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ploughing the arable farmland
of the sub-ether

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all aboard the flying train!

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at przemysl, a polish town close to the border with ukraine. the train tracks in ukraine are a different width to the ones in poland, so the train has to be picked up and literally "flown" over to the adjacent tracks. when I heard about this I had images of burly men in greasy overalls heave-ho'ing the train up with their bare hands. the burly men were there in effect but thankfully for them they had lifting devices to aid with the process. anything that manages to get to grips with these massive old soviet behemoths (I'm talking about the trains here, not the burly men) must be a masterly feet of engineering. it takes two hours to shift the whole train and the noise produced while the carriages are being "flown" is like fingernails being dragged slowly, painfully down a blackboard.

pic 4 - over the border. hurrah!

PrincessJun says:

Impressive stuff - two hours though. phew. Great weather and scenery by the looks of it.

27th Jul 2008, 10:39

Caine says:

That's amazing.

29th Jul 2008, 00:27