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When we are most ourselves is when we are barely present.

Doubly, trebly encapsulated, cocooned in sights and sounds and smells that have nothing to do with fight or flight, with feeding, with procreation.

This is the new form of sleeping, and it is old, old, old.

Dolphins sleep half of their brain at a time. That's nothing. We've got it up to nine tenths.

And that is beautiful.


Posted by Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri

2nd Aug 2008, 17:25   | tags:


jc1000000 says:

There's the reason right there why i try to write! To capture those longing shadows of myself or someone else purely being themselves without affectation. (he says rather pompously! :)

That glimmer of a multiplicity of internal responses in any one person at any one time, which lack any great overriding design, but nonetheless are perfectly as they are, like a tranquil scene reflected in a cracked mirror, is pretty much what i live for in another. When you catch it, it's like catching a ghost. Somehow noble, somehow sad, and somehow meaningless yet if you ever get to write it, and say what you saw, you become the thief of time.

Can't help but have a completely personal, perhaps overblown, response to this as I almost want to rejoice that, for me, this story succeeds in a way only writing can. The goal seems so lofty yet so concise, as if you simply wanted to write a remedy for preternatural ennui.

And all the time i'm formulating my response these words keep whispering to me 'We fall in love with the sleeping dragon in the other. The one they've never seen.'

5th Aug 2008, 01:42

Yeah, real human beings are just about completely irrational. Rationality, in my experience, only tends to show up in the stories we tell ourselves trying to explain why we did what we did. We're way better storytellers than we are decision makers.

But yeah, watching someone's whim? That tells you everything you need to know about a person.


5th Aug 2008, 03:22

Dhamaka says:

you think?
there's another story there... If I only had the time

8th Aug 2008, 18:08