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Fun With Movies is a puzzle game from an idea by monkeyfinger and bfish.

The object of the game is to work out what movie has been posted. The first person to guess then gets to post the next movie, and so on.

Rules of the game:

post 4 stills from a movie, or 4 images that are clues to the movie's title.

Keep track of replies to your post so you can tell when someone has guessed correctly

Let the winner know in the comments below so they can post their own!

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

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SHould be easy enough to get..

Posted by Dave (nee Spike)

15th Aug 2008, 13:21  


Spike says:


15th Aug 2008, 17:58


15th Aug 2008, 20:48

Spike says:

nope, not even close

16th Aug 2008, 12:41

fdgfgdfg says:

is ti new...I mean really new??
like this year new?

18th Aug 2008, 10:00

Rich says:

I know this one! On the fence about answering it in case I don't have a follow-up, but this is a shit-hot movie.

18th Aug 2008, 10:15

Spike NLI says:

It is a recent film yeah.. and Rich, got to agree with you, it is a fooking great film

18th Aug 2008, 10:16

fdgfgdfg says:

according to the must take place somewhere in belgium

19th Aug 2008, 09:04

Spike says:

indeed, or perhaps thats a throw-off

19th Aug 2008, 09:55

billion says:

belgian fantasy anyone? hmm...

19th Aug 2008, 13:00

Spike says:

Nice thought on 'fantasy'.. however its not a fantasy film.. the last pics a throw off!

19th Aug 2008, 13:01

billion says:

so which pic isn't a throw-off?? ;)

I was racking the grey matter, trying to remember which movie features a ghostly figure with a crescent shaped head...

19th Aug 2008, 13:06

Spike says:

well. all pics are from the film, in the right order too. its not a fantasy film, the last pic is just a small snippit

19th Aug 2008, 13:19

billion says:

a small snippit. and somehow very familiar. maybe the last pic is from a dream sequence?

19th Aug 2008, 13:27

Spike says:

not quite

19th Aug 2008, 13:30

billion says:

so how about a clue then, hmmmm?

19th Aug 2008, 13:45

Spike says:

hmm.. its got a few popular actors in. and in fact, 2 of the actors were in another film together

19th Aug 2008, 13:50

fdgfgdfg says:

the movie is quite obsessed with the word : "Fu**"

19th Aug 2008, 13:52

Spike says:

well.. perhaps.. there is a fair ammount of swearing...

2 of the other actors (1 actress) were in another film together... relating to the one of which I speak of above

19th Aug 2008, 13:54

billion says:

two actors from this film were in another film?

dude, that clue doesn't count!


19th Aug 2008, 14:14

Spike says:

well, 2 actors were in a film together and 2 of the other actors were in another of the same name film, including one of the actors from the first one.. in fact, ignore that clue., it is shit, im rambling...

erm...... the films fased in one particular city.. and i personally love the city in question

19th Aug 2008, 14:17

Spike says:

and also, another clue. the film has a body count of 6

19th Aug 2008, 14:27

billion says:

and in one scene you can see a piece of fruit...

spike, your clues are laughable!

:P :P :P

19th Aug 2008, 14:35

Spike says:

I know, im not good with clues, well, they usually give the film away..

ok here we go:

The films 107 minutes long and theres an average use of the word f**k or its derivatives 1.18 per minute.

now thats a clue. i think

19th Aug 2008, 14:38

billion says:

ah, now that should give it away to someone. probably not me though.

a tarantino?

19th Aug 2008, 14:41

Spike says:

not tarantino..

mandy has it though..i went for a recent film see.

and the last pic, its from the 'filming' a dream sequence in the film

19th Aug 2008, 14:42

Spike says:

and well done mandy

19th Aug 2008, 14:42

billion says:

ah goddamit. the belgian flag as well. god I'm stupid.

well done spike and mandy.

19th Aug 2008, 14:43

Spike says:

nah, i intentionally went for non obvious clips.

and the clue from before. 3 of the actros were in harry potter films..

ralph fiennes and brendan gleeson in one..

and ralph fiennes and clemence poesy in another

im just shit at clues

19th Aug 2008, 14:45

Spike says:

it is indeed a great movie..

Well, here we are in a room with two manky hookers and a racist dwarf

and bruges...oh bruges

19th Aug 2008, 14:53

Rich says:

You don't know karate!

20th Aug 2008, 10:32

Spike says:

What's a 50 year old lollipop man doing knowing fucking karate

20th Aug 2008, 11:22

nuts. the only film so far i woulda probably gotten and i'm too late :(

20th Aug 2008, 13:29

billion says:

*waits expectantly...

22nd Aug 2008, 12:31

fdgfgdfg says:

C'MON mandy!!!


25th Aug 2008, 12:47

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