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I bought me a 70's rangefinder. Forget five frames per second, with this you'll be lucky to take one frame every five seconds.

I'm using it to learn better technique, especially when it comes to capturing the decisive moment. Holding down the trigger on a DSLR, popping off ten shots and hoping that one comes out good just won't cut it now, will it?

I've bought some diafine and i'm going to develop my own black and white negs too.


minkey says:

You're going to have so much fun....looking forward to see what's coming out

6th Aug 2008, 22:35

taniwha says:

Man, that's hardcore. I remember neg. development and printing using chemicals. had some happy moments in the dark room.

6th Aug 2008, 22:47

nige says:

It had to be done guys. I'm not going to do the complete printing process, only develop the negs for scanning.

Re the rangefinder itself I just need a challenge that will improve my ways of seeing, and speed of framing & focusing. This will help I think.

6th Aug 2008, 22:50

harimanjaro says:

Looks familiar...

6th Aug 2008, 23:04

nige says:


6th Aug 2008, 23:07

harimanjaro says:

Couldn't resist :-)

6th Aug 2008, 23:21

swamprose says:

very nice. but you have it backwards. get the negs done and YOU print the photos...anyone can print negs to your one can do the final prints.

rant rant rant rant...oh she is cranky.

6th Aug 2008, 23:22

nige says:

you must be cranky - you said it twice!

you can rant. i think it's sweet (hehe). for me though, it's the right way around. i've done developing and printing before. i'm not in it to learn printing; i just want a cost efficient way to shoot film and see the results digitally. if i want to manipulate i'll do so in photoshop, not the darkroom, so the only process i want control of is when and how i develop the negs.

6th Aug 2008, 23:28

swamprose says:

control? good luck.
I surrendered a long time ago.

still, a very sweet camera you have there. I'm sure you'll do interesting things.

*proudly cranky*

6th Aug 2008, 23:50

nige says:

hehehe. *blows kiss.

6th Aug 2008, 23:53

Kostika says:

Even though i have a snazzy DSLR I still ultimately prefer my film cameras.

7th Aug 2008, 09:40

billion says:

nige and harimanjaro... snap!


7th Aug 2008, 10:19

taniwha says:

I agree Nige. Developing the neg.s - cheap and quick solution. I wouldn't go back to the darkroom but prefer computers. So much so, that I still have a stash of old negatives that need scanning and doing something with.

7th Aug 2008, 11:03

minushabens says:

developing and printing b/w was one one of my preferred: some hours of magic and outstanding results (if related to commercial ones). It's a great school indeed!

7th Aug 2008, 11:35

PrincessJun says:

cool. Looking forward to seeing the results. Sounds like you'll be busy - and having great fun.

7th Aug 2008, 12:29

nige says:

do you get to use your film cameras much, kos?

t, i know, it's the bain of moving everything to a digital format, i suppose. there's little motivation to do it.

mh, agreed. there is something very magical about the process.

thanks jun. i'm looking forward to it too :)

7th Aug 2008, 19:48

Kostika says:

When I'm doing professional work or work I plan to publish, then I usually try to use my film cameras. I have 2 and I love them to death. My cameras. I could never give them up. I have too big of a collection of lenses :o)

7th Aug 2008, 22:12

nige says:

They look like beauties.

8th Aug 2008, 11:47

Dhamaka says:

do you find you still do the keep-the-finger-on-the-DSLR thing? I find I take far fewer shots now and imagine that I'll take even fewer as my confidence increases

8th Aug 2008, 11:59

nige says:

Not nearly as much as i used to (i guess i meant it figuratively), but with the D200 it was difficult not to get multiple shots anyway, because the trigger was so sensitive. Since i've learned about the value of shutter actuations, i really want to make even more of my shots count. I bought this rangefinder because i want to learn how to snipe better. One chance, one shot, you know?

8th Aug 2008, 12:09

Dhamaka says:

I guess one of the benefits of working with Jeremy is that I knew of the value of shutter actuations before I got the camera. One chance one shot is part of the game

8th Aug 2008, 12:31

Dhamaka says:

err.. is anyone else getting logged off without doing anything to deserve it?

8th Aug 2008, 12:32

nige says:

For sure. Do you know how many shots have you popped off with your D80?

8th Aug 2008, 12:35

Dhamaka says:

yes... interestingly enough (and despite my relative inexperience) the useful life of the camera is going to work out at pretty close to that suggested by Jeremy so I've made it a milestone for other objectives too

8th Aug 2008, 12:54

nige says:

There's are still some auto log-outs at the moment apparently.

8th Aug 2008, 12:58