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All I did was take pictures...
Sy Parrish

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Zimbabwe vigil, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, London. I visited Zimbabwe briefly, many years ago. I found a beautiful country full of friendly people. They deserve better than Mugabe. Much better.
10th Aug 2008, 11:33   | tags:,,,,


queserasara says:

This was one of my favourite moments- everyone was so happy here & the music just made you have to tap your feet. Great shots

10th Aug 2008, 12:25

Caine says:

Great series.

10th Aug 2008, 21:23

harimanjaro says:

Thanks both, and thanks for the highlight. I think this is a message worth spreading.

QSS, the happiness there reflected my limited experience of the Zimbabwean people: I saw an ability to stay cheerful whatever life threw at them. I think it's an attitude that will keep some of them going through this dark time, and I hope it will help them to rebuild after Mugabe and his thugs are gone.

10th Aug 2008, 22:31

Dhamaka says:

Agree wholeheartedly hari..
I also went there a few years ago. worry about the friends I made and find it difficult to reconcile my memories of the place and the people with the stories I now hear.

Years ago, before things got this bad, I asked one of them why they didn't do anything about him. Her response "He will die in time". To me that sentence is a constant reminder that I should try harder to understand other people and cultures.

11th Aug 2008, 08:42

Anonymous says:

but how many people will suffer and die before he does ?

11th Aug 2008, 16:16

MaggieD says:

Have never been to Zimbabwe, but have been to the vigil on a few occasions .... ace pics Hari ..... had pro ZANU posters in my room in college, one of my closest friends at the time (early 70's) was a black rhodesian lad, he would be turning in his grave now ...... Mugabe's exit can not come too soon ....

11th Aug 2008, 18:06

Dhamaka says:

Indeed it can't Maggie

Anon - I asked her a similar question. She shrugged. I'm not sure where she is now but if / when we meet in the future I'll have lots more questions to ask

11th Aug 2008, 18:30