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Boethius' wheel:

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It's my belief that history is a wheel. "Inconstancy is my very essence" says the wheel. Rise up on my spokes if you like, but don't complain when you're cast back down into the depths. Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it's also our hope. The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away.

Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy

26th Jul 2008, 15:08   | tags:,,

OCD Sprocket says:

looking somewhat Borg-esque

26th Jul 2008, 15:22

mara says:

Mutability : thankfully it exists

26th Jul 2008, 15:23

DocD says:

Well deep!

26th Jul 2008, 15:24

nige says:

you should see me when i don a headband and hold a tennis racket, sprocket. then i really look like borg!

thanks mara. indeed. amen to that.

Doc, 'tis unlike me, i know :)

26th Jul 2008, 15:25

OCD Sprocket says:


26th Jul 2008, 16:02

goode says:

nice use of font on the moblog man!

calibri is a winner

26th Jul 2008, 16:37

nige says:

thanks man. i wasn't sure how many people would be using it though. mainly vista users, i guess ( ? )

26th Jul 2008, 16:56

goode says:

i'm XP but have it installed... It's a nice font...

26th Jul 2008, 17:20

nige says:

yeah i'm a definite fan.

26th Jul 2008, 19:38

nige says:

is it like magnifying glass small? mine looks about the same size as my last font.

and thanks! :D

26th Jul 2008, 20:02

Caine says:

Fabulous. We reinvent ourselves each day.

26th Jul 2008, 20:13

nige says:

i've always loved the message. it always fills me with hope and sadness at the same time. very moving.

26th Jul 2008, 20:16

Uber Spy says:

Thanks for sharing that Nige. Love it.

26th Jul 2008, 20:44

nige says:

glad you like it. nobody quotes it better than Christopher Ecclestone:

26th Jul 2008, 21:29

factotum says:

You've raised the bar again, Nige!

26th Jul 2008, 22:20

nige says:

hehe. i think i'm overshadowed by boethius, facto!

26th Jul 2008, 22:30

Viv says:

interesting start to my day this

excellent pic

food for thought and great video clip

another film I should see!


27th Jul 2008, 08:43

nige says:

you really should see it Viv. it's a great story with some excellent performances. glad you liked the quote.

27th Jul 2008, 18:11

Viv says:

Keep my eyes open on Sky for it. Would always look at anything with Christopher Eccleston in - ever since we first saw him in "Our friends in the North"

27th Jul 2008, 22:05

Jane Doe says:

fab and faved

28th Jul 2008, 08:50

lps says:

Great text, great font but above all: great shot!

I've been "disconnected" for some weeks but I see your work still remains awesome!

28th Jul 2008, 08:57

itchymoblog says:

Really like this shot, and the quote just makes it :)

31st Jul 2008, 17:36

nige says:

:) thanks!

you may like the new group, if you like this. worth joining and contributing.

31st Jul 2008, 17:44