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Shoot Encounter

Date: Saturday 9th August 2008 Time: 11:15am - 7:30pm


A FREE event in partnership with Lonely Planet, Intrepid and Pikeo, come and capture the spirit of London as you see it.

1 day 6 clues 6 corners of London All you have to do is shoot them....


A regular Shoot Experience Event (for those in the know) with all the prizes but with a twist - after the day you can enter your photos into the LONELY PLANET ENCOUNTER COMPETITION where you will be in the running to have your photo on the cover of the world's best loved travel guide, as well as win an incredible trip!!


Moblog has two teams entered, but there is space for more latecomers if interested!

Come join us and lets see if we can grab the cover of the next Lonely Planet guide!

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Front row hecklers - Shoot Encounter photos now online!

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All of the fab entries from Shoot Encounter are now on the Shoot Experience site at:

This is my fave however. Wonder if Brett regretted placing Moblog in the front row..? See the event pics on:

Some of the shots from the theatre are crackers.

Posted with the kind permission of the lovely Hannah from Shoot Experience. Thanks Hannah!

Posted by nige

14th Aug 2008, 16:33   | tags:

nige says:

Minkey you look utterly bored!

15th Aug 2008, 13:43

nige says:

He does. You look a bit peeved actually, T.

15th Aug 2008, 13:48

nige says:

Haha. They put on a good show, for sure, especially Bretts outfits...

I've sent Hannah a link to this. HI HANNAH! Show yourself, lady.

15th Aug 2008, 13:56

harimanjaro says:

Waving at the camera, always a good way to ruin a candid shot.

15th Aug 2008, 14:13

nige says:


15th Aug 2008, 14:26

Alfie says:

Nige, did you know that I went to school with Brett in South Africa? I've known that guy since I was 13, we shared an office for a while in Old Street, when he first started the Shoot London project.

16th Aug 2008, 10:09

nige says:

I did. He told me the story. The WHOLE story. Hahaha. He also said you were one of the first Shoot Experience judges, which you kept under your hat, naughty boy!

16th Aug 2008, 10:22

Alfie says:

hahahaha! Well, consider yourself WHOLLY in the know then :)

16th Aug 2008, 11:24

nige says:

Hahaha. GOT YA!

16th Aug 2008, 11:53

minkey says:

Not bored...listening.... and trust me being next to hari i had to ;-) lol

19th Aug 2008, 19:54