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The American Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer, one of the sites for the Normandy landing. I wasn't quite sure what to expect - and I didn't expect to be scanned at the visitors centre - but the museum was surprisingly interesting and the cemetery was rather calm and beautiful.
14th Aug 2008, 17:15  

nige says:

the perfection. first time i've asked myself just how much measuring goes on to ensure all of the headstones are in perfect sync.

14th Aug 2008, 17:27

billion says:

pic number one: faved.

14th Aug 2008, 17:47

Jane Doe says:

Great pics. These places knock me out every time. I was taken to Etaples and other cemeteries when I was 13 by my French exchange parents, and recently took my dad to his uncle's grave at Bethune. Pivotal moments.

14th Aug 2008, 19:22

taniwha says:

I suppose the cemetery is a little like the American approach to war – shock and awe. The scale of it is shocking and I was left somewhat in awe of the cleanliness, precision and uniformity of it all. It is a cared-for site. What interested me was the ways the uniform lines were broken – flowers left by relatives, the Star of David in stead of a cross and so on.

Thanks for your comments all. I wasn’t particularly happy with this set of photos. Most came out rather grey and murky.

15th Aug 2008, 12:39

fishsausage says:

ok. so i'm in hospital, waiting to get operated on. i fire up my laptop and check out my brother's mobblog. and this is what i see. unsuprisingly, i like the last picture
(before you ask, i'm fine)

17th Aug 2008, 02:08

taniwha says:

Oh Fishsausage. You've given me my first real laugh of the day.

How did the operation go? I owe you an email.

17th Aug 2008, 09:25

fishsausage says:

my left arm has a huge cut, and what isn't cut is bruised. i only had a local injection so i was out the day after
still fairly weak, though, but will be back at work tomorrow

17th Aug 2008, 22:30

taniwha says:

It sounds like they gave you a real going over then. Hope you get your strength back today though.

17th Aug 2008, 22:52