:

more complex stuff is going to be rock hard to sort out... but we'll find a way!

24th Jul 2008, 09:14

Oh, cool group. Looking forward to finding out a few tricks.

I was messing around with my CSS a few months ago, but while it looked fine on firefox, I noticed that IE made my content boxes (and my photos) slightly transparent. It annoyed me so I gave up :(

24th Jul 2008, 09:35

goode says:

this happens as the difference between firefox and IE is so massive, why anyone still uses IE i don't know.

But they do.... Over time io will be helping people create a nice look that will work over most browsers! :)

Everyone's free to chip in though! The more tips the better...

24th Jul 2008, 09:39

Rich says:

The most important tip to anyone is don't use IE. And not just in relation to changing CSS.

24th Jul 2008, 10:06

540air says:

I have one question. On the one you did for me Darren, I was messing around and thought I'd change the header image to one I'd been messing around with. It all worked ok, but the image was pushed off to the right and half of it was missing. The only thing I'd changed in the CSS of what you had done was the url for the image location. Any ideas? :)

24th Jul 2008, 10:22

goode says:

Yo paul,

If you add this to the very bottom of your css... everything should be fine.

#masthead { margin: 0 auto; width: 745px;}

I notice that only

#masthead { margin: 0 auto;}

is there at the moment...

24th Jul 2008, 10:26

goode says:

what rich said... don't do it to yourself!

24th Jul 2008, 10:27

540air says:

Fantastic, thanks Darren!! :)

24th Jul 2008, 10:33

goode says:

i tried emailing you with the "contact user" bit on your moblog but I'm not sure if it's working! Mine isn't...

i was just sending over a slightly more up to date version.

what's your email? send over to

24th Jul 2008, 10:43

540air says:

And sent :)

24th Jul 2008, 10:49

goode says:


24th Jul 2008, 10:55

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